SHELL 2009

The Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics
The 3rd International Conference of
the Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics
28th - 30th August 2009, Hiroshima University

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SHELL 2009, Hiroshima
Welcome to the homepage of the SHELL 2009 Conference, which will be held at Hiroshima University from 28th to 30th August 2009. The SHELL 2009, Hiroshima is hosted by the English Research Association of Hiroshima (ERA). This website will be regularly updated with important conference information over the coming months.

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Hans Sauer (University of Munich, Germany)
Prof. Young-Bae Park (Kookmin University, Korea)
Prof. Antonette diPaolo Healey (University of Toronto, Canada)
Prof. Michiko Ogura (Chiba University, Japan)
Emeritus Prof. Akira Wada (Yamaguchi University, Japan)

"The Language and Style of Chaucer," chaired by Akiyuki Jimura
Akiyuki Jimura (Chair: Hiroshima University), Akinobu Tani (Hyogo University of Teacher Education), Hideshi Ohno (Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts), Mayumi Sawada (Iwakuni Junior College), and Yoshiyuki Nakao (Commentator: Hiroshima University)

"The Dickens Lexicon and its Practical Use for Linguistic Research," chaired by Masahiro Hori
Masahiro Hori (Chair: Kumamoto Gakuen University), Tomoji Tabata (Osaka University), Osamu Imahayashi (Hiroshima University), and Miyuki Nishio (Kinki University)

Programme is updated. New!
Programme on 28th and 29th is updated due to the cancellation of some presentations.

Registration New!
In order to assist with the smooth organisation of the conference, we encourage you to register by email as early as possible. Please send your email to SHELL2009, including your title, name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, and email address by 15th August.
All the delegates should pay
5,000 yen for the conference fee (including the conference banquet fee) on 28th August. No credit cards are available.

SHELL Bursaries from Satake Memorial Fund
A number of relatively small bursaries will be available to postgraduates. Postgraduates from abroad will be awarded 3,000 yen and those within Japan 1,000 yen. All of them should show their student ID card or its copy to the SHELL stuff. Bursaries will be distributed at the conference registration.

Call for Papers
Abstracts for papers should be of no more than 500 words and should include a title, the name and affiliation of the speaker(s), a contact email address, and a postal address. The conference room has a computer, data projector, and screen. Papers will be a maximum of 25 minutes in length, with a maximum of 5 minutes for questions and answers. Abstracts of papers for 25 minutes should be submitted by the end of April 2009 to SHELL2009.
The deadline for abstracts has now passed.

Organizing Committee
Michiko Ogura (Chiba University), Yoshiyuki Nakao (Hiroshima University), Akiyuki Jimura (Hiroshima University), Masaru Kosako (Okayama University), Kazuho Mizuno (Hiroshima Shudo University), Osamu Imahayashi (Hiroshima University)

Contact Information
The organizers of SHELL 2009 can be contacted at SHELL2009.

Hosted by the English Research Association of Hiroshima. ©SHELL