Hokudan 2005

International Symposium on Active Faulting

January 17th ~ 24th, 2005, Hokudan, Japan


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18201--18220: Oral introduction (1 min) on Tuesday 18,
presentation on 18 and 19

19201--19220: Oral introduction (1 min) on Tuesday 19,
presentation on 19 and 18

20201--20220: Oral introduction (1 min) on Tuesday 20,
presentation on 20 and 21

21201--21220: Oral introduction (1 min) on Tuesday 21,
presentation on 21 and 20

POSTER HOURS 09:00--17:30 each break

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presented by
Kim, Haeng Yoong
Haeng, Y. Kim, Okada, Atsumasa and Tsutsumi, Hiroyuki
2004 Oct. Middle Niigata earthquake (Mj6.8): the surface earthquake faults generated in the Shinano river active fold and thrust zone, central Japan
Maruyama, Tadashi
Tadashi Maruyama, Fusejima, Y., Matsu'ura, T., Awata, Y., Yoshioka, T., Mizuno, K., Imura, R., Ishiyama, T. and Komatsubara, T.
Characteristics of surface deformations associated with the 2004 Niigata-ken Chuetsu earthquake: Preliminary report
Yagi, Hiroshi
Hiroshi Yagi, Yamasaki, T., and Moriiwa, T.
Landslide disaster triggered by the mid Niitagata Pref. Earthquake 2004-Distribution of landslides and its characteristics with special reference to geomorphology and geology-
Ota, Yoko
Yoko Ota, Nakamura, H., Suzuki, I., and Amagasa, S.
The seismic disasters visualized by three dimensional photograph-Chuetsu earthquake, Japan in 2004-
Kaneda , Heitaro
Heitaro Kaneda
Surface expressions, long-term slip rate, and earthquake recurrence along the Neodani fault, the main causative fault for the 1891 M = 8.0 great Nobi earthquake, Central Intraplate Japan
Miyauchi, Takahiro


Takahiro Miyauchi, Tanaka, T., Ito, T., Kojima, Jun, Ono, M., Sato, H., Kawamura, T., Ishiyama, T., Kato, H., Ikawa, T. and Uesugi, Y.
Active seismotectonics of the Kozu-Matsuda fault as the foreland thrust system in the Izu-Tanzawa collision zone, central Japan, analyzed by geomorphology, geology and geophysical seismic reflection profiling
Nakamura, Yosuke
Yosuke Nakamura, Okada, Atsumasa and Takemura, Keiji
Late Quaternary activity of active faults in the eastern Hokuriku region, northern part of central Japan, on the basis of precise microtephra analysis of fluvial terraces
Sugito, Nobuhiko
Nobuhiko Sugito, Azuma, T., Mizuno, K., Tsutsumi, H. and Shimokawa, K.
Holocene thrust-faulting events on the Sekidosan fault along the southeastern margin of the Ouchigata Plain, central Japan
Miyamoto, Hajime
Hajime Miyamoto and Tomko Kawayoshi
Preservation and utilization of the 1995 rupture on the Nojima fault as a national natural monument
Crone, Anthony J.
Anthony J. Crone, Personius, F. S., Craw, A. P., Haeussler, J. P. and Staft, A. L.
Characteristics of the 2002 surface rupture on the Susitna Glacier fault and evidence of prehistoric deformation
Williams, Chesley
Chesley R. Williams, Molas, G. L., Hall, L. S. and Windeler, D. S.
Seismic hazard model for Chile
DISS, Daniela
DISS 3.0 Working Group and Pantosti, D.
Italy’s Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), v. 3.0: turning geological and tectonic data into fundamental input for SHA analyses
Tsutsumi, Hiroyuki
Hiroyuki Tsutsumi, Goto, Hideaki, Daligdig, A. Jessie, Okuno, Mitsuru, Nakata, Takashi, and Tungol, M. Norman
Paleoseismicity of the Philippine fault zone in the Luzon Island, Philippines
Okamura, Makoto
Makoto Okamura, Nakata, Takashi, Solidum, Renato, Daligdig, Jessie, Tungol, Norman and Bautista, Bartolome
Subsurface structure of the Philippine fault in Ragay Gulf, southern Luzon
Besana, Glenda
Glenda Besana and Ando, M.
The central Philippine Fault Zone: Insights from the 2003 Masbate event and adjoining earthquake activity
Solidum, Rene
Renato U. Solidum
Earthquake hazards and damage assessment in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
Aurelio, Mario A.
Mario A. Aurelio, Bacolcol, T., Punongbayan, J.T., and Kreemer, C.
Seismotectonics of the west-central Philippines: Mechanism of active faults from recent GPS measurements and earthquakes
Shim, Taekmo T. M. Shim, Im, C.B. Lee, H., and Choi, S.H. Geological DB program for Korean NPP sites
Yamashita, Futoshi
Futoshi Yamashita, Fukuyama, Eiichi and Omura, Kentaro
Extrapolation of fault strength of the Nojima fault just before the 1995 Kobe earthquake
Omura, Kentaro
Kentaro Omura, Ikeda, Ryuji, Iio, Yoshihisa, Kobayashi, Kenta, Shimada, Koji, Tanaka, Hidemi, Hirano, Satoshi, Matsuda, Tatsuo, and Yamada, Ryuji
Drilling investigations on the structure and mechanics of Nojima fault, western Japan.
Okada, Tomomi
Tomomi Okada, Hasegawa, A., Suganomata, J., Zhao, D., Zhang, H., and Thurber, C.
Detailed seismic velocity structure in and around the focal area of the 1995 southern Hyogo (Kobe) earthquake (M7.3) by double-difference tomography, and its relationship with the fault plane and asperities
Iwaki, Hiromi
Hiromi Iwaki, Kitada, N., Inoue, N., Kagawa, T., Takemura, K. and Okada, A.
Relationship between subjacent source faults and surface faults- Compiling the catalog of study earthquake -
Inoue, Naoto
Naoto Inoue, Kitada, N., Kohara, M., Kagawa, T., Takemura, K. and Okada, A.
Relationship between subjacent source faults and surface faults- 3D visualization of integrated information -
Kitada, Naoko
Naoko Kitada, Inoue, N., Takemura, K., Kagawa, T., Tsutsumi, H. and Okada, A.
Relationship between subjacent source faults and surface faults- Correlation analysis -
Ito, Hiroko
Hiroko Ito, Kitada, N., Takemura, K., Mitamura, M. and Suwa, S.
Holocene deposit in Osaka tectonic basin, southwest Japan– Subsurface structure obtained from borehole database –
Ito, Hiroko
Hiroko Ito, Kitada, N., Iwaki, H., Kawamura, D., Takemura, K. and Mitamura, M.
Subsurface geology around Osaka Bay area using borehole data
Ishiyama, Tatsuya
Tatsuya Ishiyama
Subsurface structure of active thrust faults in the Osaka metropolitan area
Sugai, Toshihiko
Toshihiko Sugai, Naruhashi, R., Fujiwara, O., Awata, Y. and Nakanishi, T.
Detecting faulting event horizons by physical and geochemical analyses of Holocene synfaulting shallow marine sediments over-lapping the Kuwana fault zone, central Japan.
Nakanishi, Toshimichi
Toshimichi Nakanishi, Takemura, Keiji, Okada, Atsumasa, Sugai, Toshihiko, Naruhashi, Ryutaro, Hayashida, Akira, Nakamura, Masanobu, Tazawa, Yuji, Ogino, Koya, Matsumoto, Hiroshi and Masanori, Hirose
Holocene paleoseismic events in Kuwana area, Japan, inferred from high-resolution sedimentological core analysis
Naruhashi, Ryutaro
Ryutaro Naruhashi, Sugai, T. and Fujiwara, O.
Recurrence interval of the Kuwana fault Reconstructed from Holocene synfaulting shallow marine Sediments on the western margin of the Nobi Plain, central Japan.
Takada, Keita
Keita Takada and Nakata, Takashi
Improvement of Handy Geoslicer for more effective use in paleoseismological studies
Kato, Shigehiro
Shigehiro Kato
A new method of taking undisturbed all-cored sediment samples with a constant direction for the analysis of Paleomagnetic Secular Variation (PSV)
Esposito, Eliana
Eliana Esposito, Porfido, Sabina, Livio, Franz, Martin, Silvana, Michetti, M. Alessandro, Chunga, Kervin, Fanetti, Daniela, Gambillara, Roberto, Sileo, Giancanio and Vittori, Eutizio
Ground effects of the Ml 5.2, November 24, 2004, Salò earthquake, Northern Italy: a case study for the use of the INQUA scale
Porfido, Sabina
Sabina Porfido, Esposito, E. and the INQUA Scale Project
The INQUA Scale Project: Analysis and distribution of ground effects by type for Italian earthquakes.
Guerrieri, Luca
Luca Guerrieri, Comerci, V., Vittori, E. and the INQUA Scale Project
An earthquakes database linking epicentral Intensity and surface faulting parameters
Hirakawa, Kazuomi
Kazuomi Hirakawa
Holocene mega tsunamis based on Tsunami deposits along the pacific coast of east Hokkaido, northern Japan
Ishibe, Takeo
Takeo Ishibe and Shimazaki, Kunihiko
Estimation of the source of Tsunami accompanied by the 1596 Keicho-Bungo earthquake
Inoue, Naoto
Naoto Inoue, Kitada, N. and Takemura, K.
Integrated study of Osaka sedimentary basin with geosciences-Basement structure of northeastern part of Osaka-wan fault based on integrated study of gravity and seismic reflection data-
Kitada, Naoko
Naoko Kitada, Inoue, N., Takemura, K., Hayashida, A. and Suwa, S.
Integrated study of Osaka sedimentary basin with Geosciences- Late Quaternary activity of Osaka-wan fault near the urban area along Kobe on the basis of high-resolution sedimentological analysis -
Takemura, Keiji
Keiji Takemura, Inoue N., Kitada, N., Itoh, Y. and Kusumoto, S.
Integrated study of Osaka Sedimentary Basin with geosciences- Active tectonics and basin formation -
Hirouchi, Daisuke
Daisuke Hirouchi and Yasue, Ken-ichi
Study of the paleoseismicity in the North-central part of the Atera fault system
Fu, Bihong
Bihong Fu, Awata, Yasuo, Du, Jianguo, Ninomiya, Yoshiki and He, Wengui
Surface rupture geometry and segmentation of the 2001 November Kunlun earthquake (Mw = 7.8) revealed by high-resolution satellite images
Okada, Atsumasa
Atsumasa Okada, Suzuki, Yasuhiro, Watanabe, Mitsuhisa, Takemura, Keiji, Kyung, Jai-Bok and Kitagawa, Hiroyuki
Trench excavation surveys across the Ulsan fault system in the southeastern part of Korean Peninsula : Additional data at Kalgok-ri trench and recent informations
Scharer, Katherine Maxine
Katherine M. Scharer, Weldon II, R. J., Burgette, R. J., Thompson, S. C. and Burbank, D. W.
Fluvial terrace deformation over active folds: How are fold style and deformation rates across the Tian Shan captured by geomorphic markers?
Litchfield, Nicola
Nicola Litchfield and Jongens, R.
Active faults database of New Zealand
Wallace, Laura
Laura M. Wallace, Beavan, J., McCaffrey, R. and Darby, D.
Integrating geodetic, geologic, and seismological data to estimate tectonic block kinematics and subduction zone coupling in the North Island, New Zealand
Wilson, Kate
Kate Wilson, Berryman, K. R., Little, T. A., Cochran, U. and Litchfield, N. J.
Discriminating Holocene uplift mechanisms from 10,000 – 6,000 year old estuarine deposits of the Raukumara Peninsula, New Zealand.
Meghraoui, Mustapha
Mustapha Meghraoui, Pantosti, Daniela, Akyuz, Serdar, Leroy, Suzanne, Mai, Martin, Atakan, Kuvvet and RELIEF Working Group.
The RELIEF project : Large earthquake faulting and implications for the seismic hazard assessmant in Europe, the 1999 İzmit-Dϋzce earthquake sequence (Mw 7.3 - 7.1, Turkey)
Meghraoui, Mustapha
Mustapha Meghraoui, Aksoy, E., Akyüz, S., Ferry, M., Dikbaş, A. E., Uçarkus, G., Cakir, Z. and Altunel, E.
Paleoseismic investigations along the 1912 Ganos fault (North Anatolian Fault, Turkey): Insights for the expected large earthquake in the Marmara sea
Pucci , Stefano
Stefano Pucci, Pantosti, D., Palyvos, N. and Barchi, M.
Evolution of the Dϋzce segment of the North Anatolian Fault Zone (Turkey)
Kondo, Hisao
Hisao Kondo, Ozaksoy, V., Yildirim, C., Awata, Y., Emre, O. and Okumura, K.
Slip history at Demir Tepe site the 1944 Bolu-Gerede rupture, North Anatolian Fault System, Turkey
Okumura, Koji
Koji Okumura
The 1944 Bolu-Gerede segment of the North Anatolian fault
Ozaksoy, Volcan
Özaksöy, V., Emre, Ö, Doğan, A., Yıldirim, C., Özalp, S., and Tokay, F.
Paleoseismic evidence for Holocene uplift of Hersek restraining bend on the 1999 I˙zmit rupture, Sea of Marmara, Turkey
Ota, Yoko
Yoko Ota, Ito, T., Matsushima, Y., Mizuno, K., Sato, H, Uesugi, Y., Yamazaki, H., Watanabe, M., Sasaki, T., Sato, M., Yanagida, M., Sugihara, H., and Yamashita, M.
Nature and timing of Holocene activity of the Kozu-Matsuda fault, south Kanto, Japan
Azuma, Takashi
Takashi Azuma., Goto, H., Okumura, K. and Y. Sugiyama
Recent paleoseismological study on the Kuromatsunai lowland thrust system in southwestern Hokkaido, northern Japan
Ueta, Keiichi
Keiichi Ueta
Evolution of fault systems and associated geomorphic structures: strike-slip and dip-slip fault model test and field survey
Nelson, Alan
Alan R. Nelson, Kelsey, H.M., Hemphill-Haley, E., and Witter, R.
OxCal analyses and varve-based sedimentation rates constrain the times of 14C-dated tsunamis in southern Oregon
Ragona, Daniel
Daniel Ragona, Minster, B., Rockwell, T., Fialko, Y., Blom, R. and Hemlinger, M.
Imaging spectroscopy: A new tool for paleoseismological studies?
Kumahara, Yasuhiro
Yasuhiro Kumahara, Nakata, T., Upreti, B. N., Yagi, H. and Maemoku, H.
New Large-scale Atlas of active fault in Nepal
Chamlagain, Deepak
Deepak Chamlagain and Hayashi, D.
Main Himalayan Thrust and its implications to neotectonics of Nepal Himalaya: Insights from finite element modelling
Kumahara, Yasuhiro
Yasuhiro Kumahara, Nakata, T., Upreti, B.N., Malik, J.N., and Chamlagain, D.
The latest event and recurrence interval of the Himalaya-Bengal Fault
Kumar, Senthil
Sentinel Kumar, Wesnousky, S. G., Rockwell, T. K, Thakur, V. C., Briggs, R. W. and Jayangondaperumal, R.
The Himalayan Frontal Thrust of India is not blind: Evidence for a surface rupturing, large-magnitude earthquake at A.D. 1400 based on paleoseismology
Yeats, Robert
Robert S. Yeats, Meigs, J. Andrew and Berberian, Manuel
The next big thrust at the Himalayan front: The Himalayan Front Thrust steps out
Goto, Hideaki
Hideaki Goto, Yunuskhodjiev, Rafik and Tyagunov, Sergey
Active faults of the Fergana Basin, central Asia
Meghraoui, Mustapha
Mustapha Meghraoui
Coastal uplift and thrust faulting along the plate boundary in north Africa: the Mw=6.8 Zemmouri (Algeria) earthquake of May 21, 2003
Caputo, Ricardo
Ricardo Caputo, Pavlides, S, Chatzipetros A., and Papathanaiou, G.
Seismic behaviour of “Aegean type” active faults
Papathanasiou, Georgios
Georgios Papathanassiou and Pavlides, S. B.
Liquefaction phenomena triggered by the 14 August 2004, Lefkada Isle earthquake (Ms=6.4), Greece. Liquefaction susceptibility map of Lefkas town
Walker, Richard
Richard T. Walker, Allen, M. B., Ghorashi, M., Jackson, J. A., Parsons, B. and Talebian, M.
Earthquakes, faulting and active tectonics in Iran
Doke, Ryosuke
Ryosuke Doke and Takeuchi Akira
Geomorphology and geology along the eastern Ushikubi fault of the Atotsugawa fault system, central Japan
Matsuta, Nobuhisa
Nobuhisa Matsuta, Ikeda, Y. and Satow, H.
Slip partitioning on an oblique slip active fault zone; Structure and behavior of the Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line, central Japan, in Quaternary time
Tajikara, Masayoshi
Masayoshi Tajikara and Ikeda, Y.
Active tectonics and landform development in the middle part of the northeastern Japan arc estimated from fluvial/marine terrace data.
Toda , Shinji
Shinji Toda
The ‘Dog-leg’ shaped distribution of active faults and the volcanic front in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region, central Japan, controlled by bending of the Pacific plate slab
Yasue, Kenichi
Ken-ichi Yasue, Ishii, Eiichi and Niizato, Tadafumi
Neotectonics of the Tenpoku Sedimentary Basin in northern Hokkaido, Japan: A case of the Horonobe area
Chen, Yue Gau
Chen Yue Gau. , Lai, K. Y., Kuo, Y. T., Hung, J. H. Avouac, J. P., Simoes, M. and Lee, Y. H.
Fault geometry related geomorphic features and their neotectonic significance as revealed by coseismic deformation during 1999 Chi-chi earthquake
Lin, Y.N. Nina
Y. N. Nina Lin, Chen, Y. G., Wu, Y. M., Wang, Y., Yang, K. M. and Ota, Yoko
Surface deformation and seismogenic structure model of 1935 Hsinchu-Taichung earthquake (MGR=7.1), Miaoli, northwestern Taiwan