Hokudan 2005

International Symposium on Active Faulting

January 17th ~ 24th, 2005, Hokudan, Japan


The field trip after the symposium has two topics:

(1) Coseismic uplift of Muroto Peninsular associated with Nanakai Megathrust events.
(2) The most recent activityof the Median Tectonic Line around Matsuyama

Saturday, January 22nd
Departure for to Muroto after the morning session.
Stay at a Japanese style inn near Point Muroto, Japanese banquet.

Sunday, January 23rd
Field Trip around the Muroto Peninsular.
Coseismic uplift of 1946 and 1854 shorelines.
Check the time-predictable model.
Long-term deformation by the Nnakai Megathrust and offshore intra-plate faults.
Stay at a classic hot spring inn at Dogo Springs, Matsuyama, Japanese banquet.

Monday, January 24th
Field Trip along the Western Median tectonic line.
The most recent, possible 16th century offset and detection of subtle fault topography.
Segmentation model of the longest on-shore fault in Japan.
Move to Kyoto in the afternoon. Foreign participants stay overnight in Kyoto.

See the registration page for fees.
Hideaki Maemoku (Hiroshima University)
Hideaki Goto (Fukushima University)
Takashi Nakata (Hiroshima University)
Atsumasa Okada (Kyoto University)
Hiroyuki Tsutsumi (Kyoto University)

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