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11/Dec./2019 Our new paper, which represents statistic data accimilation approach performed using soil respiration data measured in Mt. Takanosu western Japan, has accepted for publication in Ecological Modeling.

1/Nov./2018 A good news has come to MTs’ paper of CJFR published in July 2018. A short message from editorial board says that
the paper has been chosen to be an Editor’s choice on its quality and on the interest of readers since its publication. Congrats!

From “Featured content” on the CJFR-top page (Oct. 2018 ~ Jan. 2019)
Using ground-based digital photography (with a stock wide-angle lens) and image analysis, Toda et al. calculated annual changes in leaf area index, canopy cover, gap fraction, and clumping index over a 6-year period, which fortunately started before the typhoon in this experimental forest. They report that leaf area index and cover increased to predisturbance levels in 2 to 3 years, but with greater gap fractions and foliar clumping. With increasing storm frequency found in much of the world, this ability of forests to recover rapidly from nonlethal disturbances is important in maintaining productivity, carbon fixation, and persistence.

25/Sep./2018 MT has a paper related to a manipulated typhoon experiment accepted to Trees.
28/Mar./2018 A paper of MT has been accepted to CJFR.
30/Jan./2018 In this January, extreme weather events brought heavy snow in Mt. Takanosu so often.

22/Dec./2017 Annual data of air temperature and precipitation in Mt. Takanosu is being tracked by master student, Kazuki. Now is up on web.
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15/Dec./2017 A bit earlier snow season has come to Mt. Takanosu this year!

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24/Nov./2017 A new student (RM) has come to our lab.
24/Nov./2017 MT was improving a web page of our lab.

23-25/Aug./2017 Several researchers, from Kyoto university and Kobe university, including young students, visited to Mt. Takanosu for a joint work.

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