Moved to Hiroshima University

From April 1, I moved to Hiroshima University, Graduate School for International development and Cooperation, as an Assistant Professor. My research topic will be “Development of Early Warning System for real-time forecasting of rainfall-induced and related river and ocean disasters”, especially focusing on unprecedented disasters which have occurred in July 2018 in western Japan. I am happily looking forward for the new challenges which will be coming alongside with the new position.


Ongoing scientific challenges – a chance for possible collaboration

I have asked two questions that I am curious about on Quora, does someone know the answer and/or have data to prove the answer? If so, we can have a possibility for research collaboration.

Participation: Falling Walls Tokyo 2018

I have been honored to participate among 15 Japanese-based finalists in the science communication contest “Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2018”, where I delivered a 3 minute talk about my recently developed innovative method to determine geometric stability of complex frames from Structural Mechanics. Experience acquired during the application process, preparing for giving the talk and science communication workshops organized  by organizers is really invaluable and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to participate in future editions of the contest.


Photo credit: ©DWIH Tokyo


Photo credit: Natsuna Sakurai

Upcoming participation: Science communication contest “Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2018”

I am proud and excited that I have been selected for participation as one of 15 speakers in the upcoming science communication contest “Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2018”, which will take place on May 12 at The University of Tokyo. Attached are contents of my application.