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教授 相澤 秀紀

Professor Hidenori Aizawa M.D., Ph.D.

We address neural mechanism underlying the animal behaviors by interdisciplinary approaches combining molecular biology, anatomy and physiology.

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Postal address: 1-2-3 Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, 734-8553 Japan
Phone: 81-82-257-5115
E-mail: haizawa [at] hiroshima-u.ac.jp



助教 伊藤 日加瑠

Assistant Professor Hikaru Ito, DVM, Ph.D.

We try to figure out a mechanism for cognitive / emotional dysfunction in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. intellectual disability, autism, depression and mood disorder).

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特任助教 齊木 愛希子

Project Assistant Professor Akiko Saiki, Ph.D.

She is trying to understand the neural mechanism underlying the learning and memory using electrophysiological methods.




研究員 野崎 香菜子

Reseacher Kanako Nozaki, Ph.D.

We want to understand what happens to the brain at the cellular level in the depressive state.



大学院生D1 田口 慧 (MD-PhDコース)

Graduate student D1 Kei Tagichi
(MD-PhD course)

I am studying about lateralization of brain.



大学院生D1 朱 美娜

Graduate student D1 Zhu Meina

We want to understand the mechanism of anhedonia underlying the behavior of mouse models.



大学院生M2 寺井 はるひ

Graduate student M2 Haruhi Terai

We try to understand mechanisms of neuronal depolarization waves known as spreading depolarization (SD) by using zebrafish.



研究生 Mayeso Naomi Victoria Gwedela

Research student Mayeso Naomi Victoria Gwedela

Working on anticonvulsant activity of medicinal plants used to manage and treat epilepsy in Malawi by using zebrafish as a model.



研究生 韓 宇

Research student Han Yu



技術専門職員 中谷 宣弘

Technical staff Nobuhiro Nakatani

Assigned from the technical center of Hiroshima university to our lab. He works for education and research in histology and neuroanatomy in our lab.



アシスタント 鈴木 祐一

Assistant Yuichi Suzuki



アシスタント 尾形 佐和子

Assistant Sawako Ogata



アシスタント 西村 史絵

Assistant Fumie Nishimura



Previous members

中野 高志

Takashi Nakano, Ph.D.



崔 万鵬

Wanpeng Cui, Ph.D.



張 春暁

Chun-Xiao Zhang, Ph.D.