2015 HINDAS 5th Regular Seminar

Co-host: TAOYAKA Program

2015 HINDAS 5th Regular Seminar

Date: 1:00pm-3:00pm, Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Venue: Large Conference room, 1F, Faculty of Letters, Hiroshima University



  Dr. Keshab Das

 (Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad, India)


  Interrogating Inclusive Growth in India:Reforms and the Regions


Inclusive Growth has emerged the ‘catch-all’ phrase for economic progress for the Indian state since 2007, even as policies and programmes aimed at addressing marginality of regions and populations and broad-basing distribution of gains from development have been active since the early 1950s.  Such efforts, however, have often been impaired by deeper forms of exclusion – social, spatial or systemic – which persisted through the past two and half decades of economic reforms.  Evidence suggests that inter-state disparities in income and the concomitant strengthening of lopsided development of social and physical infrastructure have, particularly, risen during the post-reform years.  Chronically poorer states have continued to languish due to low levels of productive investment, low employment opportunities and unviable exploitation of natural resources, while a few have experienced notable economic prosperity.  Paradoxically, some among the latter built the edifice of accelerated economic growth on a deficient and iniquitous social and human development base.   

With a brief background to Indian planning functioning within a quasi-federal polity, the presentation would engage critically with the issue of regional disparity with reference to sectoral income, infrastructure development and access to basic amenities by social groups. Discussion would include implications of growing interface between globalization and local/ regional development, especially, development of villages and small towns.

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