Program for the Promotion of Young Researchers’ Independence and Mobility by Introducing a Tenure-Track System

Program Contents

We are planning to make a joint call for domestic/international applications in public, , screen out promising young researchers mainly from our collaborative organizations and employ them as tenure-track instructors. Successful applicants can engage in independent research activities as principal investigators (PIs). By introducing diverse employment and mobility systems (including lab rotations and cross-appointments), we will aim to help tenure-track instructors establish and extend networks with other researchers outside their organizations and learn from practical experience in diversified opportunities We will also work with tenure-track instructors and the relevant organizations to enhance their employability post the program. A few positions will be secured for female applicants, in order to promote flexibility and diversity at the captioned employment.


The tenure track instructors can enjoy the following benefits after employment.

  1. URAs and research administration assistants will be staffed to allow the tenure track instructors to focus on their research and to provide the robust support system to promote research
  2. The following grants will be provided to the tenure track instructors, (1) approximately 6 million yen in total for two years to start research and (2) approximately 500,000 yen per year for consortium-related activities to extend both domestically and internationally.*1
  3. Lab rotation will be activated by multiple organizations, when it is expected that the rotation will fulfill the needs of the respective bodies and contribute to the relevant researchers’ career development. Additional subsidy will be provided to cover the relocation cost of the tenure track instructors.
  4. It will enable the tenure-track instructors to work in the institutes outside Representative Organizations of the Consortium, while keeping their employment contracts with those.
  5. The Cross-Appointment System will be implemented, in which a tenure-track instructor’s annual salary is borne by multiple organizations, and the instructor can engage in research at the respective organizations for a certain period of time that will be fixed pro rata to the ratio of the borne cost.
  6. Mentors will be always available to provide tenure-track instructors with advice on the proactive development of their research and the research environment.
  7. Tenure review will take place according to the mid-term / final evaluation results of the tenure track instructors, ultimately to generate opportunities to place the right researchers for the right permanent positions.

*1 Subsidy amounts are subject to change.


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