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Catch the plant response under changing climate…

(This webpage updated on Oct./16/2020)

Recent research topics

A) Data analysis on long-term observations of energy, water and carbon balance between atmosphere-forest ecosystems in cool-temperate climates.
B) Numerical analysis to evaluate climate impacts on forest ecosystems.
C) Assessment of canopy dynamics using near-surface and remote sensed digital canopy photography.

(a) Field observation (Data monitoring from meteorological and biogeochemical approaches)
(b) Numerical works (Modeling, Data model fusion)
(c) Data analysis (Integrated analysis of flux and inventory data, Digital image processing)

Examples of field studies:
—Digital image analysis to detect impacts of climate extremes on ecosystem canopy recovery in a deciduous forest in northern Hokkaido (Toda et al. (2018) published in Canadian Journal of Forest Research)



—Artifical typhoon-mimic experiment
In the mimic experiment, we assessed the recovery process of leaf photosynthesis, morphological and physiological traits following the defoliating disturbance. (Toda et al. (2018) published in Trees)


—Data analysis to detect parameters in a soil carbon model using a Bayesian inversion approach in a cool-temperate forest in western Japan (Toda et al. (2020) published in Ecological Modelling).

—This is a joint research with Prof. Alexander Knohl (Bioclimatology laboratory, Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany).

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