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Shinichi Onodera;

yAdministrative TitlezAssociate Professor

yDegrees HeldzDr.

yResearch Fieldszhydrogeomorphology, biogeochemistry

yResearch Subjectsz

Present research topic;

Study on the nutrient cycle with the hydrological cycle in mountainous and coastal catchments

1) runoff and nutrient load generation

2) acid neutralization processes

3) soil degradation process after forest fire

4) trace metal transport process

5) nutrient hold effect of vegetation

6) comparative study with a tropical catchment

7) nutrient discharge with groundwater flow

Study on hydrogeomorphological processes in semiarid regions as well as mountainous catchment

1)soil erosion processes and desertification

2)subsurface erosion and slope failure

3)slope development and geomorphologic process

Study on natural soil acidification

1) soil acidification and cation release process

2) comparative study with a tropical region

3) development of indicator on acidification process


Research Experience and Working Fields:

Since 1987 Study on the subsurface flow dynamics in a hillslope

Since 1989 Study on groundwater recharge, isotope hydrology and soil erosion in a toropical semiarid region

Since 1992 Study on the nutrient cycle with the hydrological cycle in a mountainous catchment

yMajor publicationsz

T.Naruoka & S.OnoderaFChanges in dissolved loads and biogeochemical processes from low mountainous to sub-alpine watersheds, linked to air temperature. IAHS Pub. No.257, 103-109. 1999.

S.Onodera, et al.: Effect of elevation, vegetation, and rock on element concentrations in mountainous catchments, western side of Tokyo, Japan. Proc.Int.Con. Headwaterf98, 221-225.1998    

S.Onodera & M.Kato: Effect of hot and cold summers on solute transport in forest soilCJap.J.Limnology, 58C45-59. 1997 iin Japanese with an English abstractj@

S.Onodera et al.: Effect of clearcutting the Hinoki plantation on anion concentrations in the lysimeters of 1m deep. J.Jap.Ass.Hydr.Sci. 26C181-194D1996iin Japanese with an English abstractj

S.Onodera et al.: Stable isotopic compositions of deep groundwater caused by partial infiltration into the restricted recharge area in Tanzania. IAHS Pub. No.227, 75-83. 1995

S.Onodera, & M.Kobayashi: Evaluation of seasonal variation in bypass flow and matrix flow in a forest soil layer using Br-. IAHS Pub. No.229, 99-107. 1995

S.Onodera: Estimation of a rapid recharge mechanism in the semi-arid upland, Tanzania, using soil water 18O and Cl-. IAHS Pub. No.215, 151-160. 1993

S.Onodera et al.: Seasonal variation in sediment yield on a gentle slope in semi-arid region, Tanzania. IAHS Publication No.217, 29-37. 1993

yProfessional Affiliationsz

  American Geophysics Union,  International Association of Hydrological Science

 Japan Geomorphological Union  etc. 



Intensive Research Area (Triangle)

 *Hiroshima University (star)


Takehara, Setouchi region, Hiroshima

-         granitic mountain catchment

-         soil degradation

-         burned area

-         trace metal and acid input


Miyajima, Setouchi region, Hiroshima

-         granitic mountain catchment

-         natural forest

-         trace metal and acid input


Kanto Mountains, western side of Tokyo

-         granitic mountain catchment

-         low mountain to subalpine

-         natural acidification

-         trace metal input



yConcurrent Appointmentsz

Department of Natural Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Hiroshima University,


Higashi-Hiroshima, 739|8521, Japan@



Laboratory Members

Mitsuyo Saito; Graduate student in Biosphere Sciences

Research topics; nitrate transport with groundwater flow


Misa Sawano; Graduate student in Integ.Sciences

Research topics; nutrient discharge in a delta