Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, October 1993

Welcome Ceremony at the Airport (Photo)

We visited Ho Chi Minh City, and visited Vietnamese Ginseng Institute (Our counterpart of joint study). We communicated our colaboraters, and Dr. Ngyen Thoi Nham, our host and director of the institute showed us around in the institute.

Many motorcycle (=HONDA) and Trycycle and folk people still wearing traditional hats were impressive. In the city centre, we saw many Girl students on traditional wear, Aozai. In the suburb, there is vegetable farm, and we tasted very big fruits of Zyziphus jujuba.

We went collection trip to Vun Tao Beach. On our way, we had coffee extracted with Unique Percolater. On the roadsides, they sell big oranges. (Piling up Oranges for Sale). Traditional Market are very crowded.

On our way to the beach, we collected sweet Albizzia myriophylla (Ms. Aiko Ito studied for PhD on 1994, and isolated Albizzine A), and Crescentia cujete (Mr. Tetsuo Kaneko studied for PhD on 1997).

We visited Chinese Traditional Medicine Market. There are full of delicious fruit at the Fruit shop, especially, a kind of big cactus, Tanlong (Hylocereus undulatus, Mexican Origin) was extremely impressive.