Postal Address:
Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University
Kagamiyama 1-4-1, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8527, Japan.

Hotels around..(西条駅や路線バスが便利なホテル)
Morris...西条昭和町11-8, TEL:082-493-7070.
Sunrise 21...西条昭和町5-10,TEL:082-431-3232
Intercity:Yukari...西条岡町1-16, TEL:082-421-323
CityHotel...東広島シティホテル...西条岡町10-20, TEL:082-422-8686.

Spa and resort, Airport area:Wingpark Hotel

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Another way to reach our campus is by taking a local JR train (Sanyo-Line) to SAIJO Station (a local JR station, NOT a station for Shinkansen), departing from Hiroshima Station or Mihara Station. SAIJO is around 30 minutes from Hiroshima or Mihara station.

After get out off in Saijo station, you can easily find the bus for H.U. campus. A bus will departure from Saijo station, every 10-20 minutes. You can reach the campus by 280 yen. After 15-20 minutes with the bus, you will see our campus. The bus will go around the campus and return to Saijo station again. Please get out off the bus at a bus-stop called: DAIGAKU-KAIKAN MAE. This is the 6th-bus stop along the campus-circle. Or ask the bus-driver.

From Higashi-Hiroshima Station (= a Shinkansen station), the use of taxi (1500-2000 yen) is preferable.

Our office rooms are in the School of Engineering, A4 Building (2nd floor). You can see A4 building in north-direction from the bus-stop (Daigaku Kaikan Mae).