~Policy of Research~

Research studies aiming at the restoration and creation of an aqueous environment, development of innovative water treatment system and advanced application of waste materials are being carried out in our laboratory. We device novel studies to face the challenges when dealing with studies of environmental concern since environmental issues change with time and social background.

Research subject

Our research approach uses physics, chemistry, and ecological engineering at its core. The subjects of the researches are varied, and the researches broaden one’s outlook through an exchange of views with different theme and viewpoint.

Restoration and creation aqueous environment

Comprehend structure and function of ecosystem in Seto inland sea

Recovery and creation of tideland and seaweed bed

Clarification of behavior of nutrient in inner bay

Development of innovative water treatment system

Establishment of new water treatment system

Advanced application of waste materials

Reduction of excess sludge by ozone nano bubble

Department of Chemical Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering
Environmental Research and Manegement Center

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