Amphibian Research Center

Hiroshima University

Since 1967

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Division of Embryology

Staff/ YAOITA Yoshio (Professor), SUZUKI Atsushi (Associate Prof.),  FURUNO Nobuaki (Associate Prof.), TAKASE Minoru (Associate Prof.), NAKAJIMA Keisuke (Assistant Prof.), HANADA Hideki (Assistant Prof.), TAZAWA Ichiro (Assistant Prof.)

We focus on the molecular mechanism of amphibian oocyte differentiation and maturation, early development, regeneration, metamorphosis, and reproductive organ differentiation and development by making use of various techniques in experimental embryology, cell biology, molecular biology, gene engineering and genome editing.

Key Words    Oogenesis and oocyte maturation, Early development, Regeneration, Metamorphosis, Germ cell, Environmental effect

Division of Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity of Amphibians

Staff/ MIURA Ikuo (Associate Professor), KURABAYASHI Atsushi (Assistant Professor)

We are studying on evolutionary traits, genome evolution, sex and reproduction, and natural history (taxonomy, biodiversity, and biogeography) in amphibians.

Key Words    Evolution, Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Sex and Reproduction, Phylogeny, Ecology, Conservation, Genome Biology

Division of Bioresource Science

Staff/ OGINO Hajime (Professor), KASHIWAGI Akihiko (Visiting Professor)

We are studying molecular mechanisms of chordate evolution through comparative analysis of the functions and regulations of genes from the "living fossil" amphioxus, frog and mouse. We are also studying genomic and epigenomic regulation of organ development and regeneration by generating a variety of genetically modified pipid frogs using leading-edge technologies, such as high-throughput transgenesis and genome editing.

Key Words    Gene Evolution, Organ Development, Regeneration, Comparative Genomics, Epigenetics, Xenopus, Amphioxus

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Amphibian Research Center, Hiroshima University

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Director of Amphibian Research Center

Professor Ogino, Hajime

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Assistant Professor TAZAWA, Ichiro

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We contribute to the maintenance of biologically important strains of frogs and study the biological characteristics of the amphibian focusing genetics, developmental regulation, speciation, phylogeny, phenotype expression, and environment-induced mutagenesis.

National BioResource Project (NBRP) Xenopus tropicalis

Amphibian Research Center is the resource center for X. tropicalis in the NBRP of Japan.     Click to Visit the Special Site