Notes on Application Procedure

School-Premise Parking Permit, etc.

  1. General Application (Bylaws, Article 4, Paragraph 2)
     Students belonging to HU departments (including postgraduates) who have signed a voluntary automobile insurance contact and attended safety education programs specified by HU Vice President (in change of education and student affairs) (As a rule, third-year undergraduates or above)
     However, those in the following categories shall be excluded.
    * First- and second-year undergraduate students (excepting those commuting over long
     distances). →Go to 2
    * Those residing in Ikenoue Student Dormitory or Hiroshima International House.
    * Those residing in specified areas (shown in links below).
       ※Ineligible areas (Page opens in new window.)
  2. Special Application (Bylaws, Article 4, Parafraph 8)
     Those acknowledged by Executives (in charge of general affairs) to be need of commuting by car for their education and research
     Specifically, those in the following categories
    * First- and second-year undergraduate students who must commute over long distances
      * First- and second-year undergraduate students admitted by Phoenix AO exams (admission system
     geared to middle-aged and senior citizens)
    * Those residing in areas where commuting by car is restricted (See links above) but who must
     commute by car for special reasons (physical, health etc.)
  3. Lease Application (Bylaws, Article 4, Parafraph 4)
     Those who have special circumstances, such as physical disabilities (Physical Disability Certificate holders or those with disabilities deserving said certification, who have difficulty in commuting except by car)

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