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毎週水曜 10:00より、理学部 C212 にて光物性セミナーを開催しています。

2018年度 第10回
日時、場所 : 2018. 7. 11 10:00 ~   理学部 C212
発表者 : 松田 旭央
タイトル : "What is the Weyl Semimetal" Part2
紹介文献 : Su-Yang Xu et al., Science 349, 613- 617 (2015)
アブストラクト : Now, there are many topological materials, but how many students can understand it. At this seminar I would like to look back on the fundamentals of topological materials through Weyl semi-metal. Weyl semimetal is a material that is broken in time reversal symmetry or space reversal symmetry and that can form bulk Dirac cone in the vicinity of Fermi energy. In order to understand Weil semimetals, we must know the basis of topological substances. So, first I will start discussion with Berry phase, quantum Hall effect. Finally I want to understand the Fermi arc which is the topological surface state of Weyl semi-metal. The paper presented at the seminar is a measure of TaAs which is a weyl semimetal whose time reversal symmetry has been broken, by ARPES, successfully observing Fermi arc. Of course, I do not understand the topological substance deeply, so I think that this announcement should help you understand your topological substances.
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