Field trip in Takanosu Mt.

A new academic year has started on April 1st. Our first day of this academic year began with a field trip in Takanosu Mt. On this trip, there was a presence of Prof. Ishihara from Kyoto University. She is working on a study about the stand structure and productivity of a beech forest in this […]

Farewell party for Asrul

Before Asrul going back to Malaysia, our laboratory held a farewell party for him in Ikonomori park. This is the spring season in Japan and a lot of flowers are blossoming here. Thus, we had a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature together. That was the last hiking for Asrul in his Master’s course, […]

Congratulations on Asrul’s graduation

We are happy to announce that Asrul has completed his Master’s degree. After working hard on his study in a tropical rain forest in Endau rompin National Park – Malaysia, he successfully defended his thesis. We wish him the best for his life and research career in the future.

Takanosu Mt. trip

Last week, we had an opportunity to climb Mount Takanosu. It was a great time for us to admire the majestic nature and see spectacular autumn foliage.The tour also included Prof. Yamada, Prof. Hosaka, and Dr. Nakabayashi.Students have been taught the names and characteristics of some of the plants there. This trip was a wonderful […]

Congratulations on Mr. Hasan’s graduation

We are delighted to congratulate Mr. Mohammad Shamim Hasan for his successfully completing his Ph.D. Achieving a doctorate degree is not easy, but his dedication and hardship have finally paid off. May Ph.D degree be the beginning of his bright future and help him achieve more in his life.

The 24th Kira Award for young scientist by The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology

We would like to congrats Dr. Miyabi Nakabayashi on winning The 24th Kira Award for young scientists by The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology (13 June 2020). The award has been officially published on the website of The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology. This award is a recognition of her unceasing efforts, dedication, hard […]

New Publications

We are pleased to announce that two publications of our lab have been published officially in Tropics. Nakabayashi, M. (2020). List of food plants of four sympatric Paradoxuriane civet species based on eight-year records on Borneo. Tropics, 29(2), 67-75.  DOI:10.3759/tropics.MS19-11. Link to paper: Mandal, M.S.H., Kamruzzaman, Md., Hosaka, T. Elucidating the phenology of the Sundarbans mangrove […]

A New Publication

Our doctoral student, M. S. H. Mandal, has published his paper “Assessing cyclone disturbances (1988–2016) in the Sundarbans mangrove forests using Landsat and Google Earth Engine” in Natural Hazards. Congratulations, Hasan! Please click the link below to download the paper: 

Our new members

Tomohiro Watazu (D1) ,  Yidan Fan (M1) have joined our lab!

A New Publication

A paper “Quantifying species richness and composition of elusive rainforest mammals in Taman Negara National Park, Peninsular Malaysia” by Asrulsani Jambari (master course) has been published in Global Ecology and Conservation. Congratulations, Asrul! Please click the link below to download this paper: