Our collaboration study started from 1990, when Dr. Ryoji Kasai visited Vietnam with Dr. Shoji Shibata and Dr. Osamu Tanaka, three of whom have profondly been studied on Panax ginseng . They discussed the possibility of collaborative study between Japan and Vietnam, and agreed to accept some of the young Vietnameese scientists to Japan.

Accordingly, two scientists visited to Japan:
1. Mr. Nguyen Minh Duk visited Hiroshima in 1992, and studied chemical constituents of Panax vietnamensis to isolate 37 saponins, and found 14 new saponins. He got PhD on 1994 at Hiroshima.

2. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong came to Toyama, and studied pharmacology of Panax vietnamensis, Vietnamese ginseng extract., and found anti-stress effects on the extract, and the most effective constituent was Majonoside R2. She got PhD in 1996 at Toyama.

For promotion of our collaboratve study, we visited twice to Ho Chi Minh City. This photo was taken on the first visit to Vietnam (1993)

The second visit (1997) to be loaded.

Active Constituents of Vietnamese Ginseng