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From December 1997 to January 1998 (Route Map 1) and from November to December 1998 (Route Map 2) ,
we visited Madagascar for collection of Toxic Plants and Animals.

The List of Plant Photos (158)

Several Photos taken there (4 pages)

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1. Hordes of Locusts near Isalo (73KB)

A Giant Locust Phymateus saxosus (61 KB) different from the flying species.

2.Menabea venenata (Asclepiadaceae) at Isalo  (78KB)
This plant is very toxic. Handling it with naked hands caused dermatitis (My Hands)

3. Pachypodium rosulatum (Apocynaceae) at Isalo (142 KB)
Sifaka 4. Sifaka at Berenty (66KB)

A flock of Ring tailed lemurs, Lemur catta (65 KB),
a brown lemur, Lemur fulvus (36 KB),
mouse lemur, Microcebus murinus (34 KB) and
Indri, Indri indri (27 KB) at Perinet.

5. Collection and Drying plant materials at Isalo (52 KB)

Collection (109 KB) at Moramanga (taken by Dr. Moriyama)
Collection (85 KB) at Lokaro
Asking for target plant to natives (99 KB). After several minutes, the boy fetched the correct specimen soon. (two people are botanists.)

Camera:Canon EOS Kiss, Lens: EF 28-80mm or EF 75-300mm, Film: Fujicolor super 400, processed with Codak Photo CD, or EPSON scanner GT5500 (from 12.5 x 9 cm print), taken by Kazuo Yamasaki unless otherwise stated.


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