Yunnan, China, August 1997

In August 1997, Symposium of Glycosides (Participants) were held in Kummin, the Capital of Yunnan, China, organized by Prof. Yang Chong Ren..

Post Symposium Tour was followed for one week. The participants (Photo) were very international, consisted of a Chinese researcher (guide), North Korean Chinese guide, a Korean, a German, a Morokkan and five Japanese. Please guess each Nationality on the photo!

I took many photos of beautiful wild flowers which are loaded elsewhere (Plant Photo Gallery.)

One hour flight from Kummin Airport led us to Dali, famous for production of marble. We saw many Wild Cannabis (hashish) plants around there.

We visited Tiger leaping Valley where Chang Jiang River made one of the deepest vally in the word. The roadside (cliff) is made of Marble.

Memorable photo was taken with Dr. Thomas Shoepke, the author of Plant Image Gallery which includs my plant photos as well. Over the cliff is continuous to Mt. Dragon Jade, 5800m.

At the foot of this mountain, there is a big plain covered with beautiful flowers, such as Pedicularis, Salvia, Anemone, etc. It is really a Natural Flower Garden.

Lijang is very fine old city, and even now, hyeroglyphic characters, Tompa-Letters are used.

We went further north and higher place, Zhongdian (3000 m). It is Tibet town, and everything is quite different from the other part of China. Cheese made from goat milk was sold. Matsutake (a kind of delicious and expensive mashroom in Japan) is famous production here, and many packs were exported very probably to Japan. Suburb of this town, there is a mountain pass, where Tibets lives temporally in Summer to harvest. We saw many fine Gentiana and Ranunculaceous flowers. Near the Napa Lake, there are many Cattles. When high class people die, they are interred by wild bird. (Sacred place for funeral ceremony)

Wild Pedicularis Flower
Pedicularis polydenta Yellow Dali 1997/8/17
Pedicularis siphonantha Pink Zhongdian 1997/8/19
Pedicularis tenuisecta Pale pink Zhongdian 1997/8/19
Pedicularis confertiflora Red stripe Zhongdian 1997/8/19