Journal of International Cooperation in Education Vol.7 No.1 (April 2004)


International Education Cooperation: Towards Greater Autonomy or Dependency in Sub-Saharan Africa?



Kenneth King

University of Edinburgh


Autonomy in Education and Development  

David Ellerman

University of California at Riverside


An Argument for Dialogue in Definition of National Policies for Education  

Noel F. McGinn

formerly Harvard University  


Japan’s Philosophy of Self-Help Efforts in International Development Cooperation: Does It Work in Africa?



Nobuhide Sawamura

Hiroshima University

Aid for Self-Help Effort? A Sustainable Alternative Route to Basic Education in Northern Ghana



Kwame Akyeampong

University of Sussex

Could Japan Be a Good Math & Science Teacher for Africa?



Masafumi Nagao

Hiroshima University


Sustaining Home-Grown Innovations in Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Reflection



N’Dri T. Assie-Lumumba

Cornell University

The External Agenda of Educational Reform: A Challenge to Educational Self-Reliance and Dependency in Sub-Saharan Africa



Kenneth King

University of Edinburgh

Notes on Contributors




Closing the Math Learning Gap between Chile and Developed Countries


Ernesto Schiefelbein

Raul Leiva

Paulina Schiefelbein


Nurturing Scientific and Technological Literacy through Environmental Education


Merle Tan

University of the Philippines

Public Expenditure on Education and Resource Management: Case of Zambia


Keiichi Ogawa

Kobe University