“Beam Physics” is a relatively new field whose primary purpose is to explore the nature and practical applications of various particle beams. R&D of advanced particle accelerators is also an important role of beam physics. Our group was established in 1998 to contribute to academic research and education in beam physics. Since then, we have been working on diverse fundamental topics listed below.

Recent Reseach Subjects

  • Theoretical study of ultrahigh quality ion beams
  • Development of advanced beam cooling methods
  • Design study of next-generation particle accelerators
  • Experimental study of intence hadron beams by means of non-neutral plasma trap systems
  • Development of a nano-ion-beam generator
  • R&D of high-intensity, high-brightness electron beam sources
  • Experimental study of exotic charged-partcle beams

Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter
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