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Outline of the Center for Peace (CPHU)

The Institute for Peace Science Hiroshima University (IPSHU) was established on 8 July 1975 as an intramural university-wide facility for the collection of data and research into peace science. At that time the Institute for Peace Science was the first academic research body of its kind in Japan, and still remains today the only peace research institute among Japan's national universities.

In order to realize its objectives of data collection and research into peace science, the Institute for Peace Science has placed emphasis upon the following three activities:

  • The promotion of national and international cooperation between researchers and research institutions relating to peace science
  • The accumulation and processing of data relating to peace science
  • The dissemination of information and research output relating to peace science

*As regards books and materials at the Institute for Peace Science (currently more than 10,000 intems), please refer to Hiroshima University Library’s Online Public Access Catalog. ⇒Hiroshima University Website


The Center for Peace,
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Latest update: April 25, 2019