Our goal is to understand the neural mechanism underlying  animal behaviors and neuropsychiatric disorders from the molecular viewpoint. We address this by a combination of disciplines in different fields such as anatomy, physiology, neurochemistry, and computational science. Our study puts emphasis on the molecular mechanisms shared throughout brain evolution from fish to humans, to show the role of specific neural pathways in regulation of distinct behaviors.

Free discussion at Neuroscience Club!

We discuss freely how the brain works and medical sciences on every Thursday (12:00-13:00) with having a lunch at room 309 in our lab. Feel free to join it and discuss in English. We update Blog@Neurobio weekly with what we discuss at Neuroscience Club.

Discussing recent topics in neuroscience at Journal Club!

We hold the journal club to discuss recent publications on Tuesday (12:00-13:00) biweekly at room 309 in our lab. Check the calendar on our website for schedule. Feel free to join it and discuss in English.

Calling for application to the graduate course!

Please contact us if you are interested in the graduate course in Hiroshima University to be a PhD candidate. Our group addresses the mechanism underlying psychiatric and neurological disorders using model animals amenable to genetic manipulations in the course.

Recent news


Dr. Deepa Kamath Kasaragod joined our lab.


Mr. Eslam Muhammad Bastawy joined our lab.


Dr. Sajeda Chowdhury joined our lab.


Dr. Kanako Nozaki joined our lab.


Ms. Tomoko Seshita joined our lab.


Prof. Chun-Xia Zhang joined our lab.


Prof. Aizawa gave an invited talk in synposium ”Lateral habenula under the spotlight” in Paris.


Drs. Takashi Nakano and Akiko Saiki joined the lab.

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Dr. Hikaru Ito joined our lab.

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