A general guidance for students in graduate course

Our seminar (joint seminar) is a class of regular curriculum under three graduate courses:
1) Social Innovastion Science (SIS) of Graduate School of Innovation and Practice for Smart Scoiety
2) Joint International Masterfs Programme in Sustainable Development (JD) of Graduate School of Humanities and Scoial Sciences
3) International Economic Development Program (IEDP) of Graduate School of Humanities and Scoial Sciences.

Main principle we're based on is "Economics", especially positive economics related to Development Economics with data analysis.

Seminar members will be basically required some activities as follows;
(1) to make your presentation about your thesis and the progress which includes the research questions, literature reviews, methodologies and so on averagely in every month or two months.
(2) to get fundamental knowledge about economic theory such as Macroeconomics,Microeconomics, Econometrics and Statistics.
(3) to brush up your English skill further to communicate with us and other IDEC students.
(4) to discuss some issues related economic research with other seminar members and cooperate and help each others in graduate student life.

These are basic textbooks for your economic research
Basic theory and methodology for positive economics and economic development studies:
(1) Econometric methods;
Mostly Harmless Econometrics: An Empiricist's Companion | Angrist, Joahua D., Pischke, Jorn-steffen
Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach | Wooldridge
Greene, 'Econometric Analysis 7th revised ed.,' (2011), Pearson Education.
Johnston and DiNardo, 'Econometric Methods 4th edition,' (1996), McGraw-Hill,
(2) Input-Output analysis;
Leontief, 'Input-Output Economics 2nd ed.', (1986), Oxford Univ Press.
Ronald E. Miller and Peter D. Blair, 'Input-Output Analysis: Foundations and Extensions 2nd ed.,' (2009), Cambridge Univ. Press
(3) CGE or AGE model;
Shove and Whalley, 'Applying General Equilibrium,' (1992), Cambridge Univ. Press.
J. Behrman and T.N. Srinivasan ed., 'Handbook of Development Economics, Volume 3B,' (1995), North Holland.@

Fundamental economic theory;
(1) Macro and Micro economics;
N. Gregory Mankiw, 'Macroeconomics 7th ed.,' (2009), Worth Publishers Inc.
Hal R. Varian, 'Microeconomic Analysis 3rd ed.,' (1992), W. W. Norton & Co Inc.
Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael Dennis Whinston and Jerry R. Green, 'Microeconomic Theory,' (1995), Oxford Univ. Press.
Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole, 'Game Theory,'(1991), MIT Press.
(2) International economics;
Paul R. Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld, 'International Economics: Theory and Policy 7th ed.,'(2005), Addison Wesley.
(3) Economic Development;
Michael P. Todaro and Stephen C. Smith, 'Economic Development (10th Edition),' (2008), Addison Wesley.
Amartya Sen, 'The Idea of Justice,' (2011), Harvard Univ. Press.

Mathematics and Statistics;
Alpha C. Chiang, 'Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics',(2005), McGraw-Hill; 4th Revised.
Paul G. Hoel, 'Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)', (1984),Wiley;ver. 5.


My lab room is located at the 8th floor in IDEC.

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