(English version follows.)


A1:科別に病院やクリニック、歯科の場所や診察時間などが書かれた病院マップを保健管理センターのロビーに置いてあります。お持ち帰り下さい。何かわか らないこと、聞きたいことがあれば声をおかけ下さい。

Q2:海外へ行くのですが、ワクチン などの予防注射は保健管理センターで受けられますか?

A2:保健管理センターでは予防接種は行っていません。広島市内にある広島県健康福祉センターで受けることができます。予約制になっていますので、各自で 直接、健康福祉センターへお問い合わせ下さい。
電話による相談は毎週水曜日 9:00〜12:00
予約の受付けは月〜金 9:00〜16:00
予防接種:毎週水曜日(予約制 13:00〜14:30)

Q3:健康診断はいつでもしてもらえ ますか?


Q4:健康診断証明書が自動発行機で 出せないのですが・・・。

A4:定期健康診断を受診して結果が特に問題ない場合は、自動発行機で発行可能です。発行できないのは、健康診断の結果でなんらかの異常値があったり、再 検査を受けていない場合などが考えられます。


詳しくは、 広島大学学生健康保険組合をご覧ください。

Q1: Where can I get information about hospitals?

  • Maps of hospitals are located in the Health Service Center lobby. If you have any questions, please ask.

Q2: Are vaccines offered at the Health Service Center?

  • Vaccines are notoffered at the Health Service Center. You may get a vaccination at the Hiroshima Health Welfare Center (広島県健康福祉センター) in Hiroshima City. Appointments are needed so please make an appointment before you visit the Center.
  • Vaccinations are offered on Wednesdays, 13:00-14:30 (Appointment Required).
  • For making an appointment call 082-254-7111 on weekdays, 9:00-16:00. If you would like a consultation, call 082-254-7111 on Wednesdays, 9:00-12:00.

Q3: Are health check-ups offered at all times?

  • Health check-ups are ONLY offered in April for students, and in May and November for staff members. Please be sure to check our homepage for exact dates for we do not offer health check-ups on any other dates.
  • Health check-ups are required for those who need health certificates during the school year (April to March). If you do not take the health check-up, we will not be able to issue you a health certificate which you may need for your scholarship, training, or extracurricular activity.
  • If you did not take the health check-up offered at the Health Service Center, and you need a health certificate, you will have to go to a hospital and take a health check-up for your health certificate. Please know that insurance is not applicable for health check-ups.
  • Important Notice for International Students entering Hiroshima University in October for the FIRST TIME
  • Because health check-ups are required for those who are entering Hiroshima University for the first time by the School Health Safety Act, we offer health check-ups in October ONLY for international students entering Hiroshima University in October for their first time (if you were a research student or a master's student, this does not apply to you). The results of this health check-up will only be valid until March. If you need a health certificate anytime after April, please be sure to take the health check-up offered in April or we will not be able to issue you a health certificate.

Q4: Where can I recieve my health certificate?

  • If there is no problem with your health, you may print out your health certificate from the certificate issuing machine located at each faculty.
  • If you can not print out your health certificate, please visit the Health Service Center on your campus.

Q5: How can I have my medical bill paid for by insurance?

  • You will need to be a member of the Student Health Insurance Association. Please see their homepage for information.