Journal of International Cooperation in Education  Vol.8 No.1 (April 2005)


International Cooperation in Science and Mathematics Education in Africa



John Rogan

University of KwaZulu-Natal


Cultural Competence and the Transfer of Science Literacy

Joseph Riley

Nanyang Technical University


Japan’s Initial Experience with Technical Development Cooperation in Basic Education: A Case in Ghana

Norihiro Kuroda

Hiroshima University


Science and Mathematics Education Development in Namibia after Independence: The INSTANT Project

Wout Ottevanger

Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam     

Ian Macfarlane

Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam

Andrew Clegg

ACT cc. Windhoek Namibia


Can Higher Education Partnerships Teach a Person to Fish?

Marilyn Pugh

Prince George’s Community College   

Mary Helen Spear

Prince George’s Community College


Building Education Research Capacity: Collaboration between the United States and South Africa

Peter Hewson

University of Wisconsin-Madison     

Matthew Curtis

University of Wisconsin-Madison     

Sara Schneckloth

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Beverley Damonse

South African Agency for Science and Technology


Developing Reserch Skills in Mathematics, Science and Technology Educators in Southern Africa: The Role of a Professhional Organization

Fred Lubben

University of New York

Martie Sanders

University of the Witwatersrand


Productive Learning Cultures: An African-Norwegian Collaboration Balancing Academic Quality with Substantial Support

Annemarie Hattingh

University of Pretoria

Sølvi Lillejord

University of Bergen


The TEAMS Project in Tanzania: From Intervention to Capacity Building

Wout Ottevanger

Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam     

Leo de Feiter

Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam

Kalafunja O-saki

University of Dar es Salaam

Jan van den Akker

University of Twente


Notes on Contributors


Issues in Basic Education in Developing Countries: An Exploration of Policy Options for Improved Delivery

Joseph P. G. Chimombo

University of Malawi


Are We Marching Towards Laissez-faireism in Higher Education Development?

Jandhyala B. G. Tilak

National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration