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Family/ ID/Taxon /Locality
Acanthaceae 1301 Acanthus ebracteatus Thailand
Acanthaceae 1275 Acanthus mollis Thailand
Acanthaceae 429 Andrographis paniculata Philippines
Acanthaceae 570 Andrographis paniculata Thailand
Acanthaceae 1023 Asystasia gangetica Indonesia
Acanthaceae 1276 Baphicacanthus cusia Thailand
Acanthaceae 1322 Barleria cristata Thailand
Acanthaceae 1280 Barleria lupulina Thailand
Acanthaceae 102 Barleria prionites Thailand
Acanthaceae 1732 Barleria strigosa Thailand
Acanthaceae 1760 Barleria strigosa Thailand
Acanthaceae 118 Clinacanthus nutans Thailand
Acanthaceae 1337 Clinacanthus nutans Thailand
Acanthaceae 1338 Clinacanthus nutans Thailand
Acanthaceae 119 Clinacanthus siamensis Thailand
Acanthaceae 1708 Clinacanthus siamensis Thailand
Acanthaceae 618 Dianthera candicans Japan
Acanthaceae 619 Diflugossa colorata Japan
Acanthaceae 620 Eranthemum nervosum Japan
Acanthaceae 1305 Eranthemum tetragonum Thailand
Acanthaceae 1714 Graptophyllum pictum Thailand
Acanthaceae 1715 Graptophyllum pictum Thailand
Acanthaceae 1335 Hemigraphis alternata Thailand
Acanthaceae 623 Jacobinia carnea Japan
Acanthaceae 203 Justicia carnea China
Acanthaceae 1184 Justicia procumbens Japan
Acanthaceae 1871 Megaskepasma erythrochlamys Japan
Acanthaceae 1418 Pachystachys lutea Japan
Acanthaceae 1336 Peristrophe lanceoralia Thailand
Acanthaceae 158 Rhinacanthus nasutus Thailand
Acanthaceae 1739 Rhinacanthus nasutus Thailand
Acanthaceae 1889 Ruellia colorata Japan
Acanthaceae 1890 Ruellia colorata Japan
Acanthaceae 629 Shaueria calycotricha Japan
Acanthaceae 1892 Thunbergia laurifolia Japan
Acanthaceae 1893 Thunbergia laurifolia Japan
Acanthaceae 1265 Thunbergia laurifolia Thailand
Acanthaceae 1423 Thunbergia mysorensis Japan
Acanthaceae 1821 Thunbergia sp Thailand
Acanthaceae 632 Thunbergia vogeriana Japan
Acanthaceae 1803 unknown species Thailand
Aceraceae 1474 Acer carpinifolium Japan
Aceraceae 923 Acer palmatum Japan
Aceraceae 1234 Acer palmatum Japan
Aceraceae 1811 Acer wilsonii Thailand
Actinidiaceae 497 Actinidia polygama Japan
Actinidiaceae 498 Actinidia polygama Japan
Agavaceae 885 Agave schidigera Japan
Agavaceae 702 Agave sisalana Madagascar
Agavaceae 703 Agave sisalana Madagascar
Agavaceae 714 Agave sisalana Madagascar
Agavaceae 1318 Agave univittata Thailand
Agavaceae 1319 Agave univittata Thailand
Agavaceae 1401 Cordyline stricta Japan
Agavaceae 1204 Yucca gloriosa Japan
Alangiaceae 366 Alangium platanifolium var. trilobum Japan
Alangiaceae 594 Alangium salviifolium Thailand
Alangiaceae 595 Alangium salviifolium Thailand
Alismataceae 1359 Sagitalia sagittifolia Thailand
Alismataceae 1113 Sagittaria aginashi Japan
Alismataceae 415 Sagittaria sagittifolia Malaysia
Alismataceae 416 Sagittaria sagittifolia Malaysia
Alismataceae 1665 Sagittaria trifolia var. edulis Japan
Alismataceae (Limnocharitaceae) 1356 Limnocharis flava Thailand
Amaranthaceae 1136 Achyranthes japonica Japan
Amaranthaceae 403 Aerva lanata Malaysia
Amaranthaceae 1327 Celosia argentea Thailand
Amaranthaceae 1818 Celosia argentia Thailand
Amaranthaceae 1796 Gomphrena celosioides Thailand
Amaranthaceae 132 Gomphrena sp. Thailand
Amarylidaceae 1357 Hymenocallis littoralis Thailand
Amaryllidaceae 432 Crinum asiaticum Philippines
Amaryllidaceae 125 Crinum asiaticum Thailand
Amaryllidaceae 398 Lycoris albiflora Japan
Amaryllidaceae 1163 Lycoris albiflora Japan
Amaryllidaceae 205 Lycoris aurea China
Amaryllidaceae 46 Lycoris radiata Japan
Amaryllidaceae 276 Lycoris radiata Japan
Amaryllidaceae 1637 Lycoris radiata Japan
Anacardiaceae 455 Anacardium oxidentale Philippines
Anacardiaceae 609 Bouea macrophylla Thailand
Anacardiaceae 659 Mangifera indica Madagascar
Anacardiaceae 421 Mangifera indica Philippines
Anacardiaceae 1248 Mangifera indica Thailand
Anacardiaceae 460 Manjifera indica Philippines
Anacardiaceae 606 Melanorrhoea glabra Thailand
Anacardiaceae 607 Melanorrhoea glabra Thailand
Anacardiaceae 695 Poupartia sp. Madagascar
Anacardiaceae 730 Protorhus sp Madagascar
Anacardiaceae 993 Rhus ambigua Japan
Anacardiaceae 63 Rhus javanica Japan
Anacardiaceae 331 Rhus javanica Japan
Anacardiaceae 1601 Rhus javanica Japan
Anacardiaceae 1244 Rhus succedanea Japan
Anacardiaceae 1011 Rhus sylvestris Japan
Anacardiaceae 729 Rhus taratana Madagascar
Anacardiaceae 1012 Rhus trichocarpa Japan
Anacardiaceae 1853 Spondias bipinnata Thailand
Ancistocladaceae 99 Ancistocladus pectorius Thailand
Annonaceae 445 Annona montana Philippines
Annonaceae 453 Annona montana Philippines
Annonaceae 443 Annona muricata Philippines
Annonaceae 456 Annona muricata Philippines
Annonaceae 458 Annona muricata Philippines
Annonaceae 100 Annona reticulata Thailand
Annonaceae 457 Annona squamosa Philippines
Annonaceae 475 Annona squamosa Philippines
Annonaceae 1027 Cananga odorata Indonesia
Annonaceae 110 Cananga odorata Thailand
Apocynaceae 285 Adenium obesum Japan
Apocynaceae 420 Adenium obesum Philippines
Apocynaceae 1025 Allamanda cathartica Indonesia
Apocynaceae 759 Allamanda cathartica Madagascar
Apocynaceae 98 Allamanda cathartica Thailand
Apocynaceae 1002 Amsonia elliptica Japan
Apocynaceae 1469 Amsonia elliptica Japan
Apocynaceae 404 Carissa carandas Malaysia
Apocynaceae 748 Carissa edulis Madagascar
Apocynaceae 966 Carissa grandiflora Japan
Apocynaceae 114 Catharanthus roseus Thailand
Apocynaceae 655 Catharanthus trichophyllus Madagascar
Apocynaceae 771 Catharanthus trichophyllus Madagascar
Apocynaceae 186 Cebrera manghas Japan
Apocynaceae 1740 Cerbera manghas Thailand
Apocynaceae 763 Echitella lisiantifolia Madagascar
Apocynaceae 462 Ervatamia celastroides Philippines
Apocynaceae 764 Hazunta modesta Madagascar
Apocynaceae 484 Kopsia fruticosa Singapore
Apocynaceae 1211 Nerium indicum Japan
Apocynaceae 793 Pachypodium geayi Madagascar
Apocynaceae 718 Pachypodium lamerei Madagascar
Apocynaceae 1316 Pachypodium lamerei Thailand
Apocynaceae 654 Pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius Madagascar
Apocynaceae 785 Pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius Madagascar
Apocynaceae 1706 Parameria barbata Thailand
Apocynaceae 1703 Rauvolfia cambodiana Thailand
Apocynaceae 157 Rauvolfia serpentiana Thailand
Apocynaceae 1050 Rauwolfia serpentina Japan
Apocynaceae 1287 Rauwolfia verticillata Thailand
Apocynaceae 1045 Strophanthus gratus Japan
Apocynaceae 816 Strophanthus gratus Thailand
Apocynaceae 1422 Strophantus divaricatus Japan
Apocynaceae 166 Strophantus gratus Thailand
Apocynaceae 1297 Strophantus gratus Thailand
Apocynaceae 1298 Strophantus gratus Thailand
Apocynaceae 1343 Tabernamontana divaricata Thailand
Apocynaceae 202 Trachelospermum asiaticum Japan
Apocynaceae 664 unidentified Madagascar
Apocynaceae 1392 Vinca major Japan
Apocynaceae 1362 Wrightia religiosa Thailand
Apocynaceae 1688 Wrightia religiosa Thailand
Apocynaceae 1727 Wrightia sirikitiae Thailand
Apocynaceae 1728 Wrightia sirikitiae Thailand
Apocynaceae? 781 unidentified Madagascar
Aquifoliaceae 1373 Ilex aquifolia Japan
Aquifoliaceae 1243 Ilex chinensis Japan
Aquifoliaceae 1659 Ilex chinensis Japan
Aquifoliaceae 1872 Ilex chinensis Japan
Aquifoliaceae 1224 Ilex pedinculosa Japan
Araceae 1307 Alocasia macrorrhizos Thailand
Araceae 866 Anthurium scherzerianum Japan
Araceae 523 Arisaema ringens Japan
Araceae 556 Arisaema serratum Japan
Araceae 987 Arisaema serratum Japan
Araceae 1216 Arisaema serratum Japan
Araceae 1489 Arisaema serratum Japan
Araceae 1967 Arisaema urashima Japan
Araceae 1508 Colocasia esculenta Japan
Araceae 1542 Colocasia esculenta Japan
Araceae 1988 Lysichiton camtschatcense Japan
Araceae 367 Pinellia tripartita Japan
Araceae 425 Typhonium trilobatum Philippines
Araceae 686 Typhonodorum lindleyanum Madagascar
Araliaceae 1104 Acanthopanax sieboldianus Japan
Araliaceae 15 Aralia cordata Japan
Araliaceae 982 Aralia cordata Japan
Araliaceae 1467 Aralia cordata Japan
Araliaceae 1604 Aralia cordata Japan
Araliaceae 1510 Aralia elata Japan
Araliaceae 750 Cussonia vantsilana Madagascar
Araliaceae 847 Dendropanax trifidus Japan
Araliaceae 1137 Dendropanax trifidus Japan
Araliaceae 515 Fatsia japonica Japan
Araliaceae 835 Hedera rhombea Japan
Araliaceae 1381 Hedera rhombea Japan
Araliaceae 1593 Kalopanax pictus Japan
Araliaceae 509 Panax ginseng Japan
Araliaceae 508 Panax ginseng Korea
Araliaceae 950 Panax ginseng Korea
Araliaceae 951 Panax ginseng Korea
Araliaceae 1569 Panax ginseng Korea
Araliaceae 54 Panax japonicus Japan
Araliaceae 358 Panax japonicus Japan
Araliaceae 359 Panax japonicus Japan
Araliaceae 239 Panax japonicus var. bipinnatifidus China
Araliaceae 339 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 490 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 491 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 492 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 633 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 634 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 635 Panax vietnamensis Vietnam
Araliaceae 334 Polyscias balfouriana Vietnam
Araliaceae 154 Polyscias fruticosa Thailand
Araliaceae 1339 Polyscias fruticosa Thailand
Araliaceae 335 Polyscias guilfoylei Vietnam
Araliaceae 1698 Polyscias sp Thailand
Araliaceae 880 Schefflera actinophylla Japan
Araliaceae 162 Schefflera octophylla Thailand
Araliaceae 1202 Tetrapanax papyriferum Japan
Araliaceae 1013 Trevesia beccarii Indonesia
Araliaceae 1874 Trevesia palmata Japan
Araliaceae 1820 Trevesia palmata Thailand
Araliaceae 1308 unknown species Thailand
Araucariaceae 1678 Araucaria angustifolia Japan
Araucariaceae 1877 Araucaria angustifolia Japan
Araucariaceae 727 Araucaria sp. Madagascar
Aristolochiaceae 1437 Aristolochia brasiliensis Japan
Aristolochiaceae 581 Aristolochia chapmanii Singapore
Aristolochiaceae 263 Aristolochia debilis Japan
Aristolochiaceae 613 Aristolochia gigantea Japan
Aristolochiaceae 101 Aristolochia labeosa Thailand
Aristolochiaceae 1778 Aristolochia sp. Thailand
Aristolochiaceae 1779 Aristolochia sp. Thailand
Aristolochiaceae 947 Asarum caulescens Japan
Aristolochiaceae 948 Asarum caulescens Japan
Aristolochiaceae 343 Heterotropa hexaloba var. hexaloba Japan
Aristolochiaceae 914 Heterotropa hexaloba var. hexaloba Japan
Aristolochiaceae 1391 Heterotropa hexaloba var. hexaloba Japan
Aristolochiaceae 1956 Heterotropa megacalyx Japan
Aristolochiaceae 1957 Heterotropa megacalyx Japan
Asclepiadaceae 428 Asclepias curassavica Philippines
Asclepiadaceae 109 Calotropis procera Thailand
Asclepiadaceae 792 Ceropegia sinoneae Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 1597 Cynanchum caudatum Japan
Asclepiadaceae 713 Cynanchum decaisneanum Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 783 Cynanchum sp. Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 770 Cynancum aphylla Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 1089 Cynancum caudatum Japan
Asclepiadaceae 760 Gomphocarpus fructicosus Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 761 Gomphocarpus fructicosus Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 762 Gomphocarpus fructicosus Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 1904 Gymnema sylvestre Japan
Asclepiadaceae 1272 Hoya carnosa Thailand
Asclepiadaceae 1347 Hoya carnosa Thailand
Asclepiadaceae 1348 Hoya carnosa Thailand
Asclepiadaceae 653 Ichnolepis tuberosa Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 777 Ichnolepis tuberosa Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 782 Mascarenhasia lisiantifolia Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 658 Menabea venenata Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 788 Menabea venenata Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 789 Menabea venenata Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 392 Metaplexis japonica Japan
Asclepiadaceae 744 Pentopetia androsaemifolia Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 746 Pentopetia androsaemifolia Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 769 Pentopetia androsaemifolia Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 1722 Sarcostemma brunonianum Thailand
Asclepiadaceae 1723 Sarcostemma brunonianum Thailand
Asclepiadaceae 741 Secamone geayi Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 742 Secamone geayi Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 743 Secamone geayi Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 693 Secamone tenuifolia Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 778 Secamone tenuifolia Madagascar
Asclepiadaceae 684 Stephanotis floribunda Madagascar
Aspleniaceae 890 Asplenium antiquum Japan
Asteropeiaceae 786 Asteropeia sp. Madagascar

Balanophoraceae 527 Balanophora japonica Japan
Balanophoraceae 238 Balanophora sp. China
Balanophoraceae 528 Balanophora yuwanensis Japan
Balsaminaceae 538 Impatiens balsamina Japan
Balsaminaceae 1106 Impatiens balsamina Japan
Balsaminaceae 1579 Impatiens balsamina Japan
Balsaminaceae 1302 Impatiens mengtzeana Thailand
Balsaminaceae 137 Impatiens musicola Thailand
Balsaminaceae 541 Impatiens noli-tangere Japan
Balsaminaceae 1582 Impatiens noli-tangere Japan
Balsaminaceae 1583 Impatiens noli-tangere Japan
Balsaminaceae 1128 Impatiens repens Japan
Balsaminaceae 213 Impatiens sp. China
Balsaminaceae 218 Impatiens sp. China
Balsaminaceae 691 Impatiens sp. Madagascar
Begoniaceae 1169 Begonia grandis Japan
Berberidaceae 340 Epimedium grandiflorum Japan
Berberidaceae 532 Epimedium grandiflorum Japan
Berberidaceae 907 Epimedium grandiflorum Japan
Berberidaceae 922 Epimedium grandiflorum Japan
Berberidaceae 932 Epimedium grandiflorum Japan
Berberidaceae 1927 Epimedium grandiflorum Japan
Berberidaceae 1674 Epimedium koreanum Korea
Berberidaceae 1952 Epimedium sempervirens Japan
Berberidaceae 1953 Epimedium sempervirens Japan
Berberidaceae 1996 Epimedium sempervirens Japan
Berberidaceae 576 Mahonia japonica Japan
Berberidaceae 1369 Mahonia japonica Japan
Berberidaceae 51 Nandina domestica Japan
Berberidaceae 356 Nandina domestica Japan
Berberidaceae 1239 Nandina domestica Japan
Betulaceae 856 Alnus sieboldiana Japan
Betulaceae 857 Alnus sieboldiana Japan
Betulaceae 904 Alnus sieboldiana Japan
Betulaceae 1110 Betula ermanii Japan
Betulaceae 984 Ostrya japonica Japan
Bignoniaceae 183 Campsis grandiflora Japan
Bignoniaceae 637 Campsis grandiflora Japan
Bignoniaceae 18 Catalpa ovata Japan
Bignoniaceae 1521 Catalpa ovata Japan
Bignoniaceae 1522 Catalpa ovata Japan
Bignoniaceae 869 Clytostoma callistegioides Japan
Bignoniaceae 174 Crescentia cujete Vietnam
Bignoniaceae 592 Dolichandrone serrula Thailand
Bignoniaceae 593 Dolichandrone serrula Thailand
Bignoniaceae 204 Incarvillea sinensis China
Bignoniaceae 722 Jacaranda acutifolia Madagascar
Bignoniaceae 4 Mayodendron igneum China
Bignoniaceae 5 Millingtonia hortensis China
Bignoniaceae 1726 Millingtonia hortensis Thailand
Bignoniaceae 149 Oroxyrum indicum Thailand
Bignoniaceae 1309 Pauldopia ghorta Thailand
Bignoniaceae 1150 Paulownia tomemtosa Japan
Bignoniaceae 734 Phyllarthron madagascaensis Madagascar
Bignoniaceae 811 Pyrostegia venusta Thailand
Bignoniaceae 815 Pyrostegia venusta Thailand
Bignoniaceae 813 Spathodea campanulata Thailand
Bignoniaceae 706 Stereospermum sp. Madagascar
Bignoniaceae 889 Tecomaria capensis Japan
Bixaceae 104 Bixa orellana Thailand
Bombacaceae 661 Adansonia fony Madagascar
Bombacaceae 665 Adansonia fony Madagascar
Bombacaceae 668 Adansonia fony Madagascar
Bombacaceae 652 Adansonia za Madagascar
Bombacaceae 660 Adansonia za Madagascar
Bombacaceae 701 Adansonia za Madagascar
Bombacaceae 1773 Ceiba pentandra Thailand
Bombacaceae 1848 Ceiba pentandra Thailand
Bombacaceae 447 Durio zibethinus Philippines
Bombacaceae 876 Pachira macrocarpa Japan
Boraginaceae 1906 Argusia argentea Japan
Boraginaceae 17 Borago officinalis Japan
Boraginaceae 1405 Cerinthe major Japan
Boraginaceae 2 Cordia dichotoma China
Boraginaceae 1028 Cordia sebestena Indonesia
Boraginaceae 1029 Cordia sebestena Indonesia
Boraginaceae 123 Cordia sebestena Thailand
Boraginaceae 229 Cynoglossum amabile China
Boraginaceae 280 Cynoglossum nervosum Thailand
Boraginaceae 1443 Ehretia diksoni Japan
Boraginaceae 24 Ehretia microphylla Japan
Boraginaceae 87 Ehretia microphylla Philippines
Boraginaceae 169 Ehretia microphylla Thailand
Boraginaceae 281 Ehretia microphylla Thailand
Boraginaceae 188 Ehretia philipinnensis Philippines
Boraginaceae 224 Myosotis sp. China
Boraginaceae 995 Omphalodes japonica Japan
Boraginaceae 1427 Symphytum officinale Japan
Bretschneideraceae 1813 Bretschneidera sinensis Thailand
Bretschneideraceae 1814 Bretschneidera sinensis Thailand
Bromeliaceae 878 Ananas comosus cv. Smooth cayenne Japan
Bromeliaceae 1270 Tillandisia usneoides Thailand
Buddlejaceae 1817 Buddleja asiatica Thailand
Buxsaceae 267 Simmondsia chinensis Japan

Cactaceae 1901 Hylocereus undatus Japan
Cactaceae 353 Hylocereus undulatus Vietnam
Cactaceae 801 Rhipsalis sp? Madagascar
Calycanthaceae 823 Chimonanthus praecox Japan
Campanulaceae 1107 Adenophora nikoensis Japan
Campanulaceae 8 Adenophora remotiflora Japan
Campanulaceae 645 Adenophora remotiflora Japan
Campanulaceae 236 Adenophora sp. China
Campanulaceae 273 Adenophora triphylla var. japonica Japan
Campanulaceae 1172 Adenophora triphylla var. japonica Japan
Campanulaceae 268 Campanula lasiocarpa Japan
Campanulaceae 355 Campanula punctata Japan
Campanulaceae 1504 Campanula punctata Japan
Campanulaceae 1121 Campanula rapunculoides Japan
Campanulaceae 212 Codonopsis convolvulacea China
Campanulaceae 399 Codonopsis lanceorata Japan
Campanulaceae 549 Codonopsis lanceorata Japan
Campanulaceae 314 Laurentia longiflora Philippines
Campanulaceae 350 Lobelia chinensis Japan
Campanulaceae 44 Lobelia sessilifolia Japan
Campanulaceae 1117 Lobelia sessilifolia Japan
Campanulaceae 1129 Lobelia sipphilitica Japan
Campanulaceae 1795 Lobelia sp. Thailand
Campanulaceae 215 Lobelia taliensis China
Campanulaceae 990 Peracarpa carnosa Japan
Campanulaceae 197 Platycodon grandiflorum Japan
Campanulaceae 642 Platycodon grandiflorum Japan
Campanulaceae 1520 Platycodon grandiflorum Japan
Campanulaceae 1571 Platycodon grandiflorum Korea
Campanulaceae 344 Specularia perfoliata Japan
Campanulaceae 1006 Specularia perfoliata Japan
Cannaceae 437 Canna indica Philippines
Capparidaceae 1259 Capparis sp. Thailand
Capparidaceae 1038 Cleome spinosa Japan
Capparidaceae 279 Cleome spinosa Thailand
Capparidaceae 1260 Crataeva adansonii Thailand
Capparidaceae 124 Crataeva nurvala Thailand
Capparidaceae 677 Physena sessilifolia Madagascar
Capparidaceae 719 Physena sessilifolia Madagascar
Caprifoliaceae 181 Abelia serrata Japan
Caprifoliaceae 45 Lonicera japonica Japan
Caprifoliaceae 254 Lonicera japonica Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1479 Lonicera japonica Japan
Caprifoliaceae 251 Lonicera morrowii Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1686 Lonicera sempervirens Japan
Caprifoliaceae 71 Saponaria officinalis Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1649 Vibrunum erosum Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1950 Vibrunum plicatum var. plicatum Japan
Caprifoliaceae 252 Viburnum dilatatum Japan
Caprifoliaceae 253 Viburnum dilatatum Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1647 Viburnum dilatatum Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1487 Viburnum opulus var. calvescens Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1193 Viburunum wrightii Japan
Caprifoliaceae 1444 Weigela coraeensis Japan
Caprifoliaceae 558 Weigela hortensis Japan
Caricaceae 1249 Carica papaya Thailand
Caricaceae 1784 Carica papaya Thailand
Caryophyllaceae 1584 Cucubalus baccifer var. japonicus Japan
Caryophyllaceae 545 Dianthus superbus var. longicalycinus Japan
Caryophyllaceae 388 Dianthus superbus var. speciosus Japan
Caryophyllaceae 1576 Lychnis miqueliana Japan
Casuarinaceae 1880 Casarina equisetifolia Japan
Casuarinaceae 680 Casuarina stricta Madagascar
Casuarinaceae 299 Casuarina sumatrana Thailand
Celastraceae 1261 Celastrus paniculata Thailand
Celastraceae 1192 Euonymus alata forma striata Japan
Celastraceae 836 Euonymus japonicus Japan
Celastraceae 992 Euonymus oxyphyllus Japan
Chenopodiaceae 321 Salicornia europaea Japan
Chenopodiaceae 322 Salicornia europaea Japan
Chloranthaceae 1926 Chloranthus japonicus Japan
Clethraceae 1070 Clethra barbinervis Japan
Cochlospermaceae 810 Cochlospermum religiosum Thailand
Cochlospermaceae 1279 Cochlospermum religiosum Thailand
Cochlospermaceae 1293 Cochlospermum religiosum Thailand
Combretaceae 799 Combretum coccineum Madagascar
Combretaceae 122 Combretum quadrangulare Thailand
Combretaceae 669 Poivrea grandidieri Madagascar
Combretaceae 776 Poivrea grandidieri Madagascar
Combretaceae 156 Quisqualis indica Thailand
Combretaceae 1905 Terminalia catappa Japan
Combretaceae 296 Terminalia catappa Thailand
Combretaceae 297 Terminalia catappa Thailand
Combretaceae 720 Terminaria mantaly Madagascar
Combretaceae 807 Terminaria mantaly ? Madagascar
Combretaceae 678 unidentified Madagascar
Commelinaceae 265 Commelina communis var. hortensis Japan
Commelinaceae 692 Commelina madagascarensis Madagascar
Commelinaceae 1140 Pollia japonica Japan
Commelinaceae 1398 Tradescantia flumiensis Japan
Commelinaceae 881 Tradescantia fluminensis Japan
Commelinaceae 975 Tradescantia fluminensis Japan
Commenilaceae 1680 Dichorisandra thyrisiflora Japan
Commenilaceae 1681 Dichorisandra thyrisiflora Japan
Commenilaceae 1694 Murdannia loureirii Thailand
Compositae 1528 Achilea sibilica Japan
Compositae 688 Ageratum conyzoides Madagascar
Compositae 723 Ageratum conyzoides Madagascar
Compositae 10 Ainsliaea acerifolia Japan
Compositae 274 Anaphalis margaritacea Japan
Compositae 1591 Anaphalis margaritacea Japan
Compositae 976 Arctium lappa Japan
Compositae 270 Arnica unalaschensis var. tschonoskyi Japan
Compositae 1899 Artemisia campestris Japan
Compositae 1900 Artemisia campestris Japan
Compositae 1636 Aster yomena Japan
Compositae 318 Atractylodes japonica Japan
Compositae 319 Atractylodes japonica Japan
Compositae 512 Atractylodes japonica Japan
Compositae 519 Atractylodes lancea Japan
Compositae 423 Blumea balsamifera Philippines
Compositae 503 Carthamus tinctorius Japan
Compositae 1046 Carthamus tinctorius Japan
Compositae 1513 Carthamus tinctorius Japan
Compositae 1277 Carthamus tinctorius Thailand
Compositae 1278 Carthamus tinctorius Thailand
Compositae 1673 Chrysanthemum boreale Korea
Compositae 1465 Chrysanthemum shiwogiku Japan
Compositae 1519 Cinchorium intybus Japan
Compositae 1491 Cirsium japonicum Japan
Compositae 1612 Cirsium japonicum Japan
Compositae 646 Cynara scolymus Japan
Compositae 1515 Cynara scolymus Japan
Compositae 1540 Dahlia coccinea Japan
Compositae 1167 Eupatorium chinense Japan
Compositae 29 Eupatorium fortunei Japan
Compositae 1558 Eupatorium fortunei Japan
Compositae 1156 Eupatorium fortuneri Japan
Compositae 1587 Eupatorium japonicum Japan
Compositae 1682 Eupatorium japonicum Japan
Compositae 219 Eupatorium lindleyanum China
Compositae 1741 Eupatorium odoratum Thailand
Compositae 1895 Farfugium japonicum var. luchuense Japan
Compositae 1371 Gynura bicolor Japan
Compositae 1341 Gynura bicolor Thailand
Compositae 1595 Helianthus annuus L. Japan
Compositae 1730 Helianthus annuus L. Thailand
Compositae 739 Helichrysum faradifani Madagascar
Compositae 184 Hololeion krameri Japan
Compositae 1506 Inula helenium Japan
Compositae 1507 Inula helenium Japan
Compositae 1490 Ixeris dentata Japan
Compositae 969 Ixeris dentata var. albiflora form. Amplifolia Japan
Compositae 1101 Leontopodium japonicum Japan
Compositae 247 Leontopodium sinense China
Compositae 1095 Ligularia dentata Japan
Compositae 1096 Ligularia dentata Japan
Compositae 1585 Ligularia fischeri Japan
Compositae 1055 Ligularia japonica Japan
Compositae 1056 Ligularia japonica Japan
Compositae 1057 Ligularia japonica Japan
Compositae 1212 Ligularia tussilaginea Japan
Compositae 1947 Miyamayomena savatieri Japan
Compositae 401 Paraixeris denticulata Japan
Compositae 1185 Pertya scandens Japan
Compositae 1222 Pertya scandens Japan
Compositae 888 Petasites japonicus subsp. giganteus Japan
Compositae 766 Psiadia salviaefolia Madagascar
Compositae 1621 Rudbeckia laciniata L. Japan
Compositae 240 Saussurea eriocephala China
Compositae 1109 Senecio cannabifolius Japan
Compositae 1608 Senecio cannabifolius Japan
Compositae 1609 Senecio cannabifolius Japan
Compositae 630 Senecio jacobsenii Japan
Compositae 74 Senecio nomerensis Japan
Compositae 767 Senecio sp. Madagascar
Compositae 1572 Siegesbeckia pubescens Korea
Compositae 1175 Solidago altissima Japan
Compositae 1221 Solidago virga-aurea Japan
Compositae 1605 Solidago virga-aurea Japan
Compositae 1645 Solidago virga-aurea Japan
Compositae 1670 Solidago virga-aurea Japan
Compositae 77 Spilanthes acumella Japan
Compositae 1533 Stevia rebaudiana Japan
Compositae 573 Stevia rebaudiana Vietnam
Compositae 850 Syneilesis palmata Japan
Compositae 1512 Taragopogon pratensis L. Japan
Compositae 1389 Taraxacum officinale Japan
Compositae 1963 Taraxacum platycarpum Japan
Compositae 1048 Tussilago farfara Japan
Compositae 233 unidentified China
Compositae 171 Wendalia triloba Thailand
Connaraceae 681 Agelaea pentagyna Madagascar
Connaraceae 805 Agelaea pentagyna Madagascar
Convolvulaceae 257 Calystegia soldanella Japan
Convolvulaceae 1788 Cuscuta chinensis Thailand
Convolvulaceae 1828 Ipomoea aquatica Thailand
Convolvulaceae 38 Ipomoea batatas Japan
Convolvulaceae 1173 Ipomoea batatas Japan
Convolvulaceae 138 Ipomoea carica Thailand
Convolvulaceae 139 Ipomoea carica Thailand
Convolvulaceae 39 Ipomoea pes-caprae Japan
Convolvulaceae 682 Ipomoea pes-caprae Madagascar
Convolvulaceae 1700 Ipomoea pres-caprae Thailand
Convolvulaceae 679 Ipomoea sp. Madagascar
Convolvulaceae 1724 Merremia gemella Thailand
Convolvulaceae 312 Merremia tuberosa (L.) Rendle Philippines
Convolvulaceae 313 Merremia tuberosa (L.) Rendle Philippines
Convolvulaceae 1787 unknown species Thailand
Cornaceae 833 Aucuba japonica Japan
Cornaceae 1923 Aucuba japonica Japan
Cornaceae 1001 Cornus controversa Japan
Cornaceae 1961 Cornus florida Japan
Cornaceae 1010 Cornus kousa Japan
Cornaceae 365 Helwingia japonica Japan
Cornaceae 997 Helwingia japonica Japan
Crassulaceae 467 Bryophyllum pinnatum Philippines
Crassulaceae 715 Kalanchoe beharensis Madagascar
Crassulaceae 758 Kalanchoe peltata Madagascar
Crassulaceae 625 Kalanchoe pumila Japan
Crassulaceae 712 Kalanchoe tubiflora Madagascar
Crassulaceae 369 Sedum lineare Japan
Crassulaceae 1925 Sedum subtile Japan
Cruciferae 1383 Brassica rappa Japan
Cruciferae 1384 Brassica rappa Japan
Cruciferae 1995 Caldamine flexuosa Japan
Cruciferae 1215 Cardamine leucantha Japan
Cruciferae 1936 Orychophragmus violaceus Japan
Cruciferae 1940 Raphanus sativus Japan
Cruciferae 974 Raphanus sativus var. hortensis Japan
Cruciferae 1937 Wasabia japonica Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1580 Actinostemma lobatum Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1581 Actinostemma lobatum Japan
Cucurbitaceae 566 Coccinea indica Thailand
Cucurbitaceae 567 Coccinea indica Thailand
Cucurbitaceae 1498 Cucumis sativus Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1505 Cucurbita pepo Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1552 Cucurbita pepo Japan
Cucurbitaceae 22 Diplocyclos palmatus Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1230 Gynostemma pentaphyllum Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1468 Gynostemma pentaphyllum Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1497 Luffa aegyptiaca Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1178 Momordica charantia Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1551 Momordica charantia Japan
Cucurbitaceae 753 Raphidiocystis brachypoda Madagascar
Cucurbitaceae 754 Raphidiocystis brachypoda Madagascar
Cucurbitaceae 636 Trichosanthes kirilowii var. japonica Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1484 Trichosanthes kirilowii var. japonica Japan
Cucurbitaceae 311 Trichosanthes sp. Philippines
Cucurbitaceae 1816 Trichosanthes sp. Thailand
Cucurbitaceae 79 Trichosanthes tricuspidata Japan
Cucurbitaceae 1765 Trichosanthes tricuspidata Thailand
Cucurbitaceae 1766 Trichosanthes tricuspidata Thailand
Cucurbitaceae 1767 Trichosanthes tricuspidata Thailand
Cucurbitaceae 717 unidentified Madagascar
Cucurbitaceae 248 Xerosicyos danguyi Japan
Cunoniaceae 698 Weinmania sp. Madagascar
Cupressaceae 1625 Biota orientalis Japan
Cupressaceae 1166 Chamaecyparis obtusa Japan
Cupressaceae 1675 Juniperus chinensis Korea
Cyatheaceae 1823 Cyathea sp. Thailand
Cyatheaceae 1310 Cyathea spinulosa Thailand
Cycadaceae 1164 Cycas revolua Japan
Cycadaceae 1870 Encephalartos ferox Japan
Cycadaceae 1022 Encephalartos hildebrandtii Indonesia
Cycadaceae 284 Zamia furfuracea Thailand
Cyperaceae 1830 Cyperus alatus Thailand
Cyperaceae 1831 Cyperus alatus Thailand
Cyperaceae 1888 Cyperus papyrus Japan
Cyperaceae 560 Cyperus papyrus Thailand
Cyperaceae 1355 Cyperus papyrus Thailand
Cyperaceae 1648 Scirpus triangulatus Japan

Davidiaceae 286 Davidia involucrata Japan
Davidiaceae 962 Davidia involucrata Japan
Davidiaceae 1158 Davidia involucrata Japan
Davidiaceae 1411 Davidia involucrata Japan
Diapensiaceae 1954 Shortia soldanelloides Japan
Didiereaceae 1315 Alluaudia adscendens Thailand
Didiereaceae 1866 Alluaudia comosa Japan
Didiereaceae 806 Alluaudia procera Madagascar
Didiereaceae 663 Didierea madagascariensis Madagascar
Didiereaceae 666 Didierea madagascariensis Madagascar
Didiereaceae 667 Didierea madagascariensis Madagascar
Dilleniaceae 1014 Dillenia philippinensis Indonesia
Dilleniaceae 1015 Dillenia philippinensis Indonesia
Dilleniaceae 461 Dillenia suffruticosa Philippines
Dioscoreaceae 981 Dioscorea japonica Japan
Dioscoreaceae 1225 Dioscorea japonica Japan
Dioscoreaceae 371 Dioscorea tokoro Japan
Dipsacaceae 842 Scabiosa japonica Japan
Dipsacaceae 387 Scabiosa japonica var. alpina Japan
Dipterocarpaceae 1865 Dipterocarpus alatus Thailand
Dipterocarpaceae 1750 Dipterocarpus obtusifolius Thailand
Dipterocarpaceae 1751 Dipterocarpus obtusifolius Thailand
Dipterocarpaceae 590 Hopea odorata Thailand
Dipterocarpaceae 591 Hopea odorata Thailand
Dipterocarpaceae 809 Shorea roxburghii Thailand

Ebenaceae 448 Diospyros discolor Philippines
Ebenaceae 449 Diospyros ebenaster Philippines
Ebenaceae 940 Diospyros kaki Japan
Ebenaceae 1181 Diospyros kaki Japan
Ebenaceae 1182 Diospyros kaki Japan
Elaeagnaceae 195 Elaeagnus umbellata Japan
Elaeagnaceae 551 Elaeagnus umbellata Japan
Elaeocarpaceae 1445 Elaeocarpus sylvestris Japan
Empetraceae 377 Empetrum nigrum var. japonicum Japan
Ephedraceae 25 Ephedra sinica Japan
Ephedraceae 26 Ephedra sinica Japan
Equisetaceae 1387 Equisetum arvense Japan
Equisetaceae 1320 Equisetum debile Thailand
Equisetaceae 1819 Equisetum debile Thailand
Equisetaceae 28 Equisetum hiemale Japan
Equisetaceae 1502 Equisetum ramosissimum var. japonicum Japan
Ericaceae 97 Agapetes lobbii Thailand
Ericaceae 1683 Arbutus unedo Japan
Ericaceae 383 Elliotia paniculata Japan
Ericaceae 994 Enkianthus cernuus form rubens Japan
Ericaceae 1869 Enkianthus quiquelflorus Japan
Ericaceae 379 Gaultheria adenothrix Japan
Ericaceae 386 Gaultheria adenothrix Japan
Ericaceae 550 Gaultheria adenothrix Japan
Ericaceae 599 Gaultheria crenulata Thailand
Ericaceae 345 Lyonia ovalifolia var. elliptica Japan
Ericaceae 1476 Lyonia ovalifolia var. elliptica Japan
Ericaceae 1477 Lyonia ovalifolia var. elliptica Japan
Ericaceae 840 Menziesia cilicalyx Japan
Ericaceae 1997 Menziesia cilicalyx Japan
Ericaceae 859 Pieris japonica Japan
Ericaceae 597 Rhododendron arboreum var. delavayi Thailand
Ericaceae 287 Rhododendron japonicum Japan
Ericaceae 1493 Rhododendron japonicum Japan
Ericaceae 478 Rhododendron lyi Thailand
Ericaceae 596 Rhododendron lyi Thailand
Ericaceae 1000 Rhododendron metternichii var. hondoense Japan
Ericaceae 1983 Rhododendron metternichii var. hondoense Japan
Ericaceae 577 Rhododendron reticulatum Japan
Ericaceae 908 Rhododendron reticulatum Japan
Ericaceae 1390 Rhododendron reticulatum Japan
Ericaceae 159 Rhododendron simsii Thailand
Ericaceae 822 Rhododendron sp Japan
Ericaceae 1223 Vaccinium bracteatum Japan
Ericaceae 271 Vaccinium uliginosum Japan
Ericaceae 376 Vaccinium uliginosum Japan
Ericaceae 378 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Japan
Ericaceae 1413 Vaccinium vitis-ideae Japan
Ericaceae 547 Vaccinum smallii var. glabrum Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1026 Acalypha hispida Indonesia
Euphorbiaceae 614 Acalypha hispida Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1404 Acalypha hispida Japan
Euphorbiaceae 438 Antidesma bunis Philippines
Euphorbiaceae 168 Croton decalvatus Esser Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1791 Croton oblongifolius Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1266 Croton roxburghii N.P.Balakr Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 126 Croton sublylatus (= Croton stellatopilosus Ohba) Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 170 Croton sublylatus (= Croton stellatopilosus Ohba) Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 832 Daphniphyllum macropodum Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1965 Euphorbia adenochlora Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1711 Euphorbia antiquorum Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 791 Euphorbia kondoi Madagascar
Euphorbiaceae 282 Euphorbia leucocephala Lotschy Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 803 Euphorbia leucodendron Madagascar
Euphorbiaceae 804 Euphorbia malii Madagascar
Euphorbiaceae 716 Euphorbia sp Madagascar
Euphorbiaceae 704 Euphorbia stenoclada Madagascar
Euphorbiaceae 1314 Euphorbia stenoclada Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 406 Euphorbia tirucalli Malaysia
Euphorbiaceae 1332 Euphorbia tirucalli Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1449 Glochidion obovatum Japan
Euphorbiaceae 133 Hevea basiliensis Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1021 Hevea brasiliensis Indonesia
Euphorbiaceae 93 Hevea brasilliensis Singapore
Euphorbiaceae 486 Hevea brasilliensis Singapore
Euphorbiaceae 427 Jatropha curcus Philippines
Euphorbiaceae 1725 Jatropha gossypiifolia Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 624 Jatropha hastata Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1412 Jatropha hastata Japan
Euphorbiaceae 141 Jatropha integerrima Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 430 Jatropha multifida Philippines
Euphorbiaceae 410 Jatropha podagrica Malaysia
Euphorbiaceae 1768 Jatropha sp. Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 354 Mallotus japonicus Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1037 Mallotus japonicus Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1802 Mallotus paniculatus Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1852 Manihot esculenta Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1771 Phyllanthus emblica Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1079 Phyllanthus flexuosus Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1329 Phyllanthus pulcher Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1720 Phyllanthus pulcher Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 422 Phyllanthus reticulatus Philippines
Euphorbiaceae 1306 Phyllanthus sp. Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1333 Phyllanthus sp. Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 6 Phyllantus emblica China
Euphorbiaceae 1126 Ricinus communis Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1127 Ricinus communis Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1535 Ricinus communis Japan
Euphorbiaceae 70 Sapium sebiferum Japan
Euphorbiaceae 1290 Sauropus thorelii Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 1344 Suregada multiflorum Thailand
Euphorbiaceae 696 Uapaca bijeri Madagascar
Euphorbiaceae 772 Uapaca bojeri Madagascar

Fagaceae 347 Castanea crenata Japan
Fagaceae 1632 Castanea crenata Japan
Fagaceae 1068 Castanea pubinervis Japan
Fagaceae 1431 Castanopsis cuspidata Japan
Fagaceae 1108 Fagus crenata Japan
Fagaceae 1650 Quercus acutissima Japan
Fagaceae 1942 Quercus acutissima Japan
Fagaceae 1144 Quercus dentata Japan
Fagaceae 1488 Quercus dentata Japan
Fagaceae 1227 Quercus glauca Japan
Fagaceae 1228 Quercus myrsinaefolia Japan
Fagaceae 1979 Quercus phillyraeoides Japan
Fagaceae 1978 Quercus serrata Japan
Flacourtiaceae 736 Aphloia theiformis Madagascar
Flacourtiaceae 774 Erythrospermum sp. Madagascar
Flacourtiaceae 485 Pangium edule Singapore

Gentianaceae 1687 Exacum trinervium subsp. macranthum Japan
Gentianaceae 521 Gentiana scabra var. buergeri Japan
Gentianaceae 546 Gentiana scabra var. buergeri Japan
Gentianaceae 1197 Gentiana scabra var. buergeri Japan
Gentianaceae 1653 Gentiana scabra var. buergeri Japan
Gentianaceae 245 Gentiana sp. China
Gentianaceae 246 Gentiana sp. China
Gentianaceae 479 Gentiana sp. Thailand
Gentianaceae 938 Gentiana thunbergi Japan
Gentianaceae 1589 Gentiana triflora Japan
Gentianaceae 185 Gentiana triflora var. japonica Japan
Gentianaceae 275 Gentiana triflora var. japonica Japan
Gentianaceae 221 Halenia elliptica China
Gentianaceae 228 Helenia elliptica China
Gentianaceae 1985 Menyanthes trifoliata Japan
Gentianaceae 1986 Menyanthes trifoliata Japan
Gentianaceae 1627 Swertia bimaculata Japan
Gentianaceae 979 Swertia japonica Japan
Gentianaceae 1657 Swertia japonica Japan
Gentianaceae 685 Tachiadenus sp. Madagascar
Gentianaceae 798 Tachiadenus sp. Madagascar
Gentianaceae 539 Tripterospermum japonicum Japan
Gentianaceae 1643 Tripterospermum japonicum Japan
Geraniaceae 1395 Geranium carolinianum Japan
Geraniaceae 1619 Geranium krameri Japan
Geraniaceae 1142 Geranium nepalense subsp. Thunbergii Japan
Geraniaceae 1630 Geranium nepalense subsp. Thunbergii Japan
Geraniaceae 217 Geranium sinense China
Geraniaceae 1114 Geranium yoshinoi Japan
Geraniaceae 1557 Geranium yoshinoi Japan
Geraniaceae 1977 Pelargonium capitatum Japan
Gesneriaceae 489 Aeschynanthus sp. Singapore
Gesneriaceae 96 Aeschynanthus sp. Thailand
Gesneriaceae 524 Conandron ramondioides Japan
Gesneriaceae 487 Episcia cupreata Singapore
Gesneriaceae 622 Gloxinia sylvatica Japan
Gesneriaceae 1976 Nematanthus gregarius Japan
Gesneriaceae 1446 Opithandra primuloides Japan
Ginkgoaceae 516 Ginkgo biloba Japan
Ginkgoaceae 526 Ginkgo biloba Japan
Ginkgoaceae 1159 Ginkgo biloba Japan
Gleicheniaceae 918 Gleichenia glauca Japan
Goodeniaceae 72 Scaevola taccada Japan
Goodeniaceae 161 Scaevola taccada Thailand
Graminae 1233 Coix lachryma-jobi var. ma-yuen Japan
Graminae 1713 Cymbopogon nardus Thailand
Graminae 1410 Hordeum vulgare var.nodum Japan
Graminae 360 Imperata cylindrica Japan
Graminae 1009 Imperata cylindrica Japan
Graminae 1832 Imperata cyrindrica Thailand
Graminae 1199 Miscanthus sinensis Japan
Graminae 1143 Oryza sativa Japan
Graminae 1541 Oryza sativa Japan
Graminae 977 Phyllostachys nigra var. hononis Japan
Graminae 1701 Saccharum chinense Thailand
Graminae 67 Saccharum officinarum Japan
Graminae 1908 Saccharum officinarum Japan
Graminae 1457 Shibataea kumasaca Japan
Graminae 1697 Vetiveria zizanioides Thailand
Gramineae 1638 Coix lachryma-jobi var. lachryma-jobi Japan
Gramineae 1417 Hordeum vulgare Japan
Gramineae 1414 Triticum aestivum Japan
Gramineae 1606 Zea mays L. Japan
Guttiferae 111 Garcinia hanburyi Thailand
Guttiferae 1016 Garcinia sp. Indonesia
Guttiferae 1882 Garcinia subelliptica Japan
Guttiferae 1883 Garcinia subelliptica Japan
Guttiferae 35 Hypericum ascyron Japan
Guttiferae 36 Hypericum chinense Japan
Guttiferae 260 Hypericum chinense Japan
Guttiferae 272 Hypericum kamtschaticum var. sinanense Japan
Guttiferae 37 Hypericum patulum Japan
Guttiferae 1007 Hypericum patulum Japan
Guttiferae 1149 Hypericum patulum Japan
Guttiferae 1545 Hypericum patulum Japan
Guttiferae 648 Hypericum perforatum Japan
Guttiferae 380 Hypericum senanense Japan
Guttiferae 234 Hypericum sp. China
Guttiferae 602 Mesua ferrea Thailand

Hamamelidaceae 909 Corylopsis gotoana Japan
Hamamelidaceae 1918 Corylopsis gotoana Japan
Hamamelidaceae 1919 Corylopsis gotoana Japan
Hamamelidaceae 924 Distylium racemosum Japan
Hamamelidaceae 824 Hamamelis japonica Japan
Hamamelidaceae 893 Hamamelis japonica Japan
Hamamelidaceae 894 Hamamelis japonica Japan
Hipocastanaceae 641 Aesculus turbinata Japan
Hippocastanaceae 964 Aesculus hippocastanum Japan
Hydrocharitaceae 209 Ottelia acuminata China

Icacinaceae 749 Cassinopsis madagascarensis Madagascar
Icacinaceae 180 Hosiea japonica Japan
Icacinaceae 329 Hosiea japonica Japan
Icacinaceae 563 Phytocrene bracteata Thailand
Iridaceae 1032 Belamcanda chinensis Indonesia
Iridaceae 1623 Belamcanda chinensis Japan
Iridaceae 536 Iris japonica Japan
Iridaceae 944 Iris japonica Japan
Iridaceae 261 Iris laevigata Japan
Iridaceae 262 Iris laevigata Japan
Iridaceae 40 Iris rossii Japan
Iridaceae 1354 Neomarica longifolia Thailand
Iridaceae 1008 Sisyrinchium atlanticum Japan

Juglandaceae 476 Engelhardtia serrata Thailand
Juglandaceae 544 Juglans mandshurica var. sachaliensis Japan
Juglandaceae 1084 Juglans mandshurica var. sieboldiana Japan
Juglandaceae 1148 Platycarya strobilacea Japan

Labiatae 639 Agastache rugosa Japan
Labiatae 1931 Ajuga decumbens Japan
Labiatae 989 Ajuga japonica Japan
Labiatae 1972 Ajuga nipponensis Japan
Labiatae 838 Ajuga yesoensis Japan
Labiatae 21 Coleus forskohlii Japan
Labiatae 1053 Coleus forskohlii Japan
Labiatae 1194 Elsholtzia ciliata Japan
Labiatae 1676 Elsholtzia patrini Korea
Labiatae 1573 Heliotropium arborescens L. Korea
Labiatae 1574 Hyssopus officinalis Korea
Labiatae 1881 Iboza riparia Japan
Labiatae 1378 Laminus@amplexicaule Japan
Labiatae 535 Lamium album var. barbatum Japan
Labiatae 943 Lamium album var. barbatum Japan
Labiatae 1934 Lamium album var. barbatum Japan
Labiatae 860 Lamium amplexicaule Japan
Labiatae 1922 Lamium amplexicaule Japan
Labiatae 910 Lamium purpureum Japan
Labiatae 42 Lavandula officinalis Japan
Labiatae 189 Lavendula spica Japan
Labiatae 1553 Lavendula spica Japan
Labiatae 1237 Leonurus sibiricus Japan
Labiatae 85 Leonurus sibiricus Korea
Labiatae 1453 Leucosceptrum stellipilum Japan
Labiatae 533 Meehania urticifolia Japan
Labiatae 1966 Meehania urticifolia Japan
Labiatae 1524 Melissa officinalis Japan
Labiatae 1205 Menta spicata Japan
Labiatae 1526 Mentha spicata Japan
Labiatae 1514 Monarda didyma L. Japan
Labiatae 1974 Nepeta catalia Japan
Labiatae 1527 Nepeta cataria L. Japan
Labiatae 1283 Ocimum basilicum Thailand
Labiatae 414 Ocimum grattissimum Malaysia
Labiatae 1699 Ocimum sancutum Thailand
Labiatae 1575 Origanum majorana Korea
Labiatae 191 Origanum vulgare Japan
Labiatae 351 Origanum vulgare Japan
Labiatae 411 Orthosiphon aristatus Malaysia
Labiatae 1187 Perilla frutescens Japan
Labiatae 1509 Perilla frutescens Japan
Labiatae 643 Plectranthus kameba Japan
Labiatae 55 Plectranthus longitubus Japan
Labiatae 56 Plectrantus kameba Japan
Labiatae 59 Prunella vulgaris Japan
Labiatae 243 Prunella vulgaris subsp. asiatica China
Labiatae 1059 Prunella vulgaris subsp. asiatica Japan
Labiatae 1190 Rabdosia longituba Japan
Labiatae 1628 Rabdosia longituba Japan
Labiatae 65 Rosmarinus officinalis Japan
Labiatae 201 Rosmarinus officinalis Japan
Labiatae 930 Rosmarinus officinalis Japan
Labiatae 825 Salvia coccinea Japan
Labiatae 1685 Salvia darcyi Japan
Labiatae 826 Salvia doriciana Japan
Labiatae 827 Salvia guananitica Japan
Labiatae 1132 Salvia guaranitica Japan
Labiatae 1556 Salvia japonica Japan
Labiatae 1370 Salvia mellis Japan
Labiatae 1191 Salvia nipponica Japan
Labiatae 1631 Salvia nipponica Japan
Labiatae 241 Salvia sp. China
Labiatae 244 Salvia sp. China
Labiatae 374 Scutellaria baicalensis Japan
Labiatae 396 Scutellaria baicalensis Japan
Labiatae 1529 Scutellaria baicalensis Japan
Labiatae 349 Scutellaria indica Japan
Labiatae 231 Scutellaria sp. China
Labiatae 235 Scutellaria sp. China
Labiatae 1133 Scutellaria strigillosa Japan
Labiatae 78 Thymus quinquecostatus Japan
Labiatae 1099 Thymus quinquecostatus Japan
Labiatae 1534 Thymus quinquecostatus Japan
Labiatae 935 Thymus sp. Japan
Lardizabalaceae 534 Stauntonia hexaphylla Japan
Lauraceae 939 Actinodaphne lancifolia Japan
Lauraceae 970 Cinnamomum camphora Japan
Lauraceae 971 Cinnamomum camphora Japan
Lauraceae 19 Cinnamomum cassia Japan
Lauraceae 20 Cinnamomum cassia Japan
Lauraceae 1689 Cinnamomum zeylanicum Thailand
Lauraceae 1709 Cinnamomum zeylanicum Thailand
Lauraceae 1975 Laurus nobilis Japan
Lauraceae 998 Lindera obtusiloba Japan
Lauraceae 1105 Lindera obtusiloba Japan
Lauraceae 862 Lindera strychnifolia Japan
Lauraceae 920 Lindera triloba Japan
Lauraceae 1547 Lindera triloba Japan
Lauraceae 1843 Litsea cubeba Thailand
Lauraceae 1245 Neolitsea sericea Japan
Lecythidaceae 1030 Barringtonia asiatica Indonesia
Lecythidaceae 1031 Barringtonia asiatica Indonesia
Lecythidaceae 298 Barringtonia asiatica Thailand
Lecythidaceae 300 Barringtonia asiatica Thailand
Lecythidaceae 1130 Barringtonia racemosa Japan
Lecythidaceae 1131 Barringtonia racemosa Japan
Lecythidaceae 278 Couroupita guianensis Thailand
Lecythidaceae 582 Lecythis ollaria Singapore
Leguminosae 1710 Acacia catechu Thailand
Leguminosae 1800 Accacia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 1695 Afgekia mahidolae Thailand
Leguminosae 1704 Albizia mylliophylla Thailand
Leguminosae 372 Albizzia julibrissin Japan
Leguminosae 529 Albizzia julibrissin Japan
Leguminosae 1147 Albizzia julibrissin Japan
Leguminosae 172 Albizzia myriophylla Vietnam
Leguminosae 1568 Astragalus membranaceus Korea
Leguminosae 1944 Astragalus sinicus Japan
Leguminosae 817 Bauhinia acuminata Thailand
Leguminosae 472 Bauhinia galpini Philippines
Leguminosae 173 Bauhinia pottsii Vietnam
Leguminosae 568 Bauhinia purpurea Thailand
Leguminosae 705 Bauhinia sp. Madagascar
Leguminosae 1801 Bauhinia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 103 Bauhinia tomentosa Thailand
Leguminosae 605 Bauhinia variegata Thailand
Leguminosae 1729 Bauhinia winitii Thailand
Leguminosae 1690 Butea superba Thailand
Leguminosae 797 Caesalpinia bonducella Madagascar
Leguminosae 522 Caesalpinia decapetala var.japonica Japan
Leguminosae 106 Caesalpinia pulcherrima Thailand
Leguminosae 107 Caesalpinia sappan Thailand
Leguminosae 565 Caesalpinia sappan Thailand
Leguminosae 105 Caesalpinia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 616 Calliandra eriophylla Japan
Leguminosae 419 Calliandra eriophylla Philippines
Leguminosae 1867 Calliandra eriophylla Japan
Leguminosae 405 Cassia alata Malaysia
Leguminosae 112 Cassia alata Thailand
Leguminosae 1693 Cassia alata Thailand
Leguminosae 294 Cassia bakeriana Thailand
Leguminosae 309 Cassia bakeriana Thailand
Leguminosae 603 Cassia bakeriana Thailand
Leguminosae 1252 Cassia bakeriana Thailand
Leguminosae 1253 Cassia bakeriana Thailand
Leguminosae 305 Cassia fistura Thailand
Leguminosae 1254 Cassia fistura Thailand
Leguminosae 1792 Cassia fistura Thailand
Leguminosae 1793 Cassia fistura Thailand
Leguminosae 113 Cassia garrettiana Thailand
Leguminosae 517 Cassia grandis Thailand
Leguminosae 1250 Cassia grandis Thailand
Leguminosae 1251 Cassia grandis Thailand
Leguminosae 849 Cassia mimosoides Japan
Leguminosae 1146 Cassia mimosoides subsp. nomame Japan
Leguminosae 1123 Cassia obtusifolia Japan
Leguminosae 725 Cassia occidentalis Madagascar
Leguminosae 1772 Cassia occidentalis Thailand
Leguminosae 1 Cassia siamea China
Leguminosae 1783 Cassia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 1863 Cassia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 1864 Cassia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 1255 Cassia spp. Thailand
Leguminosae 501 Cassia torosa Japan
Leguminosae 1125 Cassia torosa Japan
Leguminosae 1622 Cassia torosa Japan
Leguminosae 1607 Cercis chinensis Japan
Leguminosae 800 Clitoria heterophylla Madagascar
Leguminosae 120 Clitoria macrophylla Thailand
Leguminosae 694 Crotalaria sp. Madagascar
Leguminosae 775 Crotolaria sp. Madagascar
Leguminosae 1428 Cytisus scoparius Japan
Leguminosae 662 Delonix adansonioides Madagascar
Leguminosae 808 Delonix regia Madagascar
Leguminosae 431 Delonix regia Philippines
Leguminosae 129 Entada spiralis Thailand
Leguminosae 1798 Entada spiralis Thailand
Leguminosae 621 Erythrina speciosa Japan
Leguminosae 31 Glycyrrhiza glabra Japan
Leguminosae 32 Glycyrrhiza glabra Japan
Leguminosae 1080 Indigofera pseudo-tinctoria Japan
Leguminosae 1644 Indigofera pseudo-tinctoria Japan
Leguminosae 610 Indigofera tinctoria Thailand
Leguminosae 1807 Indigofera tinctoria Thailand
Leguminosae 1808 Indigofera tinctoria Thailand
Leguminosae 1809 Indigofera tinctoria Thailand
Leguminosae 1017 Koompassia excelsa Indonesia
Leguminosae 1018 Koompassia excelsa Indonesia
Leguminosae 256 Lathyrus japonicus Japan
Leguminosae 41 Laucaena leucocephala Japan
Leguminosae 433 Leucaena leucocephala Philippines
Leguminosae 1396 Lobinia pseudoacacia Japan
Leguminosae 1397 Lobinia pseudoacacia Japan
Leguminosae 1651 Lotus japonicus Japan
Leguminosae 1088 Melilotus alba Japan
Leguminosae 657 Mimosa latispinosa Madagascar
Leguminosae 1328 Mimosa pudica Thailand
Leguminosae 94 Mucuna bennettii Singapore
Leguminosae 1691 Mucuna collettii Thailand
Leguminosae 1777 Mucuna pruriens Thailand
Leguminosae 216 Pachyrhizus erosus China
Leguminosae 302 Parkia speciosa Thailand
Leguminosae 303 Parkia speciosa Thailand
Leguminosae 1256 Peltophorum pterocarpum Thailand
Leguminosae 1257 Peltophorum pterocarpum Thailand
Leguminosae 1145 Pueralia lobata Japan
Leguminosae 1692 Pueralia mirifica Thailand
Leguminosae 1786 Pueralia sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 61 Pueraria lobata Japan
Leguminosae 62 Pueraria lobata Japan
Leguminosae 277 Pueraria mirifica Thailand
Leguminosae 155 Pueraria sp. Thailand
Leguminosae 1139 Robinia pseudoacasia Japan
Leguminosae 336 Samanea saman Vietnam
Leguminosae 163 Sesbania grandiflora Thailand
Leguminosae 1829 Sesbania grandiflora Thailand
Leguminosae 1560 Sophora flavescens Japan
Leguminosae 709 Tamarindus indica Madagascar
Leguminosae 1267 Tamarindus indica Thailand
Leguminosae 1774 Tamarindus indica Thailand
Leguminosae 1775 Tamarindus indica Thailand
Leguminosae 1850 Tamarindus indica Thailand
Leguminosae 765 Tephrosia sp. Madagascar
Leguminosae 784 Tephrosia sp. Madagascar
Leguminosae 80 Trifolium lupinaster Japan
Leguminosae 1485 Trifolium pratense Japan
Leguminosae 1426 Trifolium repens Japan
Leguminosae 1752 unknown species Thailand
Leguminosae 1941 Vicia angustifolia var. segatalis Japan
Leguminosae 1087 Vicia cracca Japan
Leguminosae 937 Wisteria floribunda Japan
Liliaceae 1459 Allium cepa Japan
Liliaceae 1456 Allium fistulosum Japan
Liliaceae 972 Allium sativum Japan
Liliaceae 961 Allium shoenoprasum Japan
Liliaceae 1201 Allium thunbergii Japan
Liliaceae 1640 Allium tuberosum Japan
Liliaceae 11 Aloe arborescens Japan
Liliaceae 973 Aloe arborescens Japan
Liliaceae 1876 Aloe arborescens Japan
Liliaceae 787 Aloe deltoideadonta Madagascar
Liliaceae 740 Aloe sp. Madagascar
Liliaceae 967 Convallaria keskei Japan
Liliaceae 953 Disporum sessile Japan
Liliaceae 954 Disporum sessile Japan
Liliaceae 1962 Disporum sessile Japan
Liliaceae 968 Endymion non-scriptus Japan
Liliaceae 902 Erythronium japonicum Japan
Liliaceae 903 Erythronium japonicum Japan
Liliaceae 1916 Fritillaria amabilis Japan
Liliaceae 853 Heloniopsis orientalis Japan
Liliaceae 1958 Heloniopsis orientalis Japan
Liliaceae 1454 Hemerocallis aurantiaca Japan
Liliaceae 1455 Hemerocallis aurantiaca Japan
Liliaceae 1548 Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso Japan
Liliaceae 1549 Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso Japan
Liliaceae 1672 Hosta plantagine var. japonica Korea
Liliaceae 1592 Hosta sieboldii Japan
Liliaceae 390 Liliope muscari Japan
Liliaceae 266 Lilium auratum Japan
Liliaceae 1065 Lilium japonicum Japan
Liliaceae 1073 Lilium lancifolium Japan
Liliaceae 1090 Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii Japan
Liliaceae 1559 Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii Japan
Liliaceae 626 Massonia longipes Japan
Liliaceae 965 Polygonatum falcatum Japan
Liliaceae 552 Polygonatum odoratum var. pluritlorum Japan
Liliaceae 1399 Polygonatum odoratum var. pluritlorum Japan
Liliaceae 1642 Scilla scilloides Japan
Liliaceae 250 Smilax china Japan
Liliaceae 915 Smilax china Japan
Liliaceae 927 Smilax china Japan
Liliaceae 1220 Smilax china Japan
Liliaceae 370 Smilax riparia var. ussuriensis Japan
Liliaceae 1543 Tricyrtis affinis Japan
Liliaceae 1635 Tricyrtis affinis Japan
Liliaceae 493 Tricyrtis hirta Japan
Liliaceae 1669 Tricyrtis hirta Japan
Liliaceae 841 Trillium smallii Japan
Liliaceae 1982 Trillium smallii Japan
Liliaceae 1544 Uncaria rhynchophylla Japan
Liliaceae 1054 Veratrum album var. grandiflorum Japan
Liliaceae 1100 Veratrum album var. grandiflorum Japan
Liliaceae 1486 Veratrum album var. grandiflorum Japan
Liliaceae (Asphodelaceae) 1317 Aloe vera Thailand
Limnocharitaceae 562 Limnocharis flava Thailand
Loganiaceae 1518 Buddlea japonica Japan
Loganiaceae 1436 Callistemon rigidus Japan
Loganiaceae 608 Strychnos nux-blanda Thailand
Loganiaceae 711 Strychnos sp. Madagascar
Loranthaceae 751 Bakerella clavata Madagascar
Loranthaceae 530 Viscum album var. coloratum Japan
Loranthaceae 531 Viscum album var. coloratum Japan
Loranthaceae 1066 Viscum album var. coloratum Japan
Lycopodiaceae 839 Lycopodium clavatum Japan
Lycopodiaceae 1058 Lycopodium clavatum Japan
Lythraceae 1295 Cuphea hyssopifolia Thailand
Lythraceae 1296 Cuphea hyssopifolia Thailand
Lythraceae 1450 Lagerstroemia fauriei Japan
Lythraceae 1083 Lagerstroemia indica Japan
Lythraceae 1153 Lagerstroemia indica Japan
Lythraceae 1154 Lagerstroemia indica Japan
Lythraceae 1616 Lagerstroemia indica Japan
Lythraceae 310 Lagerstroemia speciosa Philippines
Lythraceae 481 Lagerstroemia speciosa Singapore
Lythraceae 482 Lagerstroemia speciosa Singapore
Lythraceae 337 Lagerstroemia speciosa Vietnam
Lythraceae 338 Lagerstroemia speciosa Vietnam
Lythraceae 407 Lawsonia inermis Malaysia
Lythraceae 408 Lawsonia inermis Malaysia
Lythraceae 537 Lythrum anceps Japan
Lythraceae 1061 Lythrum anceps Japan
Lythraceae 1115 Lythrum anceps Japan
Lythraceae 1525 Lythrum anceps Japan
Lythraceae 768 Woodfordia floribunda Madagascar

Magnoliaceae 514 Illicium anisatum Japan
Magnoliaceae 193 Illicium religiosum Japan
Magnoliaceae 1386 Illicium religiosum (I. Anisatum) Japan
Magnoliaceae 1658 Illicium religiosum (I. anisatum) Japan
Magnoliaceae 1939 Illicium religiosum (I. anisatum) Japan
Magnoliaceae 1240 Kadsura japonica Japan
Magnoliaceae 1141 Liriodendron tulipifera Japan
Magnoliaceae 48 Magnolia grandiflora Japan
Magnoliaceae 863 Magnolia heptapeta Japan
Magnoliaceae 1379 Magnolia heptapeta Japan
Magnoliaceae 49 Magnolia kobus Japan
Magnoliaceae 864 Magnolia kobus Japan
Magnoliaceae 865 Magnolia kobus Japan
Magnoliaceae 1955 Magnolia kobus Japan
Magnoliaceae 1226 Magnolia liliflora Japan
Magnoliaceae 375 Magnolia obovata Japan
Magnoliaceae 985 Magnolia obovata Japan
Magnoliaceae 916 Magnolia quinquepeta Japan
Magnoliaceae 917 Magnolia quinquepeta Japan
Magnoliaceae 899 Magnolia salicifolia Japan
Magnoliaceae 900 Magnolia salicifolia Japan
Magnoliaceae 901 Magnolia salicifolia Japan
Magnoliaceae 905 Magnolia stellata var. keisukei Japan
Magnoliaceae 906 Magnolia stellata var. keisukei Japan
Magnoliaceae 480 Michelia floribunda Thailand
Magnoliaceae 1004 Michelia fuscata Japan
Magnoliaceae 1570 Schisandra chinensis Korea
Malpighiaceae 434 Galphimia glauca Philippines
Malpigiaceae 874 Malpigia glabra Japan
Malvaceae 1174 Abelmoschus esculentus Japan
Malvaceae 1424 Abutilon megapotamicum Japan
Malvaceae 206 Abutilon striatum China
Malvaceae 1857 Gossypium indicum Thailand
Malvaceae 1858 Gossypium indicum Thailand
Malvaceae 1859 Gossypium indicum Thailand
Malvaceae 1860 Gossypium indicum Thailand
Malvaceae 409 Hibiscus (hybrid) Malaysia
Malvaceae 672 Hibiscus ferrugineus Madagascar
Malvaceae 699 Hibiscus isalensis Madagascar
Malvaceae 33 Hibiscus mutabilis Japan
Malvaceae 198 Hibiscus mutabilis Japan
Malvaceae 1368 Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Japan
Malvaceae 134 Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Thailand
Malvaceae 135 Hibiscus sabdariffa Thailand
Malvaceae 136 Hibiscus sabdariffa Thailand
Malvaceae 3 Hibiscus schizopetalus China
Malvaceae 1756 Hibiscus sp Thailand
Malvaceae 1731 Hibiscus sabdariffa Thailand
Malvaceae 1754 Hibiscus subdariffa Thailand
Malvaceae 1039 Hibiscus syriacus Japan
Malvaceae 1152 Hibiscus syriacus Japan
Malvaceae 84 Hibiscus syriacus Korea
Malvaceae 673 Megistostegium microphyllum Madagascar
Malvaceae 1419 Pavonia spinifex Japan
Malvaceae 435 Sida acuta Philippines
Marantaceae 488 Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura Singapore
Maranthaceae 1763 Marantha arundinacea Thailand
Marattiaceae 891 Angiopteris lygodiifolia Japan
Melastomataceae 651 Dichaetanthera sp. Madagascar
Melastomataceae 731 Dichaetanthera sp. Madagascar
Melastomataceae 756 Dichaetanthera sp. Madagascar
Melastomataceae 1854 Medinilla schortechinii Thailand
Melastomataceae 412 Melastoma decemfidum Malaysia
Melastomataceae 143 Melastoma sp. Thailand
Meliaceae 1024 Aglaia odorata Indonesia
Meliaceae 1845 Azadirachta indica Thailand
Meliaceae 1246 Azadirachta indica var. siamensis Thailand
Meliaceae 175 Melia azedarach var. subtripinnata Japan
Meliaceae 1451 Melia azedarach var. subtripinnata f. albiflora Japan
Meliaceae 1452 Melia azedarach var. subtripinnata f. albiflora Japan
Meliaceae 444 Sandoricum coetjape Philippines
Meliaceae 1836 Sandoricum indicum Thailand
Meliaceae 463 Swietenia mahogani Philippines
Meliaceae 464 Swietenia mahogani Philippines
Menispermaceae 1263 Arcangelisia flava Thailand
Menispermaceae 1086 Cocculus trilobus Japan
Menispermaceae 1160 Menisperum dauricum Japan
Menispermaceae 75 Sinomenium acutum Japan
Menispermaceae 958 Sinomenium acutum Japan
Menispermaceae 1196 Sinomenium acutum Japan
Menispermaceae 1331 Stephania glabra Thailand
Menispermaceae 1075 Stephania japonica Japan
Menispermaceae 569 Tinospora cordifolia Thailand
Menispermaceae 1281 Tinospora cordifolia Thailand
Menispermaceae 417 Tinospora crispa Malaysia
Menispermaceae 89 Tinospora rumphii Philippines
Menispermaceae 90 Tinospora rumphii Philippines
Menyanthaceae 640 Menyanthes trifoliata Japan
Menyanthaceae 146 Nymphoides indicum Thailand
Monimiaceae 755 Tambourissa trichophyta Madagascar
Moraceae 316 Artocarpus heterophylla Philippines
Moraceae 454 Artocarpus heterophyllus Philippines
Moraceae 176 Broussonetia kajinoki Japan
Moraceae 942 Broussonetia kajinoki Japan
Moraceae 1671 Broussonetia kajinoki Japan
Moraceae 1855 Broussonetia papyrifera Thailand
Moraceae 1856 Broussonetia papyrifera Thailand
Moraceae 352 Cannabis sativa China
Moraceae 1291 Cannabis sativa Thailand
Moraceae 1292 Cannabis sativa Thailand
Moraceae 1077 Ficus carica Japan
Moraceae 1179 Ficus carica Japan
Moraceae 1902 Ficus microcarpa Japan
Moraceae 1903 Ficus microcarpa Japan
Moraceae 1790 Ficus retusa Thailand
Moraceae 675 Ficus sp. Madagascar
Moraceae 647 Humulus lupulus Japan
Moraceae 1596 Humulus lupulus var. cordifolius Japan
Moraceae 1447 Maclura cochinchinensis Japan
Moraceae 1282 Mollus alba Thailand
Moraceae 308 Steblus asper Thailand
Moraceae 1716 Streblus asper Thailand
Moringaceae 674 Moringa oleifera Madagascar
Musaceae 627 Musa coccinea Japan
Musaceae 1311 Musa laterita Thailand
Musaceae 867 Musa nana cv. Hashangchao Japan
Musaceae 1312 Musa ornata Thailand
Musaceae 1374 Musa x paradisiaca Japan
Musaceae 190 Musella lasiocarpa China
Musaceae (Strelitziaceae) 1353 Heliconia rostrata Thailand
Myrcinaceae 1372 Ardisia crenata Japan
Myrcinaceae 752 Embellia consinna Madagascar
Myricaceae 196 Myrica rubra Japan
Myricaceae 1554 Myrica rubra Japan
Myristicaceae 144 Myristica fragrans Thailand
Myrsinaceae 1342 Ardisia garrettii Thailand
Myrsinaceae 580 Ardisia japonica Japan
Myrtaceae 1208 Eucalyptus globulus Japan
Myrtaceae 1210 Eucalyptus globulus Japan
Myrtaceae 440 Eugenia aquea Philippines
Myrtaceae 130 Eugenia aquea Thailand
Myrtaceae 442 Eugenia cuminii Philippines
Myrtaceae 441 Eugenia malaccensis Philippines
Myrtaceae 142 Melaleuca leucadendron Thailand
Myrtaceae 301 Melaleuca leucadendron Thailand
Myrtaceae 728 Psidium catreanum Madagascar
Myrtaceae 439 Psidium guajava Philippines
Myrtaceae 879 Psidium littorale var. littorale Japan
Myrtaceae 963 Psidium littorale var. littorale Japan
Myrtaceae 95 Syzygium aromaticum Singapore
Myrtaceae 167 Syzygium aromaticum Thailand
Myrtaceae 317 Syzygium samarangense Philippines

Nepenthaceae 683 Nepenthes madagascariensis Madagascar
Nepenthaceae 802 Nepenthes madagascariensis Madagascar
Nymphaeaceae 348 Nuphar japonicum Japan
Nymphaeaceae 1118 Nymphaea rubra Japan
Nymphaeaceae 1119 Nymphaea rubra Japan
Nymphaeaceae 1438 Nymphoides peltata Japan
Nymphaeaceae 882 Victoria cruziana Japan
Nyssaceae 264 Camptotheca acuminata Japan
Nyssaceae 1236 Camptotheca acuminata Japan
Nyssaceae 295 Nyssa javanica Thailand

Ochnaceae 147 Ochna integerrima Thailand
Ochnaceae 148 Ochna integerrima Thailand
Ochnaceae 1416 Ochna serrulata Japan
Oleaceae 844 Forsythia koreana Japan
Oleaceae 1646 Fraxinus lanuginosa Japan
Oleaceae 988 Fraxinus sieboldiana Japan
Oleaceae 1959 Jasminum humile var. revolutum Japan
Oleaceae 1945 Jasminum primulinum Japan
Oleaceae 1624 Jasminum sambac Japan
Oleaceae 1334 Jasminum sambac Thailand
Oleaceae 283 Jasminum sp. Thailand
Oleaceae 1909 Ligstrum japonicum Japan
Oleaceae 182 Ligustrum lucidum Japan
Oleaceae 575 Osmantus heterophyllus Japan
Oleaceae 929 Syringa vulgaris Japan
Oleaceae 1394 Syringa vulgaris Japan
Onagraceae 27 Epilobium angustifolium Japan
Onagraceae 1112 Epilobium angustifolium Japan
Onagraceae 381 Epilobium hornemanii var. toucaudianum Japan
Onagraceae 227 Epilobium sp. China
Onagraceae 1165 Gaura lindheimeri Japan
Onagraceae 747 Ludwigia octavali Madagascar
Onagraceae 689 unidentified Madagascar
Orchidaceae 1837 Arundina graminifolia Thailand
Orchidaceae 578 Bletilla striata Japan
Orchidaceae 1421 Bletilla striata Japan
Orchidaceae 1352 Bulbophyllum siamense Thailand
Orchidaceae 1429 Calanthe sieboldii Japan
Orchidaceae 108 Calanthe sp. Thailand
Orchidaceae 600 Dendrobium (?) Thailand
Orchidaceae 1973 Dendrobium moniliforme Japan
Orchidaceae 604 Dendrobium sp. Thailand
Orchidaceae 127 Dendrobium? Thailand
Orchidaceae 1060 Epipactis thunbergii Japan
Orchidaceae 1349 Goodyera procera Thailand
Orchidaceae 1350 Goodyera procera Thailand
Orchidaceae 1351 Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum Thailand
Orchidaceae 150 Paphiopedilum villosum Thailand
Orchidaceae 1273 Phaius tancarvilliae Thailand
Orchidaceae 1562 Platanthera hologlotis Japan
Orchidaceae 1496 Pogonia japonica Japan
Orchidaceae 237 Spiranthes australis China
Orchidaceae 363 Spiranthes sinensis Japan
Orchidaceae 500 Spiranthes sinensis Japan
Orchidaceae 1069 Spiranthes sinensis Japan
Orchidaceae 1067 Tulotis ussuriensis Japan
Orchidaceae 1748 unknown species Thailand
Orchidaceae 1749 unknown species Thailand
Orchidaceae 828 Vanilla planifolia Japan
Orchidaceae 1051 Vanilla planifolia Japan
Orchidaceae 1433 Vanilla planifolia Japan
Orchidaceae 1434 Vanilla planifolia Japan
Orchidaceae 466 Vanilla planifolia Philippines
Orobanchaceae 9 Aeginetia indica Japan
Osmundaceae 960 Osmunda japonica Japan
Osmundaceae 996 Osmunda lancea Japan
Oxalidaceae 315 Averrhoha caranbola Philippines
Oxalidaceae 332 Averrhoha caranbola Vietnam
Oxalidaceae 1932 Oxalis griffithii Japan

Paeoniaceae 2000 Paeonia japonica Japan
Paeoniaceae 53 Paeonia lactiflora Japan
Paeoniaceae 1460 Paeonia obovata Japan
Paeoniaceae 1971 Paeonia suffruticosa Japan
Paeoniaceae 1980 Paeonia suffruticosa Japan
Paeoniaceae 1981 Paeonia suffruticosa Japan
Palmae 1896 Archontophoenix alexandra Japan
Palmae 1840 Arenga pinata Thailand
Palmae 1841 Arenga pinata Thailand
Palmae 292 Arenga saccharifera Thailand
Palmae 304 Arenga saccharifera Thailand
Palmae 290 Borassodendron machadonis Thailand
Palmae 1268 Borassus flabellifer Thailand
Palmae 1269 Borassus flabellifer Thailand
Palmae 1861 Borassus flabellifer Thailand
Palmae 293 Caledox elegans Thailand
Palmae 1761 Calmus sp. Thailand
Palmae 1762 Calmus sp. Thailand
Palmae 1815 Caryota maxima Thailand
Palmae 1842 Caryota maxima Thailand
Palmae 426 Cocos nucifera Philippines
Palmae 121 Cocos nucifera Thailand
Palmae 1826 Corypha lecomtei Thailand
Palmae 1827 Corypha lecomtei Thailand
Palmae 483 Cyrtostachys lakka Singapore
Palmae 289 Daemonoropus sp. Thailand
Palmae 1764 Livistona speciosa Thailand
Palmae 1878 Livistona subglobosa Japan
Palmae 1894 Mascarena lagenicaulis Japan
Palmae 306 Metroxylon sagas Thailand
Palmae 670 Neodypsis decaryi Madagascar
Palmae 671 Neodypsis decaryi Madagascar
Palmae 1887 Phoenix dactylifera Japan
Palmae 586 Salacca edulis Indonesia
Palmae 291 Salacca edulis Thailand
Palmae 160 Salacca rhumphii Thailand
Palmae 307 Salacca rumphii Thailand
Palmae 1473 Trachycarpus fortunei Japan
Palmae 1885 Veitchia merrillii Japan
Palmae 1408 Cyrtostachys renda Japan
Palmae 1304 Cyrtostachys renda Thailand
Palmae 1313 Cyrtostachys renda Thailand
Pandanaceae 43 Pandanus odoratissimus Japan
Pandanaceae 1020 Pandanus sp. Indonesia
Pandanaceae 1897 Pandanus tectorius Japan
Pandanaceae 1879 Pandanus utilus Japan
Pandanaceae 724 Pandanus vandani Madagascar
Papaveraceae 1472 Chelidonium majus Japan
Papaveraceae 1964 Chelidonium majus Japan
Papaveraceae 1924 Corydalis decumbens Japan
Papaveraceae 912 Corydalis incisa Japan
Papaveraceae 926 Corydalis incisa Japan
Papaveraceae 1213 Corydalis lineariloba Japan
Papaveraceae 1634 Corydalis ochotensis Japan
Papaveraceae 843 Corydalis pallida Japan
Papaveraceae 911 Corydalis pallida Japan
Papaveraceae 1921 Corydalis pallida Japan
Papaveraceae 1435 Corydalis racemosa Japan
Papaveraceae 1122 Dicentra formosa Japan
Papaveraceae 384 Dicentra peregrina Japan
Papaveraceae 1102 Dicentra peregrina Japan
Papaveraceae 1946 Dicentra spectabilis Japan
Papaveraceae 1969 Hylomecon japonicum Japan
Papaveraceae 1970 Hylomecon japonicum Japan
Papaveraceae 1085 Macleaya cordata Japan
Papaveraceae 1043 Papaver somniferum Japan
Papaveraceae 1044 Papaver somniferum Japan
Passifloraceae 779 Adenia olaboensis Madagascar
Passifloraceae 780 Adenia olaboensis Madagascar
Passifloraceae 1072 Passiflora caerulea Japan
Passifloraceae 735 Passiflora edulis Sims Madagascar
Passifloraceae 628 Passiflora racemosa Japan
Passifloraceae 738 Passiflora subpeltata Ortega (=P. calcarata Maters) Madagascar
Pedaliaceae 790 Uncarina leandri Madagascar
Pedaliaceae 795 Uncarina stellulifera Madagascar
Phrymaceae 1594 Phryma leptostachya var. asiatica Japan
Phytolaccaceae 1042 Phytolacca americana Japan
Phytolaccaceae 872 Phytolacca dioica Japan
Phytolaccaceae 737 Phytolacca dodecandra Madagascar
Phytolaccaceae 1420 Rivina humilis Japan
Phytolaccaceae 1735 Rivina humilis Thailand
Phytolaccaceae 1736 Rivina humilis Thailand
Pinaceae 1590 Abies veitchii Japan
Pinaceae 851 Larix leptolepis Japan
Pinaceae 1094 Larix leptolepis Japan
Pinaceae 829 Pinus densiflora Japan
Pinaceae 1742 Pinus kesiya Thailand
Pinaceae 1743 Pinus kesiya Thailand
Pinaceae 1886 Pinus luchuensis Japan
Pinaceae 830 Pinus thunbergii Japan
Piperaceae 877 Peperomia clucifolia Japan
Piperaceae 151 Piper nigrum Thailand
Piperaceae 152 Piper nigrum Thailand
Piperaceae 1794 Piper ribesioides Thailand
Piperaceae 1851 Piper ribesoides Thailand
Piperaceae 1737 Piper sarmemtosum Thailand
Pittosporaceae 418 Pittosporum pentandrum Philippines
Pittosporaceae 837 Pittosporum tobira Japan
Plantaginaceae 346 Plantago asiatica Japan
Plantaginaceae 323 Plantago camtschatica Japan
Plantaginaceae 518 Plantago camtschatica Japan
Plantaginaceae 207 Plantago sp. China
Plumbaginaceae 819 Armeria maritima Japan
Plumbaginaceae 1806 Plumbago auriculata Thailand
Plumbaginaceae 721 Plumbago capense Madagascar
Plumbaginaceae 153 Plumbago indica Thailand
Plumbaginaceae 1286 Plumbago indica Thailand
Plunbaginaceae 1721 Plumbago indica Thailand
Plunbaginaceae 1321 Plumbago zeylanica Thailand
Plunbaginaceae 1738 Plumbago zeylanica Thailand
plural families 165 Spice seller Thailand
Polygalaceae 697 Polygala isaloensis Madagascar
Polygalaceae 553 Polygala japonica Japan
Polygalaceae 1461 Polygala paucifolia Japan
Polygalaceae 1822 Polygala sp. Thailand
Polygonaceae 1162 Fagopyrum cymosum Japan
Polygonaceae 1203 Fagopyrum esculentum Japan
Polygonaceae 1288 Muehlenbeckia platyclada Thailand
Polygonaceae 1176 Persicaria capitata Japan
Polygonaceae 1566 Persicaria debilis Japan
Polygonaceae 1614 Persicaria pilosa Japan
Polygonaceae 208 Polygonum aubertii China
Polygonaceae 1188 Polygonum blumei Japan
Polygonaceae 57 Polygonum cuspidatum Japan
Polygonaceae 1677 Polygonum hydropiper Korea
Polygonaceae 58 Polygonum thunbergii Japan
Polygonaceae 1652 Polygonum thunbergii Japan
Polygonaceae 1186 Polygouum filiforme Japan
Polygonaceae 382 Reynoutria japonica forma elata Japan
Polygonaceae 1235 Rheum coreanum Japan
Polygonaceae 933 Rheum sp. Japan
Polypodiaceae 1258 Platycerium coronarium Thailand
Portulocaceae 1034 Talinum paniculatum Indonesia
Primulaceae 357 Lysimachia clethroides Japan
Primulaceae 361 Lysimachia clethroides Japan
Primulaceae 1064 Lysimachia clethroides Japan
Primulaceae 211 Lysimachia sp. China
Primulaceae 47 Lysimachia vulgaris Japan
Primulaceae 644 Lysimachia vulgaris var. davurica Japan
Primuraceae 1561 Lysimachia vulgaris var. davurica Japan
Proteaceae 873 Macadamia tetraphylla Japan
Proteaceae 1873 Protea cynaroides Japan
Psilotaceae 1271 Psilotum triquetrum Thailand
Punicaceae 397 Punica granatum Japan
Punicaceae 1209 Punica granatum Japan
Punicaceae 1538 Punica granatum Japan
Punicaceae 1539 Punica granatum Japan
Pyrolaceae 650 Monotropastrum globosum Japan

Rafflesiaceae 1744 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Rafflesiaceae 1745 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Rafflesiaceae 1746 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Rafflesiaceae 1747 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Rafflesiaceae 1757 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Rafflesiaceae 1758 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Rafflesiaceae 1759 Sapria himalayana Thailand
Ranunculaceae 548 Aconitum sanyoense Japan
Ranunculaceae 1200 Aconitum sanyoense Japan
Ranunculaceae 1654 Aconitum sanyoense Japan
Ranunculaceae 1655 Aconitum sanyoense Japan
Ranunculaceae 1960 Anemone flaccida Japan
Ranunculaceae 199 Anemone hupehensis Japan
Ranunculaceae 200 Anemone hupehensis Japan
Ranunculaceae 1214 Anemone nikoensis Japan
Ranunculaceae 1928 Anemone nikoensis Japan
Ranunculaceae 12 Anemonopsis macrophylla Japan
Ranunculaceae 13 Anemonopsis macrophylla Japan
Ranunculaceae 1402 Aquilegia canadensis Japan
Ranunculaceae 1948 Aquilegia flabellata Japan
Ranunculaceae 1415 Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila Japan
Ranunculaceae 385 Aqulegia buergeriana forma flavescens Japan
Ranunculaceae 852 Caltha palustris var. nipponica Japan
Ranunculaceae 1425 Caltha palustris var. nipponica Japan
Ranunculaceae 1993 Caltha palustris var. nipponica Japan
Ranunculaceae 1994 Caltha palustris var. nipponica Japan
Ranunculaceae 226 Cimicifuga foetida China
Ranunculaceae 1198 Cimicifuga foetida Japan
Ranunculaceae 394 Cimicifuga japonica Japan
Ranunculaceae 395 Cimicifuga simplex Japan
Ranunculaceae 1615 Cimicifuga simplex Japan
Ranunculaceae 598 Clematis (?) Thailand
Ranunculaceae 638 Clematis apiifolia Japan
Ranunculaceae 1170 Clematis stans Japan
Ranunculaceae 393 Clematis tenuiflora Japan
Ranunculaceae 1603 Clematis terniflora Japan
Ranunculaceae 1482 Coptis chinensis China
Ranunculaceae 1483 Coptis chinensis China
Ranunculaceae 1481 Coptis deltoidea China
Ranunculaceae 194 Coptis japonica Japan
Ranunculaceae 504 Coptis japonica Japan
Ranunculaceae 505 Coptis japonica Japan
Ranunculaceae 330 Coptis japonica var. dissecta Japan
Ranunculaceae 895 Coptis japonica var. dissecta Japan
Ranunculaceae 1989 Coptis japonica var. dissecta Japan
Ranunculaceae 1480 Coptis omeiensis China
Ranunculaceae 230 Delphinium tenii China
Ranunculaceae 896 Dichocarpum sarmentosum Japan
Ranunculaceae 897 Dichocarpum sarmentosum Japan
Ranunculaceae 871 Helleborus orientalis Japan
Ranunculaceae 1915 Helleborus orientalis Japan
Ranunculaceae 52 Nigella sativa Japan
Ranunculaceae 1478 Nigella sativa Japan
Ranunculaceae 1458 Pulsatilla cernua Japan
Ranunculaceae 1949 Pulsatilla cernua Japan
Ranunculaceae 956 Ranunculus japonicus Japan
Ranunculaceae 1984 Ranunculus japonicus Japan
Ranunculaceae 220 Thalictrum dipterocarpum China
Rbbiaceae 952 Rubia akane Japan
Rhamnaceae 542 Berchemia racemosa Japan
Rhamnaceae 543 Berchemia racemosa Japan
Rhamnaceae 1599 Berchemia racemosa var. racemosa Japan
Rhamnaceae 1600 Berchemia racemosa var. racemosa Japan
Rhamnaceae 1206 Hovenia dulcis Japan
Rhamnaceae 845 Rhamnella franguloides Japan
Rhamnaceae 1081 Rhamnella franguloides Japan
Rhamnaceae 83 Zizyphus jujuba Japan
Rhamnaceae 1503 Zizyphus jujuba Japan
Rhamnaceae 1360 Zizyphus rugosa Thailand
Rhamnaceae 1361 Zizyphus rugosa Thailand
Rhizophoraceae 875 Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Japan
Rhizophoraceae 884 Kandelia rheedii Japan
Rhizophoraceae 883 Rgizophora mucronata Japan
Rosaceae 1078 Agrimonia pilosa Japan
Rosaceae 1183 Agrimonia pilosa Japan
Rosaceae 1598 Agrimonia pilosa Japan
Rosaceae 579 Amelanchier asiatica Japan
Rosaceae 928 Amelanchier asiatica Japan
Rosaceae 934 Amelanchier asiatica Japan
Rosaceae 1219 Choenomeles sinensis Japan
Rosaceae 1076 Duchesnea chrysantha Japan
Rosaceae 1441 Eriobotrya japonica Japan
Rosaceae 919 Exocorda racemosa Japan
Rosaceae 1092 Filipendula multijuga Japan
Rosaceae 978 Fragaria x magna Japan
Rosaceae 1124 Geum aleppicum Japan
Rosaceae 1516 Geum japonicum Japan
Rosaceae 342 Kerria japonica Japan
Rosaceae 945 Kerria japonica Japan
Rosaceae 1938 Kerria japonica Japan
Rosaceae 1968 Kerria japonica Japan
Rosaceae 946 Kerria japonica cv. Plena Japan
Rosaceae 1400 Malus domestica Japan
Rosaceae 1990 Malus domestica Japan
Rosaceae 1991 Malus domestica Japan
Rosaceae 1992 Malus domestica Japan
Rosaceae 957 Potentilla freyniana Japan
Rosaceae 1943 Potentilla freyniana Japan
Rosaceae 1577 Potentilla fruticosa Japan
Rosaceae 60 Prunus campanulata Japan
Rosaceae 1998 Prunus grayana Japan
Rosaceae 1999 Prunus grayana Japan
Rosaceae 1377 Prunus mume Japan
Rosaceae 1910 Prunus mume Japan
Rosaceae 1911 Prunus mume Japan
Rosaceae 1917 Prunus mume Japan
Rosaceae 1382 Prunus persica Japan
Rosaceae 913 Prunus yedoensis Japan
Rosaceae 1388 Prunus yedoensis Japan
Rosaceae 1920 Prunus yedoensis Japan
Rosaceae 1385 Pyrus pyrifolia var. culta Japan
Rosaceae 1951 Rhodotsypos scandens Japan
Rosaceae 1448 Rosa bracteata Japan
Rosaceae 64 Rosa multiflora Japan
Rosaceae 1195 Rosa multiflora Japan
Rosaceae 1218 Rosa multiflora Japan
Rosaceae 1492 Rosa multiflora Japan
Rosaceae 320 Rosa rugosa Japan
Rosaceae 520 Rosa rugosa Japan
Rosaceae 495 Rubus hakonensis Japan
Rosaceae 925 Rubus hirsutum Japan
Rosaceae 1033 Rubus idaeus Indonesia
Rosaceae 66 Rubus kinashii Japan
Rosaceae 1462 Rubus okinawensis Japan
Rosaceae 1463 Rubus okinawensis Japan
Rosaceae 68 Sanguisorba hakusanensis Japan
Rosaceae 86 Sanguisorba hakusanensis Korea
Rosaceae 389 Sanguisorba officinalis Japan
Rosaceae 1620 Sanguisorba officinalis Japan
Rosaceae 1563 Sanguisorba tenuifolia var. purpurea Japan
Rosaceae 1588 Sorbus commixta Japan
Rosaceae 1430 Spiraea cantoniensis Japan
Rosaceae 540 Spiraea japonica Japan
Rosaceae 1041 Spiraea japonica Japan
Rosaceae 921 Spiraea thunbergii Japan
Rubiaceae 1403 Asperula orientalis Japan
Rubiaceae 773 Carphalea madagascariensis Madagascar
Rubiaceae 821 Cinchona succirubra Japan
Rubiaceae 1049 Cinchona succirubra Japan
Rubiaceae 587 Coffea arabica Indonesia
Rubiaceae 513 Coffea arabica Japan
Rubiaceae 886 Coffea arabica Japan
Rubiaceae 887 Coffea arabica Japan
Rubiaceae 732 Danais frabrans Madagascar
Rubiaceae 473 Euclinea longifolia Philippines
Rubiaceae 30 Gardenia jasminoides Japan
Rubiaceae 1523 Gardenia jasminoides Japan
Rubiaceae 362 Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans Japan
Rubiaceae 1567 Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans Korea
Rubiaceae 333 Ixora chinensis Vietnam
Rubiaceae 468 Ixora macrothyrsa Philippines
Rubiaceae 140 Ixora macrothyrsa Thailand
Rubiaceae 1702 Mitragyna javanica Thailand
Rubiaceae 812 Morinda angustifolia Thailand
Rubiaceae 1284 Morinda angustifolia Thailand
Rubiaceae 413 Morinda citrifolia Malaysia
Rubiaceae 1285 Musaenda philippica Thailand
Rubiaceae 471 Mussaenda erythrophylla Philippines
Rubiaceae 470 Mussaenda philippica Philippines
Rubiaceae 1217 Ophiorrhiza japonica Japan
Rubiaceae 1935 Ophiorrhiza japonica Japan
Rubiaceae 1346 Oxyceros horridus Thailand
Rubiaceae 459 Pentas lanceolata Philippines
Rubiaceae 1155 Rubia akane Japan
Rubiaceae 690 Saldinia sp. Madagascar
Rubiaceae 585 Uncaria gambir Singapore
Rubiaceae 249 Uncaria rhynchophylla Japan
Rubiaceae 7 Uncaria sp China
Rutaceae 1712 Aegle marmelos Thailand
Rutaceae 451 Citrus aurantifolia Philippines
Rutaceae 611 Citrus hystrix Thailand
Rutaceae 1770 Citrus hystrix Thailand
Rutaceae 494 Citrus junos Japan
Rutaceae 525 Citrus junos Japan
Rutaceae 1684 Citrus limon Japan
Rutaceae 1914 Citrus limon Japan
Rutaceae 1839 Citrus limon Thailand
Rutaceae 1912 Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis Japan
Rutaceae 1913 Citrus sp Japan
Rutaceae 892 Citrus tachibana Japan
Rutaceae 1323 Euodia lepta Thailand
Rutaceae 1157 Evodia rutaecarpa Japan
Rutaceae 1376 Fortunella japonica Japan
Rutaceae 1719 Fortunella japonica Thailand
Rutaceae 50 Muraya paniculata Japan
Rutaceae 572 Murraya paniculata Thailand
Rutaceae 1345 Murraya paniculata Thailand
Rutaceae 1471 Orixa japonica Japan
Rutaceae 506 Phellodendron amurense Japan
Rutaceae 507 Phellodendron amurense Japan
Rutaceae 1470 Phellodendron amurense Japan
Rutaceae 1530 Ruta graveolens Japan
Rutaceae 1531 Ruta graveolens Japan
Rutaceae 1667 Skimmia japonica Japan
Rutaceae 1987 Skimmia japonica Japan
Rutaceae 1884 Zanthoxylum beecheyanum Japan
Rutaceae 222 Zanthoxylum bungeanum China
Rutaceae 1835 Zanthoxylum limonella Thailand
Rutaceae 1847 Zanthoxylum limonella Thailand
Rutaceae 1833 Zanthoxylum limonella Thailand
Rutaceae 1834 Zanthoxylum limonella Thailand
Rutaceae 931 Zanthoxylum piperitum Japan

Sabiaceae 999 Meliosma myriantha Japan
Sabiaceae 936 Meliosma oldhami Japan
Salicaceae 555 Salix reinii Japan
Salvadoraceae 794 Salvadora angustifolia Madagascar
Santalaceae 991 Buckleya lanceolata Japan
Sapindaceae 402 Cardiospermum helicacabum Japan
Sapindaceae 1326 Lepisanthes fruticosa Thailand
Sapindaceae 1247 Litchi chinensis Thailand
Sapindaceae 452 Nephelium lappaceum Philippines
Sapindaceae 69 Sapindus mukurossi Japan
Sapindaceae 1824 Sapindus rarak Thailand
Sapindaceae 1825 Sapindus rarak Thailand
Sapotaceae 1120 Achras zapota Japan
Sapotaceae 1626 Achras zapota Japan
Sapotaceae 436 Achras zapota Philippines
Sapotaceae 450 Chrysophyllum kainito Philippines
Sapotaceae 446 Pouteria campetiana Philippines
Saururaceae 259 Houttuynia cordata Japan
Saururaceae 1838 Houttuynia cordata Thailand
Saxifragaceae 214 Astilbe chinensis China
Saxifragaceae 1565 Astilbe microphylla Japan
Saxifragaceae 16 Astilbe thunbergii Japan
Saxifragaceae 1933 Chrysosplenium grayanum Japan
Saxifragaceae 559 Deutzia crenata Japan
Saxifragaceae 1168 Deutzia crenata Japan
Saxifragaceae 1475 Deutzia crenata Japan
Saxifragaceae 554 Hydrangea hirta Japan
Saxifragaceae 34 Hydrangea macrophylla Japan
Saxifragaceae 1439 Hydrangea macrophylla var. Acuminata Japan
Saxifragaceae 1063 Hydrangea paniculata Japan
Saxifragaceae 242 Parnassia scaposa China
Saxifragaceae 499 Ribes rubrum Japan
Saxifragaceae 502 Saxifraga stolonifera Japan
Saxifragaceae 1617 Spiraea japonica Japan
Schisandraceae 574 Schisandra chinensis Japan
Scrophulariaceae 1785 Antirrhinum salvifolium Thailand
Scrophulariaceae 1003 Digitalis purpurea Japan
Scrophulariaceae 1409 Digitalis purpurea Japan
Scrophulariaceae 511 Digitalis purpurea Japan
Scrophulariaceae 854 Linaria canadensis Japan
Scrophulariaceae 1432 Linaria canadensis Japan
Scrophulariaceae 391 Melampyrum roseum Japan
Scrophulariaceae 848 Melampyrum roseum Japan
Scrophulariaceae 1666 Melampyrum roseum Japan
Scrophulariaceae 855 Pedicularis apodochila Japan
Scrophulariaceae 232 Pedicularis confertiflora China
Scrophulariaceae 210 Pedicularis polyodonta China
Scrophulariaceae 223 Pedicularis siphonantha China
Scrophulariaceae 225 Pedicularis tenuisecta China
Scrophulariaceae 1134 Torenia concolor Japan
Scrophulariaceae 1097 Veronicastrum sibiricum Japan
Scrophulariaceae 1098 Veronicastrum sibiricum Japan
Shisandraceae 1629 Kadsura japonica Japan
Simaroubaceae 1499 Ailanthus altissima Japan
Simaroubaceae 131 Eurycoma longifolia Thailand
Simaroubaceae 1082 Picrasma quassioides Japan
Solanaceae 564 Brunfelsia americana Thailand
Solanaceae 1363 Brunfelsia hopeana Thailand
Solanaceae 1663 Capsicum annuum Japan
Solanaceae 949 Capsicum annuum Korea
Solanaceae 1325 Capsicum frutescens Thailand
Solanaceae 868 Cestrum nocturnum Japan
Solanaceae 820 Datura arborea Japan
Solanaceae 1177 Datura arborea Japan
Solanaceae 1232 Datura stramonium Japan
Solanaceae 1517 Datura tatula Japan
Solanaceae 1052 Duboisia myoporoides Japan
Solanaceae 1207 Lycium chinense Japan
Solanaceae 1500 Lycopercicum esculentum Japan
Solanaceae 1501 Lycopercicum esculentum Japan
Solanaceae 1466 Lycopersicon esculentum Japan
Solanaceae 145 Nicotiana tabaccum Thailand
Solanaceae 1891 Solandra maxima Japan
Solanaceae 76 Solanum lyratum Japan
Solanaceae 1611 Solanum melongena L. Japan
Solanaceae 1789 Solanum sanitwongsei Thailand
Solanaceae 164 Solanum snaitwongsei Thailand
Solanaceae 1294 Solanum sp Thailand
Solanaceae 1324 Solanum spirale Thailand
Solanaceae 1340 Solanum spirale Thailand
Solanaceae 1180 Solanum tuberosum Japan
Solanaceae 1668 Solanum tuberosum Japan
Solanaceae 1364 Solanum wrightii Thailand
Solanaceae 1365 Solanum wrightii Thailand
Solanaceae 1366 Solanum wringhtii Thailand
Sonneratiaceae 1262 Duabanga grandiflora Thailand
Sonneratiaceae 1804 Duabanga grandiflora Thailand
Stachyuraceae 986 Stachyurus praecox Japan
Stachyuraceae 1929 Stachyurus praecox Japan
Stachyuraceae 1930 Stachyurus praecox Japan
Staphyleaceae 341 Staphylea bumalda Japan
Staphyleaceae 368 Staphylea bumalda Japan
Stelitziaceae 796 Ravenala madagascarensis Madagascar
Sterculiaceae 1868 Dombea wallichii Japan
Sterculiaceae 757 Dombeya sp. Madagascar
Sterculiaceae 1375 Dombeya wallichii Japan
Sterculiaceae 1135 Firmiana platanifolia Japan
Sterculiaceae 424 Sterculia foetida Philippines
Sterculiaceae 1289 Sterculia lanceolata Thailand
Sterculiaceae 615 Theobroma cacao Japan
Sterculiaceae 631 Theobroma cacao Japan
Sterculiaceae 1047 Theobroma cacao Japan
Sterculiaceae 1036 Theobroma cacao Singapore
Styracaceae 814 Styrax benzoin Thailand
Styracaceae 177 Styrax japonica Japan
Styracaceae 178 Styrax japonica Japan
Styracaceae 179 Styrax japonica Japan
Symplocaceae 288 Symplocos chinensis Japan
Symplocaceae 557 Symplocos chinensis Japan
Symplocaceae 1494 Symplocos chinensis Japan
Symplocaceae 1495 Symplocos chinensis Japan
Symplocaceae 1656 Symplocos chinensis Japan
Symplocaceae 831 Symplocos lucida Japan
Symplocaceae 1664 Symplocos myrtacea Japan

Taccaceae 1299 Tacca chantrieri Thailand
Taccaceae 1300 Tacca chantrieri Thailand
Taccaceae 1733 Tacca sp Thailand
Taccaceae 1734 Tacca sp Thailand
Taxodiaceae 1241 Chryptomeria japonica Japan
Taxodiaceae 1242 Chryptomeria japonica Japan
Taxodiaceae 1238 Metasequoia glyptostroboides Japan
Taxodiaceae 1610 Sciadopitys verticillata Japan
Taxodiaceae 1161 Sciadopytis verticillata Japan
Teaceae 1231 Cammelia sinensis Japan
Teaceae 1753 Schima wallichii Thailand
Teaceae 1035 Thea sinnensis Indonesia
Theaceae 834 Camellia japonica Japan
Theaceae 192 Eurya japonica Japan
Theaceae 1380 Eurya japonica Japan
Theaceae 73 Schima liukiuensis Japan
Theaceae 1062 Stewartia pseudocamellia Japan
Theaceae 1679 Thea sinensis Japan
Theaceae 1812 Thea sinensis Thailand
Thymelaeaceae 818 Aquillaria crassna Thailand
Thymelaeaceae 861 Daphne odora Japan
Thymelaeaceae 23 Edgeworthia chrysantha Japan
Thymelaeaceae 858 Edgeworthia chrysantha Japan
Tiliaceae 1639 Corchoropsis tomentosa Japan
Tiliaceae 496 Corchorus olitorius Japan
Tiliaceae 364 Corchurus oblitorius Japan
Tiliaceae 700 Grewia sp. Madagascar
Tiliaceae 1717 Muntingia calabura Thailand
Tiliaceae 710 unknown Madagascar
Trapaeolaceae 1907 Trapaeolum majus Japan
Trochodendraceae 898 Trochodendron aralioides Japan

Ulmaceae 1229 Ulmus parvifolia Japan
Ulticaceae 1393 Gonostegia hirta Japan
Umbelliferae 324 Angelica actiloba var. sugiyamae Japan
Umbelliferae 325 Angelica actiloba var. sugiyamae Japan
Umbelliferae 326 Angelica actiloba var. sugiyamae Japan
Umbelliferae 1005 Angelica acutiloba Japan
Umbelliferae 1116 Angelica decurciva Japan
Umbelliferae 258 Angelica japonica Japan
Umbelliferae 1898 Angelica keiskei Japan
Umbelliferae 1093 Angelica polymorpha Japan
Umbelliferae 1564 Angelica polymorpha Japan
Umbelliferae 1633 Angelica polymorpha Japan
Umbelliferae 14 Angelica pubescens Japan
Umbelliferae 1091 Angelica pubescens Japan
Umbelliferae 1618 Angelica pubescens Japan
Umbelliferae 1532 Bupleurum falcatum Japan
Umbelliferae 510 Bupleurum falcatum Japan
Umbelliferae 327 Cnidium officinale Japan
Umbelliferae 328 Cnidium officinale Japan
Umbelliferae 269 Coeloplerum multisectum Japan
Umbelliferae 1040 Cryptotaenia canadensis Japan
Umbelliferae 1442 Daucus carota Japan
Umbelliferae 1696 Eryngium foetidum Thailand
Umbelliferae 1536 Foeniculum vulgare Japan
Umbelliferae 255 Glehnia littoralis Japan
Umbelliferae 1578 Myrrhis odorata Japan
Umbelliferae 1071 Oenanthe stronifera Japan
Umbelliferae 1111 Tilingia ajanensis Japan
Umbelliferae 959 Torilis japonica Japan
Umbelliferae 1586 Torillis japonica Japan
unidentified 687 unidentified Madagascar
unidentified 707 unidentified Madagascar
unidentified 474 unidentified Philippines
unidentified 1862 unknown species Thailand
unknown 676 unidentified Madagascar
unknown 745 unidentified Madagascar
Urticaceae 1189 Boehmeria longispica Japan
Urticaceae 941 Nanocnide japonica Japan
Urticaceae 955 Nanocnide japonica Japan

Valerianaceae 373 Patrinia scabiosaefolia Japan
Varelianaceae 1613 Patrinia scabiosaefolia Japan
Varelianaceae 1641 Patrinia scabiosaefolia Japan
Varelianaceae 1103 Patrinia triloba Japan
Varelianaceae 1602 Patrinia villosa Japan
Verbenaceae 1171 Callicarpa japonica Japan
Verbenaceae 400 Callicarpa japonica var. japonica Japan
Verbenaceae 1546 Callicarpa japonica var. japonica Japan
Verbenaceae 1440 Callicarpa kochiana Japan
Verbenaceae 477 Callicarpa sp. Thailand
Verbenaceae 1799 Clerodendron sp. Thailand
Verbenaceae 1805 Clerodendron sp. Thailand
Verbenaceae 1660 Clerodendron trichotomum Japan
Verbenaceae 1661 Clerodendron trichotomum Japan
Verbenaceae 1662 Clerodendron trichotomum Japan
Verbenaceae 656 Clerodendrum incisum Madagascar
Verbenaceae 469 Clerodendrum incisum Philippines
Verbenaceae 1264 Clerodendrum infortunatum Thailand
Verbenaceae 1274 Clerodendrum infortunatum Thailand
Verbenaceae 92 Clerodendrum paniculatum Singapore
Verbenaceae 1367 Clerodendrum quadriloculare Thailand
Verbenaceae 187 Clerodendrum sp. Japan
Verbenaceae 117 Clerodendrum sp. Thailand
Verbenaceae 617 Clerodendrum splendens Japan
Verbenaceae 1138 Clerodendrum trichotomum Japan
Verbenaceae 733 Duranta repens Madagascar
Verbenaceae 128 Duranta repens Thailand
Verbenaceae 561 Petrea volubilis Thailand
Verbenaceae 88 Premna odorata Philippines
Verbenaceae 571 Stachytarpheta indica Thailand
Verbenaceae 588 Tectona grandis Indonesia
Verbenaceae 589 Tectona grandis Indonesia
Verbenaceae 1797 Tectona grandis Thailand
Verbenaceae 1810 Tectona grandis Thailand
Verbenaceae 708 unidentified Madagascar
Verbenaceae 649 Verbena officinalis Japan
Verbenaceae 726 Verbena sp. Madagascar
Verbenaceae 1537 Vitex negundo Japan
Verbenaceae 91 Vitex negundo Philippines
Verbenaceae 1707 Vitex negundo Thailand
Verbenaceae 1718 Vitex trifolia Thailand
Verbenaceae 583 Vitex trifoliata Singapore
Vervenaceae 1330 Stachytarpheta indica Thailand
Vitaceae 1151 Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Japan
Vitaceae 846 Ampelopsis glandulosa Japan
Vitaceae 115 Cissus quadrangularis Thailand
Vitaceae 116 Cissus quadrangularis Thailand
Vitaceae 1705 Leea indica Thailand
Vitaceae 1550 Parthenocissus tricuspidata Japan
Vitaceae 1555 Vitis vinifera Japan

Welwitschiaceae 1875 Welwitschia mirabilis Japan

Zingibelaceae (Costaceae) 1303 Tapeinochilus ananassae Thailand
Zingiberaceae 601 Alpinia bracteata Thailand
Zingiberaceae 612 Alpinia purpurata Japan
Zingiberaceae 870 Alpinia zerumbet Japan
Zingiberaceae 1849 Boesenbergia pandurata Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1406 Costus afer Japan
Zingiberaceae 1407 Costus afer Japan
Zingiberaceae 465 Costus speciosus Philippines
Zingiberaceae 584 Costus speciosus Singapore
Zingiberaceae 1844 Curcuma domestica Thailand
Zingiberaceae 983 Curcuma longa Japan
Zingiberaceae 1358 Etlingera elatior Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1776 Hedychium coronarium Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1755 Hedychium flavescens Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1780 Kaempferia parviflora Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1781 Kaempferia parviflora Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1782 Kaempferia parviflora Thailand
Zingiberaceae 1074 Zingiber mioga Japan
Zingiberaceae 980 Zingiber officinale Japan
Zingiberaceae 1464 Zingiber officinale Japan
Zingiberaceae 1846 Zingiber officinale Thailand
Zingiberaceae 81 Zingiber officinalis Japan
Zingiberaceae 82 Zingiber officinalis Japan
Zingiberaceae 1769 Zingiber spectabilis Thailand
unknown 1019 ORANGE FLOWER Indonesia