(Japanese Series)

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No.1 HATSUSE, Ryuhei and MATSUO, Masatsugu, Structure of the Japanese Nuclear Attitudes: A-Bomb Experience and Party Affiliation (1979)

No.2 YAMADA, Hiroshi, Trends of US Military Strategies after the Nixon Doctrine and the Japan-US Defence Cooperation (1980)

No.3 NAGAI, Jiro, On International Education (1981)

No.4 KURINO, Ohtori, Aspects of the Refugee Problems in Indochina (1981)

No.5 SHIBATA, Shingo and KIMOTO, Kimiko, A Sociological Study on the Anti-Nuclear Movement (1981)

No.6 MATSUO, Masatsugu, A Text-Vocabulary Processing Program, LEX (1982)

No.7 KAWABE, Nobuo, Overseas Activities of Japanese General Trading Companies (1983)

No.8 MATSUO, Masatsugu, An Analysis of the Meanings of "Heiwa (Peace)" Based on an Association Experiment (1983)

No.9 INSTITUTE FOR PEACE SCIENCE, HIROSHIMA (ed.), Modernization of China and Cultural Exchanges Between China and Japan (1984)

No.10 INSTITUTE FOR PEACE SCIENCE, HIROSHIMA (ed.), Peace and Development in Southeast Asia (1984)

No.11 CHOI, Young, Cyclical Phenomena in International Politics and the Logic of Easing the Tension between North and South Koreas (1985)

No.12 SATOW, Yukio and SATOW, Motohiko, Global Chain Structures of Militarization in the Third World (1985)

No.13 INSTITUTE FOR PEACE SCIENCE, HIROSHIMA. (ed.), Islamic Concepts of World Order: The Report of the 9th Symposium (1985)

No.14 YAMADA, Hiroshi, The Theories of Limited Nuclear War and the Questions of SDI: Their Historical Pedigrees and Theoretical Structures (1986)

No.15 KOBAYASHI, Fumio and KOMATSU, Izuru, Chinese Youths' Consciousness and Images on Nuclear, Peace and Hiroshima: A Preliminary Survey in Shanghai, Chungking, Beijing and Hiroshima (1987)

No.16 YAMADA, Hiroshi, A General Trend of Recent American Non-nuclear Conventional Strategy: Focusing on "Horizontal Escalation" Strategy and NATO Strategy (1988)

No.17 HIRAKAWA, Hitoshi and PARK, I., Overview of Research on Capitalistic Developments of Asian NIES (1990)

No.18 STUDY GROUP ON LOCAL LEADERS, HIROSHIMA, Local Economic Leaders in Hiroshima Prefecture (1990)

No.19 YAMADA, Hiroshi, A Critical Analysis on U.S. Marine Strategy: A Problem in Contemporary Disarmament (1991)

No.20 STUDY GROUP ON ASIA-PACIFIC MICROSTATES (ed.), A Field Note on Denuclearization and Autonomy in the South Pacific (1991)

No.21 MATSUO, Masatsugu and TAMURA, Keiko, PRINSE: Simple Document Retrieval System for the Institute for Peace Science, Hiroshima University (1992)

No.22 STUDY GROUP ON ASIA-PACIFIC MICROSTATES (ed.), Conditions for Denuclearization and Conviviality in the Pacific (1993)

No.23 SAGARA, Kayo, et. al., A Report from the Counsellors' Group for Hibakusha (1995)

No. 24 UBUKI, Satoru, A List of Published Memoirs of the A-Bomb (1996)

No. 25 HAYASHI, Tatsuo, Maruyama Masao and Hiroshima: A Political Thinker's Experience of the Atomic Bomb (1998)

No. 26 YAMDA, Hiroshi, Nuclear Weapons in the Post-Cold War World and Hiroshima with Special Reference to the View of eNew Nuclear Abolitionistsf i1999j

No. 27 Institute for Peace Science (ed.), Nuclear Issues and Japan in the Post-Cold War World (2001)

No. 28 YAMDA, Hiroshi, Issues and Problems of the Missile Defense System i2002j

No. 29 SHINODA, Hideaki, The Use of Depleted Uranium in Armed Conflict (2002)

No. 30 IKENO, Norio , HASHIMOTO, Yasuhiro , and WATANABE, Tatsuya , Development and Structure for Teaching about National Security in Social Studies in the United States (2003)

No.31 Institute for Peace Science (ed.), Reexamination of the Issues of Human Security (2004)

No.32 MATSUO, Masatsugu and IKEDA, Masahiko (eds.), The Index of TOGE Sankichi Materials (2004)

No.33 SHIKONO, Tadao and HASHIMOTO, Kinpei , The Formation of Modern Economic Order and the Role of US Navy: The Historical Importance and Lessons of the gPacific Warh in World History.

No.34 Hiroshima University Archives (ed.)   A Directory of  the Takashi Hiraoka Collection of Documents Related to Korean Atomic Bomb Survivors

No.35 OGASHIWA, Yoko  (ed.),   Prevention and Resolution of the Conflicts over Resource Management

No.36 KAWANO, Noriyuki , An Investigation into Human Suffering Effects of Nuclear Tests at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan: On the Basis of Questionnaire Surveys

No.37 YAMANE, Tatsuo Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration of Ex-combatants in International Peace Operations: Towards Linking Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

No.38 UESUGI, Yuji (ed.),   Challenges of Civil-Military Relationship in International Peace Operations

No.39 MATSUO, Masatsugu (ed.), A Directory of Hand-written Manuscripts of Sankichi Toge with Their Digital Images

No.40 SHINODA, Hideaki (eds.), Post-war Reconstruction of Hiroshima: From the Perspective of Contemporary Peacebuilding

No.41 MATSUO, Masatsugu (ed.), Nuclear Damages Reexamined@

No.42 Institute for Peace Science (ed.), Cultivating Peace Studies (Special Issue in Commemoration of the Retirement of Professor Masatsugu Matsuo)

No.43 MATSUO, Masatsugu and TANI, Seiji (eds.) A Directory of the Kunihiko Hara Collection of Documents Related to gYukari no Tomoh

No.44 KAWANO, Noriyuki (ed.) A Directory of the Takeshi Ohkita Collection of Documents Related to Atomic Bomb Damages

No.45 UESUGI Yuji and HASEGAWA Susumu (eds.) Peacebuilding and Security Sector Reform (SSR): from viewpoints of development and security