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Q1 :
That year Hemingway won a Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man and the Sea.

-- Uh-huh.
-- With pleasure.
-- Yes, please.
-- Right away.

Q2 :
What is America's "Civil Rights Law?"

-- Japan's Equal Employment Opportunity Law almost means this.
-- It means Japan's Equal Employment Opportunity Law.
-- It is Japan's Equal Employment Opportunity Law.
-- It's something like Japan's Equal Employment Opportunity Law.

Q3 :
Hello Sachiko! To your health!
Hello Sachiko! What's wrong?
Hi Sachiko! May God be with you!
Hi Sachiko! How've you been?

-- Fine, thanks. And you?

Q4 :
So it's agreed. We need to hire someone in Osaka.

-- Needless to say, how could we increase sales in Hiroshima?
-- Strangely enough, how could we increase sales in Hiroshima?
-- To change the subject, how could we increase sales in Hiroshima?
-- That is to say, how could we increase sales in Hiroshima?

Q5 :
Which shoes are yours?

-- There are some.
-- Those are.
-- The shoes are.
-- Mine are.

Q6 :
Won't you have some more coffee?

-- Yes, help yourself, please.
-- It's no use crying over spilt milk.
-- No, thank you. I've had enough.
-- Yes, there is some more coffee.

Q7 :
Could I please say a few words?

-- That isn't true.
-- Which do you prefer?
-- By all means.
-- So what?

Q8 :
Jane got first prize at the international piano contest in Switzerland.

-- How nice!
-- That's all right!
-- What's the matter?
-- She must be lazy!

Q9 :
Scott, did you hear that I got a job at Oriental Bank?

-- It's a pleasure!
-- Well, congratulations!
-- You must be tired!
-- I hope so!

Q10 :
Do you think it'll rain tomorrow?

-- It won't fall down.
-- It's true.
-- It's not very likely.
-- We certainly will.

Q11 :
And now, for our first speaker, Mr. Smith!

-- Don't mind. It's OK with me.
-- Cheers! Mr. Jones, it is a pleasure to be here.
-- Thank you, Mr. Jones. Ladies and gentlemen...
-- Sure. Hold on a minute.

Q12 :
Could you recommend a good American writer?

-- By the way, Jack London.
-- For instance, Jack London.
-- I say Jack London.
-- For the sake of argument, Jack London.

Q13 :
So, you say English should be used in teaching all the subjects at school!

-- Maybe some other time.
-- That's not what I meant to say.
-- Thanks. These things happen.
-- That's too bad.

Q14 :
Rumor says that expressways will be free of charge next year.
They aren't sure if expressways should be free of charge.
As I see it, expressways should be free of charge.
So, you think expressways should be free of charge?

-- I agree!

Q15 :
I don't know what to do about Fred.

-- Stop laughing and be serious for a moment.
-- You must realize what to do about him.
-- If I were you, I'd talk to him directly.
-- That's exactly what I recommend.

Q16 :
Is it OK if I leave now?

-- Certainly. I'd be glad to.
-- It's not allowed to stay here alone.
-- I'm sorry not to be able to leave.
-- I'm afraid not. We still have work to do.

Q17 :
I didn't get that joke. Can you explain it to me?
What was Jane's reaction to your remarks?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Do you mean to tell me that you can't do it?

-- To be honest with you, that's right.

Q18 :
You are going to a movie, aren't you?
Do you love to watch movies?
How about going to a movie?
Don't you like movies?

-- Sure. I'd love to.

Q19 :
How do you say "enryo" in English?
What do you think about "enryo"?
Will you write down "enryo" in kanji?
Did you say "enryo" is a traditional word?

-- I think it's "being modest" or "being polite."

Q20 :
Don't mention it.
Please forgive me.
What do you call it?
Tea or coffee?

-- No problem.

Q21 :
Good afternoon, Professor Tanaka.
It has been a pleasure to have known you.

-- Hello, Chris. How are you today?

Q22 :
Mr. Jones. I'd like you to meet Mrs. Browning.
Mr. Jones, you shall meet Mrs. Browning.
Mr. Jones, let me show you Mrs. Browning.
I'm sorry. Mrs. Browning will meet Mr. Jones.

-- It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Browning.

Q23 :
It's really hot today, isn't it?

-- Put on those clothes!
-- He's generally hot-tempered.
-- It's to the right.
-- That's right.

Q24 :
Can you come to my house for lunch this Saturday, George?

-- Come on, keep trying.
-- Can I help you?
-- I'd be glad to.
-- Yes, let's.

Q25 :
What did you promise to do?
What did you order for me?
What did you say, please?
What did you teach me?

-- I said that we need to do this NOW.

Q26 :
Well, I must be going now. See you soon!

-- I didn't see anything.
-- It's been nice talking to you!
-- Can you hear me?
-- Where have you been?

Q27 :
Shall we go to see the Robin Williams movie?

-- I'm not sure, but it's perplexing.
-- I see nothing.
-- I think I know him.
-- Why not?

Q28 :
If we operate now, he'll be alright.
What's the weather like outside?
What a pity that you couldn't come.
How long have you been waiting?

-- Yes, I'm sorry about that.

Q29 :
My mom won the lottery!

-- Please forgive me.
-- That will be very nice.
-- Well, fancy that!
-- Can you manage?

Q30 :
Please don't smoke. This is the non-smoking section.
You used to smoke ten cigarettes a day, didn't you?
Would you help me with my homework tonight?
Ken, will you please not talk during the test?

-- I'm sorry but I can't. I have a big math exam tomorrow.

Q31 :
Does anyone else have any other matters of concern these days?

-- I'm not interested in politics at all.
-- The job of a politician is to serve the community.
-- Nobody is sure if that is a matter of importance or not.
-- I'd like to say something about the air pollution.

Q32 :
The Giants lost the match, didn't they?
Are you sure the shops are closed?
When did Marian and her husband arrive?
Didn't you and the girls meet yesterday?

-- They surely did.

Q33 :
Excuse me. I couldn't quite hear that.

-- I hear they are awfully careful.
-- What I said was, "Be careful."
-- Don't mind. I can hear you.
-- I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Q34 :
I wonder when Sue will be here.

-- Sue is soon getting married with Tom.
-- Sue told me that Tom was a wonderful guy.
-- Sue told me she'd be 30 minutes late.
-- Sue will be twenty next Tuesday.

Q35 :
How do I make "a crane" with this paper?

-- It's so nice to see cranes in the park with you.
-- I'm afraid I don't keep cranes at home.
-- Fold it like this, and then into a triangle.
-- Please hold the handle tightly.

Q36 :
Why don't we ask them to dinner this Saturday night?

-- I appreciate your attention.
-- We would like to have dinner.
-- Don't you think it's nice?
-- That would be fine.

Q37 :
This design is quite alright now.
The design has been in mind for a long time.
This design is not what I had in mind.
Do you keep this design in mind?

-- Alright. We'll try to fix it.

Q38 :
Could you tell me how to respond in English when another person sneezes?

-- Thousands of people have caught the flu.
-- We have a lot of types of flu these days.
-- Sorry, I don't know how to say it.
-- You are OK if you've had it already.

Q39 :
Where did the climbers go?
Mind your head!
What's the matter?
May I say something?

-- Sure. Go ahead.

Q40 :
What do you mean by "efflorescence?"

-- Frankly speaking, it means "flowering" or "developing."
-- Far from it. It means "flowering" or "developing."
-- To tell the truth, it means "flowering" or "developing."
-- Er, how shall I put it? It means "flowering" or "developing."

Q41 :
I cut it short. Is this good enough?

-- It'll do.
-- Of course. I'd be glad to.
-- Congratulations!
-- You are welcome.

Q42 :
How's everything?
Is that clear now?
Are you understood?
You believe in UFO's? Why?

-- Yes, I understand.

Q43 :
I must stress that this goal will be hard to attain.
Could you put me through to Mr. Smith, please?
Where do you stand on this matter?
Last weekend I went on a trip to Hokkaido.

-- I see what you mean.

Q44 :
Why are they against having the school day run from noon to 8 p.m.?

-- Simply because students don't like to run on the school grounds.
-- On the one hand, students like it. On the other, teachers like it, too.
-- Because students think it is impossible to keep running for such a long time.
-- For one thing, students don't like it. And for another, teachers don't either.

Q45 :
Do the dishes, please.
Can I give you a hand?
Can you help me, please?
Could I borrow your comb?

-- Oh, that would be very nice of you.

Q46 :
You shouldn't have done that.
There is something on my mind.
I am worried about something.
Fancy seeing it at this time!

-- It won't happen again.

Q47 :
My grandfather died last weekend.

-- I've got no idea what it was.
-- God bless you!
-- I'm really sorry to hear that.
-- It's alright. We can help ourselves.

Q48 :
Don't worry. You can hand in the report next week.

-- That's very kind of you.
-- Thank you. You are very grateful.
-- Thank you very much. I'll give it a hand.
-- I won't worry and hand it in.

Q49 :
Sorry, what does "corporation" mean?
Excuse me. Is a "corporation" the same?
Sorry, is Dick a cooperative person?
Excuse me. Could you spell "cooporation" here?

-- It's basically the same as "company."

Q50 :
With respect to interplanetary travel, scientists face a daunting task.

-- Again, what did you teach?
-- Sorry, I don't understand.
-- Pardon me. I really regret it.
-- I'm sorry. I regret having done it.





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