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▫  Molecular Structure Chemistry
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 Molecular Structure Chemistry
Title Name Research Topics
Professor INOUE, Katsuya Synthesis and Properties for Molecule-Based Materials
Professor EBATA, Takayuki Structural Chemistry, Laser Molecular Spectroscopy, Molecular Cluster Chemistry
Professor SAITOW, Ken-ichi Photochemistry of Advanced Materials
Professor MIZUTA, Tsutomu Transition Metal Complexes, Synthesis of Organometallic Complexes, Structures, Reactions
Professor HAINO, Takeharu Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Recognition, Self-Organization, Synthetic Chemistry, Structural Organic Chemistry
Professor ISHIZAKA, Shoji Laser trapping-spectroscopy study on optical manipulation and characterization of aerosol particles
Associate Professor INOKUCHI, Yoshiya Molecular cluster chemistry
Associate Professor KUME, Shouko Development of Unprecedented Molecular Response by Assembly of Coordination Compound
Associate Professor SEKIYA, Ryo Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Recognition, Self-Organization
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI, Osamu |Structure and reaction on the condensed phase
Associate Professor NISHIHARA, Sadafumi Multifuctional molecular materials
Assistant Professor OKAMOTO, Yasuaki Atomic Spectroscopic Analytical Chemistry, Solution Chemistry
Assistant Professor KAJIYA, Daisuke Optical and Electronic Properties of Advanced Materials
Assistant Professor KUBO, Kazuyuki Transition Metal Complexes, Synthesis of Organometallic Complexes, Structures, Reactions
Assistant Professor NAKA, Kazunari Theoretical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Computer Simulations
Assistant Professor NAKAGAWA, Maho Development of novel measurement system and research of properties for aerosol particles
Assistant Professor HIRAO, Takehiro Chemistry of Supramolecular Assembly
Assistant Professor FUKUHARA, Koichi Surface Chemistry, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Structural Chemistry
Assistant Professor LEONOV, Andrey Design and Properties for Magnetic Materials

 Molecular Reaction Chemistry
Title Name Research Topics
Professor AIDA, Misako Quantum Chemistry Simulations
Professor ABE, Manabu Organic Reactions, Intermediate Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry
Professor NAKASHIMA, Satoru Radiation Reaction Chemistry
Professor YAMASAKI, Katsuyoshi Chemical Reactions, Reaction Dynamics
Professor YAMAMOTO, Yousuke Hypervalent Compounds, Organic Reactions, Synthesis Reactions
Associate Professor OKADA, Kazumasa Chemical Reactions, Soft X-ray Photochemistry, Excited State Dynamics
Associate Professor KOHGUCHI, Hiroshi Reaction Dynamics, Radical Molecular Spectroscopy
Associate Professor NAKAMOTO, Masaaki Organo-Main Group Element Chemistry: Unusual Chemical Bonding
Assistant Professor AKASE, Dai Quantum chemistry simulations of molecular clusters
Assistant Professor SHANG, Rong Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Main Group Element-Containing Transition Metal Complexes
Assistant Professor HATANO, Sayaka Synthesis and Photochemical Properties of Functional Organic Molecules
Assistant Professor TAKAGI, Ryukichi Natural Products Isolation, Synthesis, function