報告者:P.C. ティワリ(クマオン大学,インド・ウッタラーカンド州)
  題目:Environmental Changes and their Natural and Socio-economic Impacts in Himalaya


要 旨
Himalaya being tectonically alive, ecologically fragile, economically underdeveloped, socially marginalized and the most densely populated mountain is highly vulnerable to impacts of global environmental changes. The nature of terrain imposes severe limitations on scale of productive activities as well as on efficiency of infrastructural facilities. As a result, subsistence agriculture constitutes main source of rural livelihood for more than 75% population even though the availability of arable land is severely limited and agricultural productivity is low. During recent years, variety of changes have emerged in traditional resource use structure in Himalaya, mainly in response to population increase, globalizing economy, rapid urban growth and resultant increased demand and exploitation of natural resources. Moreover, changing climatic conditions have already stressed Himalayan ecosystem through higher mean annual temperatures and melting of glaciers, altered precipitation patterns and hydrological disruptions, and more frequent and extreme weather events. These changes are adversely affecting ecosystem services, particularly, water, forests and biodiversity, and consequently increasing vulnerability of large population particularly poor and marginalized sections to water, livelihood, food, health and social insecurity. Proposed talk will bring into focus the major drivers of environmental changes in Himalaya and present an overview of their impacts on nature, economy and society.