Group A Kick Off in March 2010

Research Group A workshop was held at the Kenyatta University, Kenya, on 1st and 2nd of March, 2010, in order to develop a Research Framework for Group A (Gender and Equity). Kenyatta University and Hiroshima University jointly organized the workshop, and a total of 36 researchers and practitioners attended the workshop. The workshop mainly focused on the possibility of research comparability among all member universities of the research group.

【Date】1st to 2nd of March, 2010 
【Venue】Conference Centre at Kenyatta University, Kenya
【Organizers】Kenyatta University (Kenya) and Hiroshima University (Japan)
【Number of Participants】36 people
【Participating Universities】University of Zambia (Zambia); Kenyatta University (Kenya); Mzumbe University (Tanzania); Bayero University Kano (Nigeria); Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia); Hiroshima University (Japan); Waseda University (Japan); Kobe University (Japan)