The 29th Joint Conference on Medical Informatics


"Trailblazer as the keystone of grobal health informatics with optimum comtributions in security, quality and satisfaction to the world"


In Japan, under the movement towards sophisticated hospital computerization, patient treatment and cost efficiency of public health insurance sysytem have been impending priorities. However we are facing a challange of EHR or E-Health Chart (e-HC).

  • What is appropriate filing of EHR or e-HC in both short and long runs.
  • How to protect patient's privacy and dignity, in terms of data filing.

Our approch will lead to the compatibility between the needs and seeds of the medical and nursing welfare which currently stantds at the crossroad. Therefore healthcare information professionals are expected to have broader view points.

They are;

  • Medical (Healthcare) Informatics which is flexible to the process and result of the structural reform of healthcare services, information technology - led communications (ICT), clinical management and efficiency, and ethical and cost evaluation.
  • Perspective on future requirements of healthcare information that secures healthcare bedrock.
  • Practical directions through inter-organizational collaboration to tackle multiple issues including hardware, software and human resources which may occur in the designing, construction and management of an information system network.
  • Information educational literacy for improving medical quality, safety, efficiency and patients' satisfaction.


The innovative system computerization to support checking function is a top priority. In order to achieve accountability of healthcare specialists, the time-sequenced system monitoring and the standardization of multidimensional and media mix data should be upgraded. We strongly suggest that the system and data maintenance needs to be examined, aiming at the standardization of data use for worldwide healthcare service and data evaluation. Moreover, such a globalize data system will become the major pillar of relief in an emergency. I would like to propose the following focuses at the 29th Japan Conference Medical Informatics(JCMI) will lead the global promotion expecting issues as follows,

  • Framework of common data delivery systems should be established in the community networks. Here, it is crucial that information that identifies the individual patient should be carefully selected and transmitted to the outside facilities by Attendants. A patient can confirm what his/her information include and who will receive it.
  • The technical issue is the access control. Biological + IC card operated controlled information is prepared. And when information under control is transmitted, it is transmitter and the receiver must be linked in the way of "point to point" in the community Healthcare Network.
  • Global standard of skills and responsibility of the Healthcare Information Professional (HIP) or Healthcare Information Technologist (Healthcare IT) should be established with IMIA colleagues. IMIA should play the leading role in certifying HIP or Healthcare IT.
  • HIP or Healthcare IT can be tasked for data access management, decision - making on various doubts and questions in each use case, and ethical education and management training programs for employees and students. The programs can be expanded to the global networking.

Our Goal is the Development of Competence for Information and Systems Management to support ubiquitous and comprehensive healthcare (UCH).
I am looking forward to sharing views lively and fruitful in your home base.

Chair: Kiyomu ISHIKAWA (Hiroshima Univ.)
SPC Chair: Yasushi MATSUMURA (Osaka Univ.)
OC Chair: Yoshio OHTA (Okayama Univ.)



21-25, November 2009


International Conference Center, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan

Conference Secretariat

CoMHI in Hiroshima 2009 (29th JCMI) Secretariat,
Dept. of Healthcare Informatics and Systems Management,
Hiroshima University Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan.