Attendee Guide

Passport and Visa

All foreign visitors wishing to enter Japan must have a valid passport. Visas will also be required for some participants. For further information, participants are recommended to consult their carrier, local travel agencies, or the nearest Japanese Diplomatic Mission. Useful website

Health Documents

All conference participants are strongly advised to carry a proper travel and health insurance. The conference cannot accept liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the conference. Please consult your travel agency regarding the matter.

Foreign Currency Exchange and Credit Cards

The local currency is Japanese Yen. Major foreign currencies such as the U.S. Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling can be changed at the airport or authorized banks. It is possible that you may have trouble in changing money into local currency if you bring currencies other than the ones mentioned above. WARNING: You can not buy any tickets or pay any fees outside airports without Japanese Yens (or major credit cards). Please change your money into Japanese Yen before going out from airports. We reccomend an exchange in Narita, Kansai or Haneda airports.

  • In the Hiroshima city, you can change money at banks. Banking hours are 9:00 to 15:00, Monday through Friday except on National Holidays. Major credit cards are widely accepted at hotels and shops.
  • Banking hours of counter in Hiroshima airport is same as these in Hiroshima City. If you don't have Japanese Yens at Hiroshima airport except banking hours, you can buy a shuttle ticket with your credit cards in the convenience store "Sunkus" on the 1st floor of the airport.
  • You can withdraw money with your cards by day and by night at more than 12,000 ATMs installed in Seven-Eleven Stores all over Japan.

Postal Services

Hotels often provide basic postage services. Post offices are open daily except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Tipping is not very common in Japan except when special services are requested.


The electric current is 100V, 60Hz AC in western Japan (e.g., Hiroshima) and is 100V, 50Hz AC in eastern Japan (e.g., Tokyo).


Japan Time is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Climate and Clothing

The temperature in Hiroshima in Nov. varies between 6.9 degrees Celsius (44.0 degrees Fahrenheit) at night and 15.9 degrees Celsius (66.0 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day. The average humidity is 68%. Hotels and convention center are fully air-conditioned.