First General Assembly of A-A Dialogue Network Phase III, July 3, 2012

The A-A Dialogue Network held the first General Assembly of Phase III on July 3 at Waseda University in Tokyo. The Secretary of the A-A Dialogue Network, Prof. Norihiro Kuroda of Hiroshima University, gave an opening address followed by a welcome address by co-host Prof. Kazuo Kuroda of Waseda University, representatives of MEXT, Mr. Goro Watanabe, and JICA, Mr. Kazuhiro Tanbara. Participants from 27 universities attended the General Assembly. Speakers introduced purposes of this General Assembly, namely: to assess Phase II and capture lessons learned, while looking forward to Phase III, in particular the ways in which Phase III is conceptualized differently from Phases I and II. Participants introduced themselves, giving their impressions of Phase II and hopes for the next session.

-Summary record