Ken-Ichiro Imura, Dr.

Professional activities:


  1. Web of Science, “Highly Cited Article” award for by See also, AdSM news and topics.

  2. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Award for top 10 articles highly cited in 2012 that were published in 2011
    for by See also, AdSM news and topics.

  3. Papers of Editors' Choice by JPSJ Editorial Board: for by

Invited talks

  1. “Topological insulators and semimetals: surface states, bulk-edge correspondence and disorder effects,” a “featured presentation”
  2. “Comparative study of topological insulators vs. Weyl and Dirac type semimetals:
 bulk-edge correspondence and robustness against disorder,”
  3. “Comparative study of Dirac/Weyl semimetals and topological/Chern insulators: thin-film point of view,”
  4. “From topological insulators to density-of-state scaling”
  5. "Thin film topological insulators: bulk-edge correspondence, dimensional crossover 
and superlattice generalization,"
  6. "Delocalization in disordered topological insulators and related systems,"
  7. “Mesoscopic topological insulator,”
  8. "Protection of the surface states in topological insulators: Berry phase perspective,"
  9. “Stability of the topological-insulator surface states: Berry phase perspective,"
  10. "Spin connection on curved surfaces of the topological insulator",
  11. "Spin-to-surface locking in gapped and gapless topological phases",

Students at AdSM (2015-6)

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