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Vol.1 (1977)

MATSUO, Masatsugu, MORI, Yuji and ABE, Koichiro, 'The Nature and Characteristics of Peace Research: With Special Reference to Recent Studies on the Military Problems and the Methods of Peace Research'

NAGAI, Hideaki, 'The Structure of the Attitudes of the Japanese People towards Nuclear Problems'

SAKASHITA, Noboru, 'Environmental Problems of the World'

ONO, Osamu, 'Bertrand Russell and the First Years of the Nuclear Age'

HATSUSE, Ryuhei, 'Tarui Tokichi and Asianism'

IOKIBE, Makoto, 'The Search for a New International Order in Postwar East Asia: Roosevelt's Concept of China as a Great Power'

YABUNO, Yuzo, 'Towards a Structural Functionalism in the International System'

*OHNISHI, Akira, 'A Global Economic Model for New International Order'

*Appendix: Definitions of Peace


Vol.2 (1978)

KODERA, Sayoko, 'Legal Effects Brought about by the Ratification of the International Covenants on Human Rights'

MORI. Yuji, 'Restructuring a Framework for Assessment of Science and Technology as a Driving Force for Social Development: A Bio-Sociological Approach'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'On the Development of a Program Package for Lexical Analyses of a Text: Outline and Logic'

<REVIEW> YANAGA, Manzaburo: Force without War--U.S. Armed Forces as a Political Instrument, by Barry M. Blechman and Stephen S Kaplan,

*NAGAI, Hideaki, MATSUO, Masatsugu, KITANISHI, Makoto, and SHOHNO, Naomi, 'Characteristics of the Japanese People's Attitude towards Nuclear Problems'

*SHIBATA, Shingo, 'For Human Survival--The Tasks of Marxism to Prevent Nuclear Extinction'

*SHIBATA, Shingo, 'The Role of Religion in the Prevention of Nuclear Extermination --The Possibility of the Total Annihilation of Human Kind and the Implications for Religion'


Vol.3 (1980)

HATSUSE, Ryuhei, 'Toward Models of Japan's Modernization'

MORI, Toshikazu and MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Research Areas of International Development--A Study Based on Development Literature'

*SEKI, Hiroharu, 'DISCUSSION PROPOSAL 1980: A Joint Study Meeting of the United Nations University(UNU) and the Institute for Peace Science, Hiroshima University (IPSHU) on Peace and Development--Modernization and Militarization: A Summary of Reports and Discussions as Starting Materials for Future Plans'

*KODERA, Sayoko and KIMOTO, Kimiko, 'A Research Note on the Attitudes of Non-Japanese Women Towards the Problems of Peace, War and Nuclear Weapons'

*SHIBATA, Shingo (ed.) 'International Discussion: For Human Survival'


Vol.4 (1981)

KODERA, Sayoko, 'A Study on the Deposition of Arrears of Wages Due to Korean Labourers Commandeered by Japan during the World War Two'

NAGAI, Hideaki, 'Structure of the Peace Attitudes of Japanese Scientists'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Measurement of Co-occurrence Relationship Between Linguistic Items--As a Tool for Analyses of Natural Language Data'.

<Book Review> MORI, Yuji: Two Books on Nuclear Disasters

*SHOHNO, Naomi, 'A-Bomb Related Research Activities and Antinuclear Movements of Japanese Scientists'

SHIBATA, Shingo, 'Reexamen Du Socialisme Contemporain' (in French)


Vol.5 (1982)

YAMADA, Hiroshi, 'The Strategic Debate and the Limited Nuclear Options--On American Nuclear Strategy since the late 1960's'

MORI, Toshikazu, 'An Examination of the Draft of the Comprehensive Programme for Disarmament (CPD) Adopted by the Committee on Disarmament (CD)'

JO, Tadaakira, 'A Reexamination of the Conception of Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones in Contemporary International Disarmament Law'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'International Criminal Law and the Principle of Legality (or the Principle of "Nulla Poena Sine Lege, Nulla Poena Sine Crimine, Nullum Crimen Sine Poenal Legali")'

ICHIKAWA, Taiichi, 'The Social Background and Recruitment of Members Elected to the Lower House for Hiroshima Prefecture 1890-1945'

MORI, Yuji, 'Social Development and Agricultural Complex--Evolutional and Ecological Approach (1)'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Degree of Similarity in the Vocabulary between Verbal Data'

NAGAI, Hideaki, 'Structure of Peace Attitudes of Japanese Scientists (II)'

UBUKI, Satoru, 'The Opening of the Nationwide Movement against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs in Japan--On the Signature Campaign against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs in 1954'

*SHIBATA, Shingo, 'The Philosophy of History in the Nuclear Age--Implications of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for World History and Culture'

*TACHIBANA, Seiitsu, 'A Sacred Trust: The Formation of U.S. Public Policy on Atomic Energy, 1945-1946'

KURINO, Ohtori, 'On Peace Research'


Vol.6 (1983)

IWAMURA, Noboru, 'International Human Resource Institute for World Peace Development'

SATOW, Yukio, 'Center-Peripheral Relation Structures of the United Nations System'

JO, Tadaakira, 'On Confidence-Building Measures in International Relations--With Special Reference to the "Report of the Secretary-General"'

HOOK, Glenn D., 'Militarization as Maldevelopment'

MORI, Yuji, 'Social Development and Agricultural Complex--Evolutional and Ecological Approach (2): Agriculture and Population'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Sex Differences in Peace Images'

*SHIBATA, Shingo, 'A New International Order for the Nuclear Age'


Vol.7 (1984)

KURINO. Ohtori, 'A Study on the Peace Principles of the Constitution of Japan'

UENO, Hirohisa, 'The Political Awareness of Japanese Youth'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'The Locus Dimension of Peace Images--Case Study of Japanese Fiction'.

HOOK, Glenn. D, 'The Nuclearization of Language: Nuclear Allergy as Political Metaphor'

NAGAI, Jiro, 'The Status Quo and Problems of Education for International Understanding'

SATOW, Yukio, 'Structures of Current International Conflict and "Deconstruction" of Peace-Conflict Theory(I)--A Third World Perspective'

KOMATSU, Izuru, 'Problems of Rural Society under the Policy of Modernization of Agriculture in China--On Developing Farmers' Household-based Management and the Agricultural Economic Association'

MORI, Yuji, 'Social Development and Agricultural Complex--Evolutional and Ecological Approach(3): Conditions of Agricultural Development'

TAKEHANA, Seiji, 'The Alternative of a Filipino Nationalist: The Case of Renato Constantino'


Vol.8 (1985)

TAKAHASHI, Fumiki, 'Ecological Considerations on the Development, Conservation of the Environment and Assistance to Developing Countries for Peace'

SATOW, Yukio, 'Structures of Current International Conflict and "Deconstruction" of Peace-Conflict Theory (II)--A Third World Perspective'

TATEYAMA, Yutaka, 'A Critique of Formal/Informal Dualism in Third World Urban Systems'

IWAMURA, Noboru, 'Primary Health Care (PHC) and Peace'

KURINO, Ohtori, 'A Study on the Kampuchean Problem'

NISHIZAWA, Nobuyoshi, 'Evolution of the Landlord-Tenant Relationship in Lower Burma: 1880-1910'

*YAMASHITA, Shoichi, TAKEUCHI, Johzen, SATOW, Yukio, and TAKEHANA, Seiji, 'Mutual Images Between Thai and Japanese Students: A Preliminary Report'

*TACHIBANA, Seiitsu, 'A Modern Anachronism: The Anatomy of President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'Miscellaneous Considerations on the Okinawa War of April-June,1945'

MORI, Yuji, 'Patterns of Simultaneous Reforms in Education and in Administration-Public Finance: Crisis Management in Modern Japan'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'PRINSE: A Simple Retrieval System for Peace Research Documents on Personal Computers'


Vol.9 (1986)

MATSUMOTO, Hiroshi, 'What was and is behind the Atomic Bomb'

YAMADA, Yasuhiro, NAKATANI, Fumihiko, and YAMADA, Hiroshi, 'On the Gaither Report--A Guidepost for American Nuclear Strategy at a Turning Point'

KIKKAWA, Gen, 'The Development of the CSCE Process: Toward the Institutionalization of Detente'

SATOW, Yukio, 'Approach to the Nation-States System in the Third World: The World-System and Latin America'

TAKEHANA, Seiji, 'The Allocation of Japanese Official Development Assistance: The Cases of Technical Assistance and Grant Aid Programs'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Improvement of PRINSE, A Simple Retrieval System for Peace Research Documents'

MORI, Toshizaku and AIZAWA, Kunio, 'New Dimension of Person-Computer Simulation: A Pilot Run on the International Political Simulation Game with Telecommunication'

*SHOHNO, Naomi, 'The Meaning of Hiroshima-Nagasaki'

*SHIBATA, Shingo, 'Sociological Implications of Hiroshima and the Anti-Nuclear Movement'


Vol.10 (1987)

NISHIZAWA, Nobuyoshi, 'Colonization of Burma'

MORI, Yuji, 'Reform of the Education System in Critical Years: Late Nineteen Thirties Japan'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Towards the Personal Computer Assisted Citation Retrieval of Japanese Texts'

SATOW, Yukio, 'The World System, the Third World, and the State: The Case of the Microstates and SICs'

KURUSHIMA, Mikio, 'Peace Education in China: Its Attitude and Methods'

<Book Review> TAKEHANA, Seiji, Foreign Aid Reconsidered, by Roger C.Riddell

*KURINO, Ohtori, 'Challenge and Dilemma for Peace Movements in Japan'


Vol.11 (1988)

OISHI, Yuji, 'Proclamation of the Independence of the State of Palestine and the Prospect for Peace in the Middle East'

SATOW, Yukio, 'Democratization in the Third World--From the World System and Social Movement Perspective'

MORI, Yuji, 'Failure of Education Reform--The Education Council and "China Incident""Great East Asian War"'

TAKEHANA, Seiji, 'The Concept of "Technology" in the Theory of Technology Transfer: With Special Reference to the Case of an Electric Appliance Manufacturer in Indonesia'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'The Japanese Version of PRINSE, A Simple Retrieval System for Peace Research Documents'

*TACHIBANA, Seiitsu, 'Much Ado about Something: the Factors that Induced Reagan and Gorbachev to Conclude the INF Treaty'

*KOBAYASHI, Fumio and WIIG, Lawrence, M., 'Koji Ariyoshi: A Japanese-American's Role in China During the Second World War and the Chinese Revolution'


Vol.12 (1989)

*THEE, Mark, 'The Quest for the Demilitarization of International Relations--Openness versus Secrecy in Research and Development'

IWATA, Kenji, 'The Role of the City of Hiroshima in Gorbachev's Diplomacy: From the Instrument of Peace Offensive to the Symbol of Disarmament and Human Welfare' (in Russian)

MORI, Yuji, 'Violence in Historical Consciousness'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'An Essay on the Relationship Between Linguistic Differences and Inequalities'

KOBAYASHI, Fumio, HASHIMOTO, Manabu, SHIBATA, Iwao, 'A Study on Changes in Japanese Views of China: As Seen Through Letters to Newspaper Editors and Questionnaires Circulated since the "Tiananmen Incident"'

SATOH, Motohiko, 'Informal Sector in the Process of Peripheral Industrialization'

SATOW, Yukio and FUJIMOTO, Yoshihiko, 'United Nations and Apartheid: Analysing the Voting Behavior in the General Assembly'

<Book Review> JO, Tadaakira, A Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in the Middle East--Problems and Prospects, by Mahmoud Karem


Vol.13 (1990)

KOMURA, Fujihiko, 'An Attempt to Preserve the Literary Materials of the A-bomb Poet Sankichi Toge'

FUNAHASHI, Yoshie,'The Hibakusha Movement Early in the 30's of Showa'

KOBAYASHI, Fumio and SHIBATA, Iwao, 'A Study on Differences between Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Seen Through Questionnaires Concerning Peace Declarations Delivered in 1990 for 367 Members of Hiroshima University Students'

TAMURA, Keiko, 'History of Workers' Educational Movements in the United States (1)'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Linguistic Difference: Reality, Perception, and Inequality'

OISHI, Yuji, 'The United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 in the Context of the Middle East Peace Process'

SATOW, Yukio, 'Pax Globanica in the Post-Cold War System--On Samir Amin's Perspectives'

*TAKEHANA, Seiji and YAMASHITA, Shoichi, 'Japanese Managers' Attitude towards the Transfer of Japanese Management and Technology to ASEAN Countries'


Vol.14 (1991)

RAPOPORT, Anatol, 'Environmental Protection: A Catalyst of Global Integration' (Translated by FUJIMOTO, Yoshihiko)

KOBAYASHI, Fumio and SHIBATA, Iwao, 'A Study on a Chinese Victim of the Atomic Bomb in Nagasaki: The Case of the Late Mr. Zhu Zao-huo'

ANEZAKI, Yoichi, SAGUCHI, Masaki, and TAMURA, Keiko, 'The New Challenge to British Adult and Continuing Education'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, UBUKI, Satoru, KAWASAKI, Nobufumi, KOMURA, Fujihiko, TAMURA, Keiko, and FUNAHASHI, Yoshie, 'A Pilot Study on the Construction of A Full Text Data Base of Documents of Atomic Bomb Damages'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'KR: A Retrieval System for Japanese Texts'


Vol.15 (1992)

RONEN, Dov, 'Ethnic Conflict and Self-Rule '

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Language and Nationality: Two Propositions'

OGASHIWA, Yoko, 'Characteristics and Function of the SPF in the Formative Period'

NAKATSUJI, Keiji, 'A Bibliographical Essay: the Division of Korea'

TAKEUCHI, Johzen, 'Technological Improvement and Social Change in Thai Ceramic Industry'

MORITA, Ken, 'Can Japanese Experience be Helpful in the Development of the East European Economies?--The Polish Passenger Car Industry Case'

TAMURA, Keiko, 'A Study on Workers' Education in Britain--A Short History and Prospects of Ruskin College'


Vol.16 (1993)

NAKATSUJI, Keiji, 'The Korean Victims of the Atomic Bomb'

KOBAYASHI, Fumio, HASHIMOTO, Manabu, and SHIBATA, Iwao, 'A Study on Differences between Hiroshima and Nagasaki as Seen through Questionnaires Concerning Peace Declarations Delivered in 1993, for 311 Members of Hiroshima University Students'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'On the Dissemination of Treaties (Report of a Survey)--In the Case of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women'

TAMURA, Keiko, 'American Women Workers' Education in the 1930s'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Language of Work and Language Conflict (1)'

OGASHIWA, Yoko, 'Regional Approach of the SPF Countries to Climate Change: Focus on SPREP'

* SHOHNO, Naomi, MATSUO, Masatsugu, and KANEKO, Kumao, 'Japan's Role for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons'


Vol.17 (1994)

NILSSON, Lars, 'Coping with Distance: A Framework for Studying Distance Strategies of Archipelago States'

OGASHIWA, Yoko, 'AOSIS: Evolution and Prospects of Interregionalism of Small Island States'

SAWADA, Shinji, 'Nuclear Policy in Argentina and Brazil: Disinvolvement, Non-Proliferation, and Democratization'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'International Remedies to which Private Victim Individuals of Human Rights Violations May Resort'

KURACHI, Akemi, '"Nihonjijo" Reconsidered: The Possibilities of Global Perspective'

ANEZAKI, Yoichi, SAGUCHI, Masaaki, and TAMURA, Keiko, 'The Challenge of EDL (Employee Development Learning) Programme--A New Possibility of Adult Education in the U.K. (No.5)'

MATSUOKA, Shunji, 'Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Land Reclamation Projects in Japan'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'A Bibliogpaphy of Language Conflict: A Preliminary Version'


Vol.18 (1995)

SUZUKI, Yuji, 'Peace Studies in the 21st Century and Contribution of Hiroshima'

SUMMY, Ralph, 'Hiroshima: Symbol of the Past; Hope for the Future'

KANO, Tadao, 'The U.S. State Department and the Reciprocal Trade Policy during the Great Depression Era: Paradox in the Idea of World Peace Through Economic Prosperity'

KOIKE, Seiichi, '"Abolishment of Extraterritoriality" and "Maintenance" of Public Peace--A Study on "Continuation" before and after the Manchurian Incident'

OGASHIWA, Yoko, 'Papua New Guinea's Affiliation to APEC: Pursuit of Asia-Pacific Diplomacy'

MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'National Minorities and State Border: A Typology'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'The Fourth World Conference on Women (FWCW=Beijing Conference) and the Advancement of the Status of Women'

ANEZAKI, Yoichi, SAGUCHI, Masaaki, and TAMURA, Keiko, 'The Challenge of Employee Development Programme in Workplace Learning--A New Possibility of Adult Continuing Education in the U.K. (No.6)'

<Research Note> TAKEUCHI, Johzen, 'Memoir on Self-Reliant Change in Thai Villages'

<Book Review> SAWADA, Shinji, Searching for an Alternative Perspective toward World Politics: The Imaginary War: Understanding the East-West Conflict, by Mary Kaldor.


Vol.19 (1996)

WILDE, Japp de, 'A World of Regional Subsystems? Some Results of a Research Project by the Copenhagen Research Group'

OGASHIWA, Yoko, 'SFP'S Commitment in APEC: Approaching the Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation'

KAMIMURA, Naoki, 'The Origins and Evolution of the Good Neighbor Policy: An Historiographical Overview'

KOBAYASHI, Fumio and SHIBATA, Iwao, 'A Study on Chinese Anti-War Culture During the Sino-Japanese War as Seen Through the Organization and Activities of the Cultural Maneuver Committee'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'Legal Questions of Paying Post-War Compensation to Individual Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, or the So-Called ''Military Comfort Women'''

FUNAHASHI, Yoshie, 'Interview with Mr. Heiichi Fuji'

ANEZAKI, Yoichi, TAMURA, Keiko, and SAGUCHI, Masaaki, 'A Collaborative Experiment of British University Education in the 90's--A New Possibility of Adult Continuing Education in the UK (No. 7)'

<Research Note>MATSUO, Masatsugu, 'Nested Language Conflict: Assimilation vs Differentiation'

ZAIKI, Kazuo, 'Chinese Way of Reforming an Enterprise System: Characteristics in Comparison with East European Reform'


Vol.20 (1997)

YOSHIDA, Haruhiko, 'ODA and National Interests--ODA as a Political Instrument and Its Implications'

SAWADA, Shinji, 'Globalization, Cultural Politics and Identity Politics'

HUGHES, Christopher, 'Japan's Role in the North Korean ''Soft Landing'''

SHIMONO, Hisako, '1986: Transformation of Vested Interests by Foreign Direct Investment'

MURAKAMI, Toshifumi, 'The Recogniton of Asia: As the Fundamental Factor for Mutualism and Development Aid'

KURACHI, Akemi, 'Transcultural Education at the University Level: Overcoming ''Ibunka'' in Self'

IKENO, Norio, ANBE, Hirotaka, OKAZAKI, Seiji, OGAWA, Mariko, ONO, Junko, KOBAYASHI, Rie, FUJISE, Taiji, MIYAKANE, Wakiko, MIYAZAKI, Shuko, MIYOSHI, Katsumi, 'Developing a Lesson Plan for Teaching Social Issues in History: Unit ''The Relationship Between International Peace and Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution: A Historical Perspective'''

ANEZAKI, Yoichi, TAMURA, Keiko, SAGUCHI, Masaaki, 'A Collaborative Experiment of British University Adult Education in the 90s (2): A New Possibility of Adult Continuing Education in the UK No.8'

OKAMOTO, Mituso, 'Peace Studies in Colleges and Universities in Japan--A Second General Survey'

FUNAHASHI, Yoshie, 'The First Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs--An Interview with Mr. Heiichi Fujii'

KODERA, Sayoko, 'Treaties Which Japan Concluded with Foreign States, and Japan--Reflecting on the Legal Effects of Those Treaties in Japan as Japanese Domestic Laws'

*OGASHIWA, Yoko, 'The Pacific Island Countries in Asia-Pacific Regional Frameworks--Retrospect and Prospect'

*SHONO, Naomi and ANZAI, Ikuro, 'A Petition on the Nuclear Policy of the Japanese Government'


Vol.21 (1998)

OGASHIWA, Yoko, eThe South Pacific Forum and Nuclear Issues: The Development after the Signing of the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treatyf

*HUGHES, Christopher W., eThe Problems and Opportunities of Subregionalism in Northeast Asia: The Case of the Tumen River Area Development Programmef

NISHIZAWA, Nobuyoshi, eThe Evolution of Burmese Socialism: Restructuring the Ailing Economy after the Transfer of Power in 1974f

TAKAHASHI, Yoshi, egIntellectual Skillsh in Japanese Parts and Components Industry in Malaysiaf

*ZAIKI, Kazuo, eChinese Employees with Enterprise and Work Reform: Their Views on Working Conditions and Labor Managementf

MIYAWAKI, Noboru, eNational Minority Issue in the East-West Relations in Europe in the Cold War Era: The Role of Yugoslavia in the CSCE/OSCE Human Rights Regimef

ICHIKAWA, Hiromi, eFrom Exceptional Individual Decision to Social Welfare: Conscientious Objection in the Federal Republic of Germanyf

KODERA, Sayoko, eOn gRESERVATIONSh ? As a Factor to Diminish the Effectiveness of Human Rights Treatiesf

KROMBACH, Hayo, eThe Meaning of Hiroshima and Nagasakif

KOBAYASHI, Fumio, and SHIBATA, Iwao, eA Study on Chinese Studentsf View of Hiroshima, as Seen through Inquiries for Chinese Students in Chiba Institute of Technologyf

SELTZ, Daniel, and MATSUO, Masatsugu, Discussing War Responsibility and the Atomic Bomb: Public Discourse and Peace Museums in Contemporary Japan

*DUFFY, Terence M., The Making of a Peace Museum Tradition: Case-Studies from Japan and Cambodia


Vol.22 (1999-2000)

*Yuji OISHI, The Virtual State of Palestine: Interim Self-Government and the Next Step

*Yoko OGASHIWA, South Pacific Forum: Survival under External Pressure

MATSUO, Masatsugu, Conflicts over the Writing System: Toward a Theory of Script Conflict

MIZUMOTO, Kazumi, Idealism and Realism in Nuclear Disarmament Proposals: Unsolved Issues of the Tokyo Forum

SHINODA, Hideaki, International Assistance in Domestic Elections in the Post-Cold War Era: Peace, Human Rights, and the Function of Democracy

MURAKAMI, Toshifumi, The Development of the Theory of Peace Education after the War: A Sociological Analysis

KOBAYASHI, Fumio, and SHIBATA, Iwao, A Study on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Declaration 1999, as Seen through Inquiries, for Chinese Students in Chiba Institute of Technology

KODERA, Sayoko, on gRESERVATIONSh: As a Factor to diminish the Effectiveness of Human Rights Treaties (Continued)

SAWADA, Shiniji, [Book Review] The New Horizon of IR Theory and World Sociology: Rebecca Grant and Kathaleen Newland (ens.), Gender and International Relations


Vol.23 (2001)

Hideaki SHINODA, Nuclear Weapons and International Humanitarian Law as Jus Cogens: The Problem of jus in bello and jus ad bellum or Law and Politics in the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Legality of the Use and the Threat of Nuclear Weapons

*Hiromi ICHIKAWA, Conscientious Objection in Japan in Contrast to that in Europe

Ohtori KURINO, Systematizing Peace Studies

Toshifumi MURAKAMI, The International Trend of Peace Education in the 1990s

Akemi KURACHI, The Process of a University Student Coping With Her Xenophobia against Overseas Students

Masatsugu MATSUO, An Essay on the Hierarchy of Languages

Glenn D. PAIGE, Nonkilling Korea: Building a Peace Structure on the Korean Peninsula


Vol.2‚S (2002)

*Ho-Won JEONG, Peace Building: Operational Imperatives and Organizational Co-ordination (PDF 534KB)

Hideaki SHINODA, Re-considering the Concept of Peace-building from Strategic Perspectives on International Peace Operations

*Masatsugu MATSUO, Some Reflections on the Assumptions of the Mainstream International Relations Theory (PDF 624KB)

*Ryuhei HATSUSE (Riuhei Hatsse), Formation of an Interstate System in East Asia (PDF 571KB)

*Seiitsu TACHIBANA, Bush Administrationfs Nuclear Weapons Policy: New Obstacles to Nuclear Disarmament (PDF 674KB)

Yûji ÔISHI, Internationalization of Jerusalem as a Basis for Peace in the Middle East: Re-appreciating the 1947 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181(II)

Yoko OGASHIWA, The Process of Solving Ethnic Conflict in Solomon Islands: Mediation and its Implication

*Noriyuki KAWANO and Masatsugu MATSUO, Political Outcomes of the Slips of the Tongue of Japanese Ministers(PDF 569KB)

Hiromi ICHIKAWA, Transformation of Conscription System in Germany: Confrontation between a State and an Individual

Kazuo ZAIKI, Life Satisfaction of the Middle-Aged Single People in Hiroshima City: Based on the Results of Questionnaire Survey Conducted in 2000


Vol.25 (2003)

*Vincent HOFFMANN-MARTINOT, New Politics and Changing Parties: A Comparative Perspective

Noriyuki KAWANO, Kyoko HIRABAYASHI, Masaharu HOSHI and Masatsugu MATSUO, A Full-text Japanese Database of Testimonies of Those Exposed to Radiation near the Nuclear Test Site of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan

Masatsugu MATSUO and Akihiro YAMASHITA, Language Proficiency and Self-name in Northeastern Thailand

Akemi KURACHI, Analysis of Volunteersf and Teachersf Cultural Stereotypes: Perspectives on Perceptions and Awareness

Reiko MORI, Intercultural Education from a Peace Perspective: The Historical Perception of International Students and World Peace

Toshifumi MURAKAMI, A Comparative Sociological Study of Peace Museums and Military Museums

Kazuo ZAIKI, A Short History of the South Slav Unification Movement: From the Illyrian Conception of 1830s to the Corfu Declaration in 1917

Hideaki SHINODA, A Strategic Analysis of Activities relating to gthe Rule of Law Approach of Peace-buildingh


Vol.26 (2004)

Hiroshi YAMADA, The Reduction of US-Russian Strategic Nuclear Weapons and the Issue of gReserveh Stockpiles: Reconsidering the Significance of the SORT

Yoko OGASHIWA, The Commitment of the Pacific Islands Forum to Regional Conflict: From Peace Building to the Decision of Military Intervention in Solomon Islands

Rieko KARATANI, The Creation of gMigrantsh: Institutional Origins of the Separate Arrangements for Refugees and Migrants after World War II

*Masatsugu MATSUO, Noriyuki KAWANO, Kyoko HIRABAYASHI, Yasuyuki TOOKA, Negamatovich APSALIKOV and Masaharu HOSHI, A Full-text English Database of Testimonies of Those Exposed to Radiation near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Kazakhstan

Masahiko IKEDA and Masatsugu MATSUO, The Tokyo Materials of Toge Sankichi: In the Context of Its Electronic Storage

Takayuki HIRAKI, GMO Conflict between Patent Protection and Farmersf Privilege: A Schmeiser v. Monsanto Case

*Masaaki SATAKE, Overseas Dependent Development or Alternative Development: Significance of Philippine Community-based Industries

Kazuo ZAIKI, A Short History of the First Yugoslavia: From the December Proclamation in 1918 to the Demise of Proticfs Cabinet in 1919

Hideaki SHINODA, The Rule of Law in International Peace-building Activities: The Cases of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Vol.27 (2005)

Yoko OGASHIWA, The Diplomacy of the Pacific Islands Forum toward ASEAN: The Meaning of Forumfs Perception on ASEAN

Kyong-ah JEONG, A Consideration of the gAsian Characterh in Asian Regionalism: With the Focus on the ADB Foundation Process

Hideaki SHINODA, On the Role of Rule of Law in Conflict and Post-conflict Societies: An Analysis of Peace-building in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Special Reference to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annanfs Report

Kazuo ZAIKI, National Question and Parliamentary Government in the First Yugoslavia from 1923 to 1924

Akemi KURACHI, Research on Cultural Stereotypes of Japanese Teachers and Volunteers

Norio IKENO, Nobuo TAKENAKA, Noboru TANAKA, Toshie NIKAIDO and Eiji NYU, Unit Plan gConsidering the United Nationsh: A Study on the Development of a Junior High School Civics Course (2)

Takayuki HIRAKI, GMO Conflict between Patent Protection and Farmersf Privilege: A Schmeiser v. Monsanto Case (2)

Masatsugu MATSUO, One Language or Two? Real and Perceived Identification and Differentiation of LanguageE


Vol.27 (2006)

Seiichi KOIKE, Tatuo Moritofs Theory of Peace

Toshifumi MURAKAMI, A Study on Education about the Method to Be a Peace Builder: By the Investigation of Peace Consciousness of Junior High School Students

Masatsugu MATUO, A Directory of Electric Images of Hand-written Manuscripts of Sankichi Toge

Toshiya ABE and Hideki SHINODA, The Role of Assistance in gConfidence Buildingh and gReconciliationh for Palestina

Kazuo ZAIKI, The Negotiation among King Aleksandar and Opposition Leaders in 1934: The Last Attempt of Consolidating the South Slav Nation State through Monarchist dictatorship

Victor KUZEVANOV and Svetlana SIZYKH, Review@Botanic Gardens Resources: Tangible and Intangible Aspects of Linking Biodiversity and Human Well-Being


Masatsugu MATSUO, Yerzhan BEKTOROV, Talgat MULDAGALIYEV, Kazbek APSALIKOV, Kyoko HIRABAYASHI, Noriyuki KAWANO, A Preliminary Study on Attitudes toward Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Tests of the Residents of Kurchatov, Kazakhstan


Hideaki SHINODA, Security Sector Reform and Peacebuilding in Africa with Special Reference to the Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Vol.29 (2007)

Masatsugu MATSUO and Seiji TANI, Rivers and Bridges as First Places of Refuge at the Time of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima


Toshifumi MURAKAMI, The Second Study on Education about the Method for Peace Building: A Comparison of Opinion Surveys of Secondary School Pupils in Japan and England


Hiromi ICHIKAWA, Civil Disobedience by Soldiers: Selective Refusal and Desertion


Kenji IWATA, Russiafs Security Policy since Putinfs Munich Speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference


Hideaki SHINODA, Toward a Sustainable Strategy of Peacebuilding: An Examination of Negative and Positive Justifications of Security Sector Reform (SSR)


Juan Pablo MILANESE, A gNuclear Integrationh: Constructing Supranationality in the South American Southern Cone


Nataliya N. VITCHENKO and Elena S. TURUTINA, <Research Note> The Ethical and Gender Aspects of War and Peace: Possible

Research and Teaching TrajectoriesEEE


Vol.30 (2008)

Masatsugu MATSUO and Seiji TANI, Taking Refuge at the Time of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima : Beyond Rivers and Bridges

Noriyuki KAWANO, Kyoko HIRABAYASHI, Masatsugu MATSUO, Kazbek APSALIKOV, Talgat MULDAGALIYEV and Megu OHTAKI, Direct Experiences from the Nuclear Test in Inhabitants in the Semipalatinsk Area : A Study of the Major Factors Affecting Their Experiences

Yoko OGASHIWA, Conflicts in the Pacific Island Countries and Regional Cooperation : Attempts at Building Good Governance

Norio IKENO, Hiromi KAWAGUCHI, Hiroko TAGUCHI, Naho INOUE, Naoya ITO, Ryosuke MINAMIURA, Naoaki KAWAMURA and Takashi SANTANDA, An Empirical Study on Change of the Junior High School Studentfs Consciousness and Recognition of International Peace ]Based on the Practice Evaluation and Comparing in the Unit gThe Relationship between International Peace and Article 9 of the Japanese Constitutionh

Hideaki SHINODA, The Difficulty and Importance of Local Ownership and Capacity Development in Peacebuilding


Vol.31 (2009)

Ronni ALEXANDER, Women facing Militarization and Bio|Politics : A Lesson from the Pacific Region

Toshifumi MURAKAMI, A Comparative Study of Peace Consciousness of Secondary School Students : A Case Study of Secondary School Students in Shanghai, Honolulu, Denver and Kyoto

Tetsuji IMANAKA and Noriyuki KAWANO, Radioactive Contamination and Social Consequences Caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

Masatsugu MATSUO, The Relationship between International Pace and Article 9 of the Japanese Constitutionh An International Comparison of the Concept of Peace among Nuclear]and War]Affected Areas

Tatsuo YAMANE, State failure and Armed Group : An Implication for Peacebuilding

Tetsuro IJI and Hideki FUCHINOUE, Toward a Better Understanding of Multiparty Mediation in International Relations

Hideaki SHINODA, The Significance of Ownership of Local Society in Peacebuilding