History of my personal computing

Current Configuration

Hiroshima MP 2.8GHz Quad SATA 1TB+1TB
Apple Cinema 30"
Portable MacBookPro 3.06GHz 8GB/7K500GB US
ThinkPad T500 1.40GHz 1GB/120GB/XP
Home MacBookPro 2.50GHz 4GB/320GB/US_KB
. PowerBookG4 1.67GHz 512MB/40GB/US_KB

CPUs and Major Peripherals

Shared [non-personal] CPU in parentheses. Light blue indicates CPUs out of use.
1984 (PDP-11/FM8) . . . (JCXA-733)
1985 (PC9801E) . . . .
1986 (PC9801V) . . . .
1987 (PC9801VM, PLUS) . PC9801UV21 . .
1988 (Mac II) . PC9801UV21 . LW Plus
1989 (Mac II) (J3100SGL) PC9801UV21 . Gator Box LAN
1990 SE PC286L PC286L . RAM disks
1991 SE PC286L PC286L . 20 MB HDD
1992 IISi DYNABOOK-SX PC286L . Booster Iisi
1993 IISi PB140 PC286L . .
1994 Quadra650 PB140 LC475 . 17"display
1995 8100/100 PB550C LC475 . LW Select610
1996 9500/132 PB550C LC475 . 21"RGB, LW16/600
1997 9500/200 PB550C/117 7600/200 MG MK-22 FX LP2100PS
1998 9500/200 PB550C/117 7600/200 MG MK-22 PowerLook2000
1999 9500/200 INSPIRON3500/336 7600/200 MG DoCoMo HP DJ2500CP
2000 G4/400 & G3MT300 INSPIRON3500/336 PB G3/500 MG DoCoMo FX LW3320PS
2001 G4/400 & G3MT300 PBG4/500 PB G3/500 MG DoCoMo PowerShotG2
2002 G4/876 & G3MT300 PBG4/500 PB G3/500 kids' toy .
2003 G4/876 & G3MT300 PBG4/867 PBG4/500
PB G3/500
kids' toy Phaser 8200DX
2004 G5/2.5G
PBG4/867 IBM R50
PB G3/500
- HP 4240
2005 G5/2.5G PBG4/1.67 R50 PBG4/500&867 - EOS 5D
2006 G5/2.5G PBG4/1.67 R50 PBG4/500&867 - PowerShotG7
2007 G5/2.5G PBG4/1.67 R50 PBG4/500&867 -

cinema 30"

2008 MP2.8Q MBP/2.5 R50 PBG4/1.67 - 5000ED-SF210
2009 MP2.8Q MBP/2.5 R50 PBG4/1.67 - -
2010 MP2.8Q MBP/3.06 T500 PBG4/2.50 -  


1984 PDP-11 My first computer conrtoled an electron probe X-ray micro-analyzer with roaring 8" 256K FD drives and 128K?? memory. Thanks for no tape memory.
1984 FM8 First Fujitsu 8 bit PC helped to arrange the EPMA data to make up my PhD thesis.
PC9801E, V, VM
3 NEC PC9801s were shared by 10 members of my laboratory in G.S. Japan.
1987 PC9801UV21 8-bit 5/8MHz clock PC became affordable for family use at home, still it was more than a month's salary!
1988 MacII + LW Plus Million-yen Macitosh II came to my laboratory with a PostScript printer.
1989 J3100SGL First 80386 portable by Toshiba went to MTA, Turkey as donation from Japanese ODA.
1990 SE My first personal Mac in my office. I'd better wait for SE30.
1990 PC286L First NEC compatible portable by EPSON. Heavy and durable machine with a touch.
1992 IISi Thrwoing SE asay, Iisi worked very much for editing 5000-paper program of an international congress.
1992 DYNABOOK-SX Toshiba is ideal for use outside Japan, but Windows 1.0J was too bad. We have long waited for 3.1J.
1993 PB140 The Dynabook was exchanged with PB140. Squirish, dense, and heavy powerbook charmed me a lot.
1994 Quadra650 II si became outdated soon. Q650 with PowerPC card was very excellent but the life was short.
1994 LC475 Slow, small RAM, and small HDD but the price is so cute to allow my household to add 17" apple monitor.
1995 8100/100 Kobe earthquake brought tremendous amount of research budget, just a smallest portion of which brought a 8100.
1995 PB550C Full color TFT liquid crystal display was excellent but the size was too small from the beginning.
1996 9500/132 Prize for my taking all care of PCs and network in our section. The fastest and sturdiest with Apple 21" monitor.
1997 9500/200 Accerelated with Booster200 and and UW-10000rpm SCSI HDD, and made versatile with five PCI cards .
1997 7600/200 The same spped at home as in the office enabled at 1/5 cost. Super-FamiCon machine for KIDs.
1997 MG MK-22 MobileGear equiped for survey data processing in Australian deserts with 2 AA batteries. It worked very well
1999 MG DoCoMo A little faster MobileGear communicating with NTT cellular phone. E-mail everywhere.
1999 INSPIRON3500 Urgent need for GMT and ArcView forced me to buy Window98 CPU. It's not too bad, but fast. Good job. TASTELESS Windows are HORRIBLE.
2000 G4/400 Skipping G3, G4 is wonderful. Dual display of 15"LC and 21" using ATI Xclaim VR 128.
2000 PB G3/500 For my family in U.S. Ordered when there was no G3/400 in market and got when a lot of G3/400 there. Great machine. Very stable and reliable.
2000 G3MT/350 For my use in U.S. office. Almost brand-new unused CPU got new Japanese brain of OS9.0.4. It's handsome.
2001 PBG4/500 Thanks to a kind friend of mine, I got this for FREE! How nice to use GMT in OSX and to get rid of tastless Windows. Very stable and reliable except for bottom case. 200,000 mile flier.
2002 G4/867 The fastest when I ordered became a slower one when it arrived. Still, the speed is marvelous. Now 4 monitors for 3 CPUs plus PBG4 in my office.
2005 PBG4/1.67G No trouble until June 2008 except for memory slot problem. Very durable and hard-working. Accompanying all 300+ flights over 300,000 miles. Never without you.
2004 G5/2.5GWC AGP graphic and transitive PCI give little difficulties but extremely reliable, fast and quiet. No trouble at all except for erasing a hard drive during a replace work by mistake.
2008 MBP/2.5GHz Slim and fast. Two repair wroks in 3 months for HDD and display cable...