Best Internet Sites for Learning English

Compiled by Joe Lauer
July 2005

Note: Many times sites combine skills, such as listening and reading, together.
But each site has been classified under only one category.


 All Levels 

1) Listening

 Easy Levels 

2) Simple and Fun Activities

 Intermediate Level 

3) Hiroshima University's Virtual University: A Great Site!

4) Interesting Stories

5) BBC: News, Music, Business English

6) Listen to Interesting Stories While Reading Along

 Advanced Level 

7) Movie Transcripts

8) BBC: News, With Transcripts

9) CNN: Learning English

10) National Public Radio: News Hour, With Transcripts

11) Stories about American Culture

12) Ghost Stories

13) Advertisements for American Movies

14) Famous Speeches in History


 All Levels 

1) Fun Quizzes

2) Word Puzzles

3) Vocabulary Level Tests

4) Interesting Crossword Puzzles

 Easy Level 

5) Animal Sounds

6) The 1000 Most Common Words

7) How the Alphabet Developed

 Intermediate Level 

8) Communicative Test: Made for Japanese University Students

9) Idioms

10) Slang

11) Homonyms

12) A Spelling Test

13) Lots of Fun Activities

 Advanced Level 

14) TOEFL Vocabulary Practice

15) Common Errors

16) Proverbs


 All Levels 

1) Interesting Quizzes

2) More Interesting Quizzes

 Intermediate Level 

3) Grammar Test: Made for Japanese University Students

4) Comprehensive Grammar Explanation

5) Phrasal Verbs

6) Grammar Help from the BBC

 Advanced Level 

7) TOEFL Grammar Practice

8) More TOEFL Grammar


 Easy Level 

1) Reading

2) Good Reading Exercises

 Intermediate Level 

3) Remarkable Translation Page

4) Science

5) Culture Capsules

6) Comics

7) Famous Quotations

8) Alice in Wonderland

9) Interesting Reading Texts with Exercises

 Advanced Level 

10) Daily News Quiz

11) Interesting Materials about Foreign Cultures

12) Some On-line Magazines

13) Some Other News Sites

14) Free Electronic Books!


 All Levels 

1) Chat-- Lauer's Favorite Site!

2) Conversation Questions—Do these with a friend!

 Easy Level 

3) Travel Vocabulary

4) Basic Pronunciation

 Intermediate and Advanced Level 

5) Pronunciation: Word Stress

6) Oral Presentations


 All Levels 

1) Writing: Made for Japanese University Students

2) Keypals (Penpals)

3) The Open Diary

 Easy Level 

4) Write Funny Sentences

5) Write a Funny Story

6) Spelling

 Intermediate and Advanced Level

7) Purdue University Writing Lab

8) Examples of Essays

9) Practice Writing TOEFL Essays, and Receive a Score!

Other Good Sites

1) Links to Many English Learning Sites!

2) Various Interesting Activities

3) On-line Encyclopedia

4) On-line Dictionary

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