Africa-Asia University Dialogue for Educational Development

Report of the International Experience Sharing Seminar(2) -Actual Status and Issues of Teacher Professional Development




Continuous Teacher Professional Development: The Ethiopian context


Professional Development Needs of Manpower in Education in India


Indonesia’s Issues and Challenges on Teacher Professional Development


Science teacher education in Japan: Implications for developing countries


Teachers’ Institution and Participation in a Lesson Study Project in Zambia:Implication and Possibilities


Perspectives of Professional Development for Primary School Teachers in Madagascar


Teacher Professional Development in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges


Teacher Education Programmes and the Acquisition of 21st Century Skills: Issues and Challenges in Nigeria


Why Teachers matter: Policy issues in the professional development of teachers in South Africa


Developing Quality Teacher Professionals: A Reflective Inquiry on the Practices and Challenges in Tanzania


A New Breed of Teachers: Thailand’s Efforts to Improve the Quality of Her Teachers


The Role of Universities in Teacher Education and Professional Development: Kyambogo University a Case Study


The Continuum of Teacher Professional Development: Towards a coherent approach to the development of secondary school teachers in Uganda


Excellent Teacher Training at University of Education, Vietnam National University Hanoi


Training High Qualified Teachers in Vietnam: Challenges and Policy Issues


A Perspective of the Challenges Facing (Basic School) Teacher Training, Recruitment and Quality in Zambia


Recent Developments of Teacher Profession in African and Asian Countries -From overview of Zambian Education Forum Part Ⅱ-


Appendix: Photos