Micrometer-sized water droplets are very important as a model reaction system of cloud droplets. There are many unsolved issues related to the nucleation and growth of cloud droplets in the atmosphere. A laser trapping - microspectroscopy (absorption/emission/Raman) technique is the powerful means to study on aerosol chemistry, since the technique can manipulate and interrogate an arbitrary-sized single droplet in a gas phase.


 2020.4.1  Dr. Hiroki Matsubara joined our group

 2020.1.15  Kagamibiraki

 2019.12.20  Year-end party 2019

 2019.11.24  Softball Game 2019

 2019.11.11-14  The International Symposium on Plasmonics and Nanophotonics 2019

 2019.10.4  Welcome Party for Luong Quy Dat

 2019.9.11-13  The 68yh Japan Analytical Chemistry Forum Chiba

 2019.6.22-23  The 25th Seminar on Analytical Chemistry for Young Researchers

 2019.3.23  Graduation Ceremony

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 2017.9.29  Welcome Party for Dang Huy Hiep

 2017.9.20  The 2017 Fall Semester Degree Conferment Ceremony

 2017.7.1-2  The 23th Seminar on Analytical Chemistry for Young Researchers

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 2016.11.3   Our research was introduced on the web site of the French embassy.

 2016.7.16-18  Chemical Demonstrations

 2016.7.4-15   Collaboration with Dr. S. Sobanska (CNRS, France)

 2016.6.26-7.1  Goldschmidt 2016

 2016.6.18    Softball Game

 2016.4.01    Kickoff Party