Report on 2018 HINDAS 4th Regular Seminar

Organizer: HINDAS

Date: 13:30-17:40, Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Venue: Large Conference room, 1F, Faculty of Letters, Hiroshima University



Kentaro KUWATSUKA(Ryukoku University):

“Regional Diversity of Work Opportunities and New Economic Space in India”


Tatsuya KUSAKABE (Hiroshima University):

“Decadal Transitions of Institutionalization of School Education System in Rural Bangladesh: Comparing Two Cases of Villages in Remote and Suburban Rural Settings”


Kazuo TOMOZAWA(Hiroshima University):

“The Three Spatial Layers of Contemporary India’s National Economy: Regional Disparities, Industrial Locations, and Labour Markets”


Shuji UCHIKAWA(Senshu University):

“Migration and Labour Market in India”


Junko KISO(Ferris University):

“Mobility between Formal and Informal Sector”




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