Green Process, Fukui Lab. Gr,.Hiroshima Univ.
Fukui Lab. Gr., Green Process Engineering Lab.,
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Hiroshima Univ.

  Professor Kunihiro FUKUI group in the Green Process Engineering Laboratory has been working on the wide research field to establish the fundamentals in powder technology, such as the improvement in the performance of the particle classifier, the optimization of the closed-circuit grinding process, the development of the measuring the particle size distribution.

   Based on the viewpoint of powder technology, we have been also engaging in the applied research to solve the energy problem and the environmental issues, such as the inhibition of the dusting for particulate wastes, the recycling of the fly ash and the incineration ash and, their application. In addition, we propose the novel powder reaction process applying the microwave heating system to the powder unit operation. This process can reduce the necessary reaction time remarkably to synthesize the highly functional particles, and can also develop the conversion and yields successfully. As the achievement in all these research findings is useful and inventive, many of them contribute to various industries through the patenting and the commercialization.

   In recent years, we have been also actively promoting cooperation among industry, academia and government, and committed to the expanding the research field of powder technology to the different field by the joint study.

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