Interdisciplinary Workshop on Quantum Device - towards operation of the quantum information & the quantum computer- 2017

Light-Matter Interactions in Cavity & Circuit QED Systems in the Light of Quantum Technology - IWQD 2017 -

The international workshop IWQD2017 is the fourth workshop in the series to feature new interdisciplinary aspects in quantum physics. This time, the IWQD2017 focuses on "Light-Matter Interactions in cavity & circuit QED systems in the Light of Quantum Technology” with particular emphases on ultra-strong and deep-strong coupling and novel quantum properties in light-matter interactions. This workshop aims to gather specialists and pioneers from different backgrounds in this new field and to share and discuss the latest developments, discoveries and state-of-the-art science and technology. The workshop is co-sponsored by JSPS-KAKENHI Scientific Research (S) JP25220601 on “Quantum Physics with Macroscopic Quantum Systems”, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Hiroshima University and the National Institute of Informatics (NII).

Date: March 6-8, 2017
Venue : 1901, 19th floor, National Institute of Informatics
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Major topics of IWQD2017 include the following.

  • precise control of quantum state of atom or qubit with E/M field in a resonator
  • ultra-strong and deep-strong coupling in light-matter interaction
  • hybrid quantum systems and quantum transducing
  • modeling of physical systems and exact solutions of the Rabi Hamiltonian
  • quantum non-locality and violation of a Bell inequality and a Leggett–Garg test
  • uncertainty principle, weak measurement and quantum trajectory

The list of invited speakers:

  • Takao Aoki (Waseda Univ.)
  • Sahel Ashhab (QEERI)
  • Motoaki Bamba (Osaka Univ.)
  • Daniel Braak (Univ. of Augsburg)
  • Irinel Chiorescu (Florida State Univ.)
  • Tomoko Fuse (NICT)
  • Sébastien Gleyzes (LKB)
  • Kosuke Kakuyanagi (NTT-BRL)
  • Junichiro Kono (Rice Univ.)
  • Adrian Lupascu (IQC-Waterloo)
  • Yasunobu Nakamura (Univ. of Tokyo)
  • William D. Oliver (MIT)
  • Arno Rauschenbeutel (TU-Wien)
  • Irfan Siddiqi (UC-Berkeley)
  • Andreas Wallraff (ETH)
  • Xiaobo Zhu(USTC)


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