”HIRAKU-PF” E-Portfolio Platform for Young Researchers’ Career

HIRAKU-PF_enYoung Researchers Portfolio or HIRAKU-PF was launched on March 25, 2016, as a core IT system to develop the consortium “Home for Innovative Researchers and Academic Knowledge Users (HIRAKU)”.

 It provides young doctorate/postdoc researchers with a tool to recognize their strengths and areas for improvement and manage their skill development against short-term/long-term objectives. It will eventually help them realize diversified career paths.

It also gives them opportunities to showcase their research activities, windows to interact with other researchers beyond their research areas or with private sectors outside academia. They can receive variety of information on career development and skill enhancement, relevant to young researchers.

You can register yourselves to HIRAKU-PF through the below URL. Click the above image to check more details about the system. (pdf 1.13MB).

Users who have finished the doctorate course, please download the user guide from the below URL to update your account role, so that you can keep on leveraging the services in HIRAKU-PF.

Key Functions/Features:

User Guide for Skill Development Function

How to access to HIRAKU-PF?

1. Click the “HIRAKU-PF” icon!
2. Click “Create a new account from here” and enter your address*
3. Click (or copy & paste) the URL attached to the mail sent by the above step #2!
4. Complete your account registration with your password entry!
5. Log in HIRAKU-PF with your e-mail address and password!

*HIRAKU-PF access is limited to those who belong to and have e-mail address with domains of the below HIRAKU Member Organizations:
If you are at any other organizations than the above Member Organizations, please contact HIRAKU Operating Council Office.


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