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Hiroshima Journal of

Medical Sciences

Hiroshima Daigaku Igaku Zasshi

(Medical Journal of Hiroshima University)

1-2-3 Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-8551,  Japan

 Hiroshima University Medical Press 

 Staff:Junko Oka
 Tel. (082) 257-5099 (ext.:6002)
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Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences

Hiroshima Daigaku Igaku Zasshi (Japanese)

We expect many manuscript contributions to Hiroshima University Medical Press.

Contributions, letters, and all other communications  should be sent to the Editorial Office of the Hiroshima University Medical Press.  Original articles are accepted only on condition that they have not been published elsewhere, and will not be published elsewhere before appearance in the Journal. 

Please, submit complete copy of each manuscript, and the data file. 

Hiroshima J. Med. Sci. is published four times a year.

  Publishing schedule  

        Vol. 1: March        Vol. 2:  June

        Vol. 3: September       Vol. 4: December

Hiroshima Daigaku Igaku Zasshi is published one or two times a year irregularly.

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