Hokudan International Symposium and School on Active Faulting

Date: January 17th through 26th, 2000

Venue: Hokudan-cho, Awaji Island, JAPAN


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Symposium (Janaury 18th and 19th)

Paper No.: First wo digits for date, third digit for session number, and last digit for paper number. Oral presentations are arranged in the order of the talks.

Janaury 18th

Type Paper No. author title
ORAL 1811 Nobuyuki Yonekura Geological and geomorphological studies of large earthquakes in and around Japan
ORAL 1812 David P. Schwartz Paleoseismology, earthquake recurrence, and the challenge ahead
ORAL 1813 Daniela Pantosti Earthquake recurrence through time
ORAL 1821 Steven G. Wesnousky The role of neotectonics in the study of fault mechanics and seismic hazard
ORAL 1822 David D. Jackson Estimating earthquake potential from faults
ORAL 1831 Yohta Kumaki and Koichi Shimokawa Activity of the headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion of Japan with special reference to evaluation of active fault activity
ORAL 1832 Yuichi Sugiyama Evaluating earthquake potential of major active faults in the Kinki-Triangle
ORAL 1833 Chesley Williams, Don Windeler, Chris Mortgat, Guy Morrow, and Gilbert Molas. Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of Japan

Janaury 19th

ORAL 1911 Earl W. Hart Alquist-Priolo earthquake fault zoning act: mitigating the hazard of surface faulting in California
ORAL 1912 Yoshihiro Kinugasa Application of active fault study for earthquake disaster mitigation
ORAL 1913 Jill H. Andrews Development and implementation of an outreach program to promote public awareness of seismic hazards and encourage risk mitigation in vulnerable communities
ORAL 1914 Robert Reitherman Engineering aspects of surface fault rupture
ORAL 1921 Aykut Barka The North Anatolian fault and August-17-1999 Kocaeli earthquake
ORAL 1922 Thomas K. Rockwell The North Anatolia fault around the Marmara Sea, and pre- and post-earthquake research after the August 17,1999 Koaceli earthquake
ORAL 1923 Yoko Ota, Mitsuhisa Watanabe, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Hiroshi Sawa, Makoto Yanagida, Akira Miyawaki, and Haeng Yoong Kim Charactaristics of earthquake fault associated with 9.21 Chi-Chi earthquake, central Taiwan, especially on the relationship between earthquake fault and pre-existing Quaternary active fault
ORAL 1924 Hung-Chie Chiu The near-source ground motions from Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquake
ORAL 1931 Kojiro Irikura Strong ground motions near faults and earthquake damege -recipe of strong motion prediction-
ORAL 1932 Paul Somerville The characteristics of subsurface faulting

School lectures (Janaury 20th, 21st and 23rd)

Paper No.: First wo digits for date and last two digits for paper number.

Janaury 20th

ORAL 2001 Amgalan Bayasgalan Active faulting in Mongolia
ORAL 2002 Min Wei, Zhang Peizheng, and Deng Qidong The detailed study on Holocene paleoearthquakes of Haiyuan active fault
ORAL 2003 Carlos H. Costa Quaternary deformation at the central Andes orogenic front and Foreland regions of Argentina
ORAL 2004 Kelvin Berryman Earthquake geology studies in New Zealand and their application to seismic hazard
ORAL 2005 Shmuel Marco, Thomas Rockwell, Ariel Heimann, and Amotz Agnon Historical earthquake deformations revealed by 3D trenching on Dead Sea transform
ORAL 2006 Michel Sebrier, Olivier Bellier, Emmanuel Baroux, Marc Cushing, Gianluca Valensise, Nicole Bethoux, Beatrice De Voogd, and Philippe Paillou Active faulting and seismic hazard in regions of moderate seismicity, the case of Provence (SE France)
ORAL 2007 Bertrand Meyer, Rolando Armijo, Geoffrey King, Aurelia Hubert, Alexis Rigo,Aykut Barka, and Dimitri Papanastassiou Active faulting in Marmara Sea and Corinth rift areas, implications on evolution of the Anatolia-Aegean region
ORAL 2008 Ismail Kuscu, Emin Demirbag, Hulya Kurt, Ayse K. Ozcan, Aysun B. Guney, and Caner Imren The North Anatolia fault zone under the sea of Marmara, imaged by seismic reflection profiles
ORAL 2009 Ross S. Stein, Shinji Toda, Aykut A. Barka, Tom Parsons, and James H. Dieterich The role of stress transfer in the 1999 M=7.4 Izmit and M=7.2 Duzce earthquakes on the North Anatolian fault
ORAL 2010 Shinji Toda, Ross S. Stein, Paul A. Reasenberg, and James H. Dieterich Coseismic static stress change and its effect on aftershocks and future earthquake probability

Janaury 21st

ORAL 2101 Hisao Ito, Yasto Kuwahara, Tsutomu Kiguchi, Koichiro Fujimoto, Tomoyuki Ohtani, D. Lockner, H. Naka, and Hidemi Tanaka Deeper structure of the Nojima fault by drilling
ORAL 2102 Dapeng Zhao What caused the 1995 Kobe earthquake? -evidence from seismic tomography-
ORAL 2103 Yasutaka Ikeda Mantle-lid delamination as a possible cause of Pliocene-Quaternary tectonic events in central Japan
ORAL 2104 Bertrand Meyer, Paul Tapponnier, Francois Metivier, and Yves Gaudemer Active faulting along the northeastern edge of Tibet, implications on Plateau formation
ORAL 2105 Akira Sangawa Seismoarchaeology
ORAL 2106 Manabu Hashimoto A simulation of activity of large earthquakes in and around the Japanese islands with interacting fault system model
ORAL 2107 Kunihiko Shimazaki Simple models of earthquake recurrence
ORAL 2108 Kuvvet Atakan Uncertainties in paleoseismology: Implications for the earthquake recurrence database
ORAL 2109 David P. Schwartz and Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities Earthquake probabilities in the San Francisco Bay region: 2000 to 2030 - a summary of findings
ORAL 2110 Kerry E. Sieh The repetition of large-earthquake ruptures

Janaury 22nd is for the excursion along the Nojima fault

Janaury 23rd

ORAL 2301 Toshihiko Shimamoto Down to the seismogenic zones : How much do we know?
ORAL 2302 Lionel L. Siame, Michel Sebrier, Olivier Bellier, and Didier L. Bourles Cosmogenic in situ-produced 10-Be, a new tool to improve seismic hazard assessments
ORAL 2303 Kazuhiro Tanaka and Ryuta Hataya Luminescence dating of young sediments for estimating the time of faulting
ORAL 2304 Kenji Satake Tsunamis and subduction-zone earthquakes
ORAL 2305 Kerry E. Sieh, Danny Natawidjaja, Steven Ward, Richard L. Edwards, Bambang Suwargadi, and Judith Zachariasen Paleogeodetic and paleoseismologic constraints on the earthquake cycle of the Sumatran subduction zone
ORAL 2306 Chen Yong, Wang Wei-jun, and Li Juan Application of seismicity data and gravity data to the study of active faulting
ORAL 2307 David D. Jackson Compatibility constraints on earthquake fault motion
ORAL 2308 Michael N. Machette, Kathleen M. Haller, Richard L. Dart, and Larry Mayer New digital maps and database of major active faults and folds in the United States-Building a WWW-based digital map and computer database for popular consumption
ORAL 2309 Robert S. Yeats Fault segmentation of the northern Los Angels basin
ORAL 2310 Thomas K. Rockwell, J.A. Dewhurst, C.W. Walls, W.J. Pollard, A. Orgil, G. Faneros, and Timothy E. Dawson High-resolution paleoseismology in southern California: Investigation of segment controls on the rupture history of the southern San Jacinto fault

Poster Presentation I (January 18th and 19th)

Paper Number: 1851--1880
To be set up on Jan 17th after 15:00, or on Jan 18th before 9:30.
To be removed on Jan 23rd after 16:00. Secretariat staff will remove and delier to the author.
POSTER 1851 Yuichi Sugiyama Research on active fault and paleoearthquake by Geological Survey of Japan
POSTER 1852 Yoshihiko Kariya, Yuichiro Fusejima, Yoshinori Miyachi, Kiyohide Mizuno, Kenji Satake, Akira Sangawa, Ryusuke Imura, Koji Okumura, Makoto Yanagida, and Masaru Sato Paleoseismological study of the Kizugawa fault system in the eastern Kinki district, Japan
POSTER 1853 Naoji Koizumi, Akio Cho, Makoto Takahashi, and Eikichi Tsukuda Groundwater level observation of Geological Survey of Japan in and around the Kinki district, Japan for earthquake prediction research
POSTER 1854 Tsutomu Sato and Makoto Takahashi Hydrological changes of springs in Awaji island associated with the 1995 Kobe earthquake
POSTER 1855 Toshifumi Imaizumi, Yasutaka Ikeda, Hiroshi Sato, and Takahiro Miyauchi Active thrust-front structure -examples from Japan
POSTER 1856 Takashi Kumamoto and Working Group of New Active Fault Map with GIS Technical aspect of new active fault mapping in Japan with a scale of 1:25,000 by geographic information system
POSTER 1857 Hiroshi Une Development of "Active Fault Map in Urban Area"
POSTER 1858 Junko Takeda and Hiroyuki Kikuta The state of active fault survey by local public bodies with support of the Science and Technology Agency (STA), government of Japan
POSTER 1859 Naoto Inoue, Naoko Kitada, and ]Keiji Takemura Three-dimensional underground structure in Osaka Plain (1) -Basement configuration inferred from gravity analysis-
POSTER 1860 Naoko Kitada, Naoto Inoue, Keiji Takemura, and Muneki Mitamura Three-dimensional underground structure in Osaka plain (2) -Subsurface configuration obtained from boring data-
POSTER 1861 Tadashi Maruyama and Aiming Lin Tectonic history of the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, southwest Japan
POSTER 1862 Keiji Takemura, Muneki Mitamura, Naoko Kitada, and Reiko Saito Subsurface geology in the Kobe earthquake region, central Japan
POSTER 1863 Koji Ishikawa Geological, geomorphological, and soil-engineering consideration on the differential damage in the belt of very severe damage by the 1995 Hyogo-ken-Nanbu earthquake
POSTER 1864 Toshihiko Sugai Estimating recurrence of paleoearthquakes by geologic investigation in a region with long historical records - Two examples from North Anatolian fault in Turkey and Yoro reverse fault system in Japan.
POSTER 1865 Omer Emre, Tamer Yigit Duman, Ahmet Dogan, Selim Salp, and Erdem Coreksoglu 12th November 1999 Duzce earthquake on the north Anatolian fault zone, Turkey
POSTER 1866 Koji Okumura Paleoseismology of the North Anatolian fault
POSTER 1867 Takashi Azuma, Yuuichi Sugiyama, Yoshihiko Kariya, Yuan-Hsi Lee, Tung-Sheng Shih, Shih-Ting Lu, and Weiyu Wu Surface faults of the September 21, 1999 Chi-chi earthquake, Taiwan
POSTER 1868 Lee Min and Central Geological Survey staff The preliminary investigation on the Chi-chi earthquake fault in central Taiwan
POSTER 1869 Yoko Ota Holocene activity of three active faults on Miura peninsula, southwest of Tokyo, central Japan
POSTER 1870 Aiming Lin, Toru Ouchi, Allen Chen and Tadashi Maruyama Co-seismic displacements, folding structures and paleoseismic events along the Chelungpu surface rupture zone occurred during the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) earthquake
POSTER 1871 Takashi Hosoya, Masato Ueda and Fu-Hsun Wu Fault topography about the Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan
POSTER 1872 Tatsuro Fukuchi Elucidation of thermal events in the Nojima fault gouge zone by ESR analysis -The case of the Nojima fault deep drilling core samples
POSTER 1873 Takashi Nakata and Kunihiko Shimazaki Geoslicer, a new soil sampler for paleoseismological studies
POSTER 1874 Ken Ikehara Deep-sea turbidite record of great earthquake along the eastern Nankai trough and eastern margin of Japan Sea
POSTER 1875 Futoshi Nanayama, Hirohisa Kinoshita, Eikichi Tsukuda, Kiyohide Mizuno, Ken Niimi, Hisao Ishii, Naoko Kitada, Reiko Saito, Naoto Inoue, and Keiji Takemura Paleoseismological study of the Tomogashima-suido fault, Median Tectonic Line active fault system (MTL) during Holocene, at the eastern side of Kitan straits, central Japan
POSTER 1876 Makoto Okamura and Hiromi Matsuoka Submarine active faults along the Median Tectonic Line, southwest Japan
POSTER 1877 Futoshui Nanayama, Kenji Satake, Koichi Shimokawa, Isao Hirota, Akito Makino, Kiyoyuki Shigeno, and Ryuta Furukawa Sedimentological study of postulated tsunami deposits along the Kuril subduction zone, eastern Hokkaido, northern Japan: preliminary study around the Kiritappu marsh
POSTER 1878 Takao Oka Summary of the neotectonics of Hokkaido, northern Japan - accompanied by the newest survey result of some active fault systems
POSTER 1879 Ryo Anma, Yujiro Ogawa, Yuzuru Yamamoto, Yasufumi Ohta, and In Tae Lee Liquefaction and injection structures in accretionary prism sediments: examples from the Shimanto belt, Miura-Boso peninsula and Nankai trough
POSTER 1880 Hiroshi Yokota and Shinichi Ito Recent investigations of active structures in Japan using reflection seismic surveys

Poster Presentation II (January 20th and 21st)

Paper Number: 2051--2079
To be set up on Jan 20th before 9:00.
To be removed on Jan 21st before 18:00.
POSTER 2051 Tatsuya Ishiyama and Masami Togo Geomorphology and precise active fault map of the Yoro fault and the Kuwana fault, central Japan
POSTER 2052 Kim Haeng Yoong Active tectonics and geomorphic development of Uonuma Hills in the Shinano-gawa fold and fault zone, central Japan
POSTER 2053 Hideaki Maemoku Late Holocene coseismic uplift deduced from assemblages of emerged sessile organisms in cape Muroto, southwestern Japan
POSTER 2054 Nobuhisa Matsuta Tectonics along the southeastern margin of Matsumoto basin, central Japan. Considered from seismic profiling and tectonic landform
POSTER 2055 Masayoshi Tajikara Late Quaternary crustal movement around Kanto mountains, Japan
POSTER 2056 Kenichi Yasue When did the Atera fault start its present activity?
POSTER 2057 Kazuomi Hirakawa, Yugo Nakamura, and Tsuyoshi Haraguchi Huge tsunamis and their recurrency interval based on tsunami deposits along the Pacific Coast of Tokachi region, Hokkaido, northern Japan
POSTER 2058 Yukari Miyashita and Masayuki Komatsu Formation of mylonites and pseudotachylites in the Oshima metamorphic rocks in the Yawatahama-Oshima islands, western Shikoku, southwest Japan
POSTER 2059 Ken Ikehara Coseismic change of sea bottom related to 1993 Hokkaido-nansei-oki earthquake
POSTER 2060 Takashi Azuma, Yoko Ota, and Mayumi Kobayashi Monitoring of degradation of the 1995 Nojima earthquake fault scarps at Awaji Island, southwest Japan
POSTER 2061 Shigehiro Katoh, Fumio Kobayashi, and Tohru Sakiyama An important role of a museum of natural history to mitigate earthquake hazards
POSTER 2062 Tomonori Kawamura, R. Arai, T. Nakada, S. Kosaki, N. Tsumura, T. Ito, K. Ishimaru, Y. Ohta, and T. Ikawa Subsurface structures revealed by high resolution seismic reflection studies in the Ogura area, Hokudan Town, Awaji island, Japan
POSTER 2063 Akiko Tanaka, Tsukasa Nakano and Naoyuki Fujii Estimation of surface displacement due to the 17 January 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu earthquake observed by SAR interferometry
POSTER 2064 Hatsumi Hirayama Generation Mechanism of Seismic Electronic Signal-- study of fault rocks and striated fault gauge--
POSTER 2065 Aiming Lin and Maruyama Tadashi Late Quaternary activity of the Rokko fault zone, southwest Japan
POSTER 2066 Yasuo Awata Behavioral segments and their cascades for the earthquake occurrence in the Japanese surface ruptures
POSTER 2067 Li Juan and Chen Yong Long and winding road from active faulting to seismic risk
POSTER 2068 Karl Mueller Evaluating blind thrust hazards with structural analysis, geomorphology and trench excavations: examples from southern California and New Madrid
POSTER 2069 Takashi Nakata, Kunihiko Shimazaki, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Eikichi Tsukuda, and Hideaki Goto Geometric criteria for directivity of rupture propagation and segmentation of active fault systems
POSTER 2070 Satoko Odagiri and Kunihiko Shimazaki Size of a historical earthquake which on an active fault
POSTER 2071 Wahyu Triyoso and Kunihiko Shimazaki Long-term earthquake potential models for seismic hazard assessment and their reliabilities
POSTER 2072 Keita Takada, Tsuyoshi Haraguchi, Takashi Nakata The applications of Geoslicer for Quaternary studies
POSTER 2073 Li Chuanyou, Wen Xueze, and Song Fangmin Future probabilistic seismic hazard assessment on different segments of Xianshuihe fault zone
POSTER 2074 C.P. Rajendran and Kusala Rajendran Geological investigations in the 1819 Kutch (North Western India) seismic zone and implications for mechanics of SCR earthquakes
POSTER 2075 Hiroshi Yagi, Hideaki Maemoku, Yoshinori Ohtsuki, Kiyoshi Saijo, and Takashi Nakata Recent activities of active faults distributed in and around Kathmandu valley, Lower Himalayan zone
POSTER 2076 Gideon Leonard, David M. Steinberg, and Nitzan Rabinowitz Sensitivity analysis and paleoseismic research for improving seismic hazard analysis
POSTER 2077 Spyros B. Pavlides, G. A. Papadppoulos, and A. Ganas Seismic hazards in urban areas : The 7th september, 1999, Athens erathquake case study
POSTER 2078 Pilar Villamor Characterisation of normal faults in a volcanic area, the Taupo volcanic zone, New Zealand
POSTER 2079 Michael N. Machette, Anthony J. Crone, Paolo M. De Martini, and Koji Okumura Active faults in stable continental regions-examples from Australia and north America

Poster Presentation III (January 22nd and 23rd)

Open House for communication and discussion among scientists
and the general public is scheduled on 22nd, 15:00--18:00.

Cooporation of ALL PARTICIANTS is very much encouraged.

Paper Number: 2251--2279
To be set up on Jan 21st between 18:00 and 18:30.
To be removed on Jan 23rd after 18:00.

POSTER 2251 Noboru Chida Some new facts on active faults by recent investigation in Kyushu, southwest Japan
POSTER 2252 Ai Minemoto, Yasuto Ito, and Keiji Takemura Quaternary tectonics at the northern margin of Beppu Bay
POSTER 2253 Kenji Satake, Toshihiko Sugai, Akira Sangawa, Makoto Yanagida, Hiroshi Yokota, Takaaki Iwasaki, Masashi Omata, and Akira Ishikawa Structure and paleoseismology of the Kongo fault system in Nara prefecture
POSTER 2254 Hideaki Goto and Takashi Nakata Recent activities and segmentation of the the Median Tectonic Line in Shikoku, Japan
POSTER 2255 Atsumasa Okada, Takashi Nakata, Koji Matsunami, Masayoshi Kusaka, Akihiro Murata, Kiyohide Mizuno, Tadashi Konomi, Hirofumi Tani, Michio Morino, Tadatoshi Nohmi, Emi Takeno, and Sayori Ikeda Holocene activity and subsurface structure of the Median Tectonic Line active fault system in the Tokushima plain, eastern Shikoku
POSTER 2256 Timothy E. Dawson, Tom Rockwell, Sally McGill, and Natanya Black A 7000 year record of paleoearthquakes on the central Garlock fault, near El Paso Peaks, California
POSTER 2257 Heidi D. Stenner and Keiichi Ueta Looking for evidence of large surface rupturing events on the rapidly creeping southern Calaveras fault, California
POSTER 2258 Paolo. M. De Martini, N.A. Pino, G. Valensise, and S. Mazza An unusual pattern of faulting in the central Apennines (Italy): geodetic and seismologic evidence for pre- and co-seismic slip along a low-angle, blind normal fault, and implications for active faulting studies
POSTER 2259 Mary Goldsworthy and James Jackson Active normal fault evolution and interaction in Greece revealed by geomorphology and drainage patterns
POSTER 2260 Myra A. Leounaki and Spyros B. Pavlides Active fault studies in Greece under the prism of recent destructive earthquakes
POSTER 2261 Alessandro M. Michetti, A.M. Blumetti, E.Esposito, L. Ferreli, L. Guerrieri, S. Porfido, L. Serva, and E. Vittor Earthquake ground effects and seismic hazard assesment in Italy: Examples from the Matese and Irpina areas, southern Apennines
POSTER 2262 Spyros B. Pavlides, A. Chatzipetros, and R. Caputo Earthquake fault ruptures of the broader Aegean region as quantitative input to seismic hazard assesment
POSTER 2263 Pilar Villamor and Kelvin Berryman Initial observations of kinematics and structure at the southern termination of the Taupo Volcanic zone, New Zealand
POSTER 2264 Mario A. Aurelio The Philippine fault: an active strike-slip fault in an oblique convergence zone
POSTER 2265 Honglin He Strike-slip rate of the Kangding fault zone, east Tibet and its implications
POSTER 2266 Kyung Jai-Bok, Lee Kiehwa, Atsumasa Okada, Keiji Takemura, Mitsuhisa Watanabe, Yasuhiro Suzuki, and Toshiro Naruse Paleoseismological study of the Ulsan and Yangsan fault systems in the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula
POSTER 2267 Subagyo Pramumijoyo Existing active fault at semarang, central Java, Indonesia: revealed by remote sensing and field observation
POSTER 2268 Rolly E. Rimando Neotectonic and paleoseismic study of Marikina Valley Fault System (MVFS), Philippines
POSTER 2269 Tae Woo Chang Crustal uplift due to Quaternary faulting at the northeastern block of the Ulsan fault in the southeastern Korean peninsula
POSTER 2270 Phan-Trong Trinh, Robin Lacassin, Phillipe Herve Leloup, Paul Tapponnier, and Thierry Winter Active tectonics and seismotectonics in north Vietnum and surrounding area
POSTER 2271 Hiroyuki Tsutsumi and Yasuhiro Suzuki A preliminary active fault map and paleoseismic investigations in Sakhalin, Russia
POSTER 2272 S.A. Hamid Badri Morphotectonic traces of the active fault along the Zagros subduction suture line in Iran
POSTER 2273 Khaled Hessami, Hadi Tabasi, Esmael Shabanian, Mohammad R. Abbasi, Khalil Feghhi, and Shahryar Solaymani Preliminary results of trenching across the north Tabriz fault -NW Iran
POSTER 2274 Shahid Hasan Khan Neotectonics of the Chaman fault
POSTER 2275 Yasuhiro Kumahara Recognition of the Yari fault and its significance for active tectonics of the Himalaya
POSTER 2276 Javed N. Malik, Parag S. Sohoni, S. S. Merh, and R. V. Karanth Palaeoseismology and neotectonism of Kachchh, western India
POSTER 2277 George Philip and K.V. Ravindran Study of March 29, 1999 Chamoli earthquake induced landslides using IRS-1C/1D data
POSTER 2278 Kusala Rajendran and C.P. Rajendran Earthquake history at selected sites in the Himalaya: recent initiatives
POSTER 2279 Bishal N. Upreti, Takashi Nakata, Yasuhiro Kumahara, Hiroshi Yagi, Koji Okumura, Thomas K. Rockwell, N. S. Virdi, and Hideaki Maemoku The latest active faulting in southeast Nepal

Public Lecture Series

by Science and Technology Agency

on Janauary 24th in Kobe

Excursion participants will miss the talks.
ORAL 2401 Robert Reitherman Are Californians adequately protected from earthquakes?
ORAL 2402 Kerry Sieh Paleoseismology and Long-range Earthquake Forecasts
ORAL 2403 Akira Sangawa Active faults in Kinki district and archaeology of earthquakes