Quantum Frountier Group

Quantum Frontier Group (QFG) is a joint research group of two laboratories in the Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter at Hiroshima University in Japan. Our purpose is to combine theoretical and experimental research on quantum systems to achieve a better understanding of quantum mechanics based on actual effects and phenomena in the real world.

What's new !

HP2014/07/8               One of our group talked a seminar on complex probabilites in KEK theory seminar
HP2014/06/23-06/27    Five of our group joined CEWQO 2014 in Bruxelles
HP2014/06/24             Paper on quantum controlled measurements is published in NJP (open access).
HP2014/06/19-06/22    Three of our group joined "Quantum [Un]Speakables 2" in Wien
HP2014/06/18             Quantum Frountier Group homepage is now open !!
HP2014/04/24             Paper on quantum ergodicity is published in PRA (free online).