Africa-Asia University Dialogue Recognized by UNESCO as a UNITWIN Program

Hiroshima University, on behalf of the network, signed an agreement with UNESCO on the UNITWIN Program concerning “Africa-Asia University Dialogue for Educational Development” (A-A Dialogue)Network. A-A Dialogue, with its 30 member universities of Africa and Asia, will continue conducting joint research on common themes of educational development and others, as well as multilateral exchange programs. UNESCO endorses such notable international university twinning projects as a UNITWIN program, and promote joint research, disseminate research results, develop institutional capacity of member universities and cooperation among members.

Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education (CICE) serves as its secretariat. Hiroshima University strengthens its international activities building on this Network.

Annual General Assembly of A-A Dialogue at Hiroshima University (July 2015)

Joint Research Knowledge Sharing Seminar at Chiang Mai, Thailand. December 2015